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Borrowed Time Recap

Jarrod finds himself in a black void. After a moment, he walks off.

In the lab, a blood-covered Charlotte sits near her husband's corpse. Waruu gets her a glass of water and she explains that Jarrod was going to hurt the baby. Charlotte figures that they should call the police, then asks if Waruu is going to tell them and suggests that they come up with a story. Waruu asks why Jarrod wanted to remove the baby, and Charlotte says that Jarrod didn't trust her. She asks Waruu why he let Jarrod drag him into the Initiative, and Waruu points out that it was the only way to save the Hairies. Charlotte says that Jarrod wasn't going to save anyone, and Waruu asks if the baby is a Hairy. She nods in confirmation, and Waruu figures that Jarrod didn't tell her. He assures her that he won't tell anyone about the baby's nature, and tells Charlotte that she should go.

Once Charlotte leaves, Waruu opens Jimmy's journal and then creates a blade out of the black sap.

Charlotte goes home and gets her things. She collapses from a sudden pain and cradles her stomach.

The next morning, Koen and Audie head back to the sanctuary. Koen says that he has to see if Waruu has come to his senses, and she goes to get her van.

Latani runs through the forest and calls to Jarli. He promises to find Araluen and anyone else that they locked up, and asks if Latani is with him.

Koen goes to Waruu's home and Alinta tells him that her father isn't there. She makes him a sketch of Tim's house and says that she doesn't know where Latani is. When Koen tells Alinta to come with him, she warns about the security tag. He refuses to leave Alinta there, but she tells him to find Nerida and they can work out what to do.

At Marion's office, Marion shows Waruu the video of Koen breaking into the Initiative clinic. Waruu insists that he'll deal with him or resign, but Marion demands to know what he is. She brings up a photo of Audie and says that Audie has no criminal record and no fixed address. Marion then tells Waruu that she's not opening the clinic, because she went there and saw no monsters. Waruu insists that's the point of the Initiative, and explains how dangerous the Hairies are when they show their true face.

Waruu goes out and tells the press that his department is declaring that Inclusion is mandatory for all Hairies. Benalong House will be under 24-hour armed guard and none of the Inclusions Hairies will be let out under any circumstances.

Koen goes to Tim's house knocks at the door. Nerida lets him in and he tells her that the sanctuary is fine and there are twenty Zone survivors there. She says that Tim is hacking the system to remove Alinta's tag, and they head to the sanctuary with supplies.

At the CA Authority HQ, Tim uses Hendricks' stolen badge to access the systems. He creates a new ID for Nerida. Officer Farugia picks up the activity under Hendricks' name. Meanwhile, Tim uses the badge to accesses Alinta's security tag, but discovers that the badge doesn't have access. Farugia comes in and he says that he's doing a favor for Hendricks. She shrugs and walks off.

After cleaning up, Charlotte gets her things and leaves her house. She throws her phone into the ocean and walks off.

Jarli and Latani head for the city.

Koen and Nerida arrive at the sanctuary and see that the door is broken down. Drawing his nulla nulla, Koen goes in and finds the bodies of the Zone survivors. Aunty is kneeling among them, crying, and Koen embraces her. He takes her outside and Nerida tells her that they're going to get Latani and Alinta back.

Marion watches a broadcast of Waruu's press statement.

Audie is walking down the street and sees the video of Koen playing. She walks off before she sees the newscast show her photo.

Jarli, Latani, and Riwarri head across the rooftops.

Alinta is trying to use cooking oil to slip the security tag off her foot without success when Waruu returns home with takeout. He sees the oil bottle on the counter.

Tim finally manages to deactivate Alinta's security tag.

Jarli and the others head through the streets, avoiding the CA patrols.

Waruu pours Alinta some wine, and she reminds him that he left them for dead in the Zone. Her father admits that she's right and he screwed up. As Waruu gets a call from Marion, Alinta realizes that her security tag has shut down. He blocks the call, and tells Alinta that he got them to release her to him and now she's here. Waruu asks about the tag, and Alinta says that it's fine. Her father says that she's a target and needs a protection, and the three of them are a family. Alinta tells Waruu that she was scared, not knowing where Waruu went or why he left, and he insists that everything he does is for them. They say that they love each other and go back to eating.

Riwarri casually breaks a CA guard's neck, much to Latani's surprise, and they continue on into the Hose.

Alone in her room, Alinta makes sure that the security tag is shut down. As she prepares to go out the window, Waruu knocks at her door. Alinta answers it and hugs her good night. Once he leaves, Alinta closes the door and goes out the window.

Jarli and the others kick down the apartment doors and tell the Inclusion Hairies to come with them. Yani demands to know what is going on, and Jarli tells her that he's there to rescue her. She refuses, and Jarli shoves her along. Latani finds Araluen in Boondee's apartment, and mother and daughter embrace.

