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Oz is Oz Recap

The razorbacks drag Abigail to a gate and she mutters about how "he" chose Jackson. Men drive up in two jeeps and the hybrids drop Abigail off. Abigail tells them to bring the razorbacks inside as they take Abigail to a doctor.

At the auction, Daniel begins the bidding on Clementine and her child at $80 million. He announces that she's carrying a viable male fetus. The bidding goes up while inside her room, Abigail wakes up and sees the people watching her.

Mitch sneaks into the facility and knocks out a guard with a syringe. He takes the man's gun and continues on.

Jackson and Tessa face off against the hybrids and the guards. She wonders if Jackson summoned the hybrids with his mind, just as the creatures kill one of the men. The other guard gets Alma to safety while Jackson and Tessa run off.

Another guard finds Mitch and asks why he's there. Mitch gets close enough to hit him in the face, and then uses his key card to get into Clementine's room. He's just out of sight of the windows, and whispers to her not to give him away.

Jackson and Tessa take cover and Jackson insists that they have to get the hybrid and get out. She runs for it, drawing the enemy's fire, and Jackson runs for the truck. Tessa gets to the camper.

The guard tries to shoot through the door, while Daniel tells everyone that things are under control. Mitch shoots the windows and the bidders on the other side, and then leads Clementine out.

Jackson gets to the bus and drives to the camper. Tessa has him back it up and he gets out. A hybrid attacks the other shooter, giving Jackson the opportunity to hitch the camper to the trailer. Alma grabs a gun and fires, but Jackson and Tessa drive away.

Mitch leads Clementine out while the guards come into the room behind them. When they yell at Mitch to freeze, Daniel tells them not to hurt Clementine. He orders Mitch to drop his weapon, and Mitch finally lowers it. However, Clementine takes the gun and says that if they don't let them go then she'll kill humanity's last hope. Daniel orders the guards to lower the guns, and once they do Mitch leads Grace out. The auctioneer warns that the word is out and Mitch won't be able to protect his daughter. Mitch hits him and tells Clementine that she's now the most important person in the world and they have to find out why.

At the station, Jamie insists to Logan that she didn't kill Leanne. He admits that he believes her, and Jamie says that the ocular lens will tell them who killed her. Logan gives Jamie a tablet, reluctantly removes her handcuffs, and she hacks into the lens.

The men take Abigail to the stasis tank and tell her that everything is on hold until they get her well. They insist that Jackson isn't part of the plan. Abigail says that he's part of her plan,.

Ten Years Earlier

Abigail is in the lab on the island watching a newscast about the release of the TX gas to eliminate the mutated animals. Her co-worker discovers that she has the file on Blue Diaspora out, and warns Abigail that the council forbade her from doing Robert's work. Abigail says that the mutation will rise again and extinction of the entire animal kingdom will follow. The technician tells her that her father arrived an hour ago on the jet, and Jackson is with him. Abigail has no idea where he is.


Jackson and Tessa take Abendegos to the jet and lock him up, and brief Abe and Daniela on what happened. The hybrid quiets down suddenly, and Jackson looks in and confirms that it isn't chained up anymore. Abe goes to prepare a sedative so that they can study Abendegos.

As Mitch drives away, Clementine says that she didn't tell Mitch because he had a lot on his minds. When he tries to determine why she's pregnant, Clementine tells him to act like a grandfather rather than a scientist. Mitch warns her that they have a long road ahead of them and the team is heading back to pick them up.

Jackson asks Abe how he's holding up with Isaac and everything else. Abe says that he's keeping himself busy and explains how he was using animal stem cells to counter the TX gas. None of the animal samples were effective, but Abe explains that the hybrids' stem cells could be the key. Clementine's child has a unique protein, which Abe has named CLM after Clementine. He figures that the fetus plus the hybrid stem cells could cure the sterility problem, and they need spinal fluid from Abendegos.

The lens melts down when Jamie triggers a security measure, but Jamie downloads the data first.

Tessa asks Jackson how he controls the animals, and he explains that Robert did genetic experiments on him when he was a kid. Jackson figures that the TX gas activated something in him, and he thinks that between Robert and Abigail there's something tainted in their bloodline. Abe calls and says that they're ready in the vehicle bay. Jackson tells Tessa that when they land she should get as far away from him as possible.

In the vehicle bay, Jackson says that he's going to get close to Abendegos by offering himself. They open the door and Jackson goes in. He tells the others not to shoot, and Abendegos leaps at him and knocks him to the floor. Jackson injects it with the sedative and it passes out on top of him.

Jamie and Logan review the video and see Abigail confront Leanne. Abigail insists that her father made her what she is, and they have the Melvatox-B. They don't need Leanne any more, and Abigail shoots Leanne dead. They figure that Abigail is working with a partner, and Logan says that he'll tell the captain that they have a new suspect.

As the techs monitor Abigail in the tank, they figure her work isn't over yet.

Ten Years Ago

Robert visits Abigail in the lab and says that they're ready for the launch of the gas. Abigail asks about Jackson