Nerida drives through the streets and pull over as CA vans pass. Koen sees Hendricks in one of them and remembers him as one of the men who beat Mungo to death. He then remembers Jimmy telling him to let the powers go through him, and tells Aunty and Nerida that he has to get out. Koen runs off before they can stop him, transforms into a falcon, and flies off.

Marion and Lucia watch the CCTVs of the three Hairies breaking into the House. When the CA requests reinforcements, Marion approves.

Waruu checks on Alinta and discovers that she's gone.

Nerida and Aunty go to Tim's house, and find Alinta in the driveway.

Waruu goes to the CA HQ and Farugia tells him that they've reactivated the tracking device and have a fix on Alinta's position. She tells Waruu that it's the home of a CA officer. Waruu soon goes there with a squad of officers and breaks in. Nerida tells Waruu to leave Tim alone, but Waruu says that Tim warns that there are severe penalties for harboring Hairy sympathizers. The CA officers take Tim out, and Tim tells Waruu that he's the enemy rather than the Hairies. Waruu then tells Nerida that he wants her and Alinta, and Nerida tells him that it will never happen. He orders the CA officers to take Nerida and Alinta away, but not to bother with Aunty because she'll be dead soon enough.

The CA reinforcements move in on the House with orders to shoot to kill.

Jarli and Riwarri gather the Inclusion Hairies in Boondee's apartment, and Jarli says that they're going to Bindawu but will be back to get the rest of their land. Araluen warns that they won't be allowed there, and he says that he's changing things. As they head down the stairs, the CA officers open fire, killing Riwarri. Jarli snarls in rage and heads back up the stairs.

Marion tells Lucia that she wants Jarli alive. Her assistant warns Marion that if she hesitates then she'll seem week, but Marion says that she'll take the risk.

Koen flies into the House and reverts to human form. Jarli slashes him, but the wound heals and Latani tells Jarli that she knows Koen.

Waruu returns to the government building and recognizes Jarli. Marion demands to know about his impromptu speech, and asks what he's actually done. She points out that Waruu is a liability and he's done if he doesn't get her Jarli alive.

At the House, Waruu tells the CA officers to hold their fire.

Jarli says that Koen is an outsider and no one asked him to come. Koen insists that they can make them listen, but Jarli says that it's not his fight. He orders everyone out, but Latani warns him that they can't go out there. Ignoring her, Jarli steps out and says that they're all on stolen land and borrowed time. He explains that his people lived on the land for thousands of years, and he's there to take back what is theirs. Jarli goes back inside, and Waruu sees Koen peering out of an upstairs window.

As the sun rises, Waruu tells the CA leader to move in and take Koen alive.

Koen warns Jarli that if he fights, the Inclusion Hairies will die. Angry, Jarli tells the Inclusion Hairies that they're there because they didn't fight for their culture. When Araluen objects, Jarli says that she's as weak as the rest of them. He says that they'll kill all of the humans, but Koen tells him that they won't. Araluen refuses, and Koen warns that he'll kill some of them but the humans will kill all of them. He tells Jarli to fight smart, and Araluen warns that they're outnumbered. She admits that she hates Koen, but she won't offer herself up as a sacrifice to the humans. Araluen offers to show them the way that she used to get in, Koen asks Jarli if he's going to force the Inclusion Hairies to stay, and they can get out if he distracts the CA. He tells them to wait two minutes and then go out.

Araluen leads the others out, but Jarli tells her that he won't run. Meanwhile, Koen walks out the front doors and the CA officers train their guns on him. He says that the people in the building did nothing wrong, and Waruu dismisses them as subhumans. Koen says that the government needs to negotiate a treaty with the Hairies, and he'll surrender himself so that Waruu can be a hero. Waruu says that he has authority to make the deal, and Koen offers his half-brother his hand. Waruu takes it and Koen sees a future whether Marion signs a treaty with the Hairies. He tells Waruu that he saw enough and hands over his nulla nulla. Waruu takes it and has the officers contain Koen.

The Hairies slip out through a basement tunnel.

Jarli goes to the rooftop and looks out the city.

Waruu takes off his jacket and shirt, and takes Koen to an abandoned factory. The nulla nulla is lying next to Koen, and Waruu unties his hands and steps back. Koen sees his brother's mutation and says that he used to fight for the right reasons. Waruu draws the dagger and recites the legend. Koen hits him but Waruu shrugs off the blow and knocks Koen back.

The two men fight and Waruu slashes Koen across the stomach. The wound doesn't heal, and they continue fighting. Waruu finally cuts the nulla nulla in half and stabs Koen in the stomach. He twists the knife, and a blast of blue magic knocks Waruu back. Koen pulls out the knife and tosses it away, and then sucks in Waruu's muya. Realizing what his half-brother has done, Waruu screams in frustration as Koen finally collapses.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 3, 2017

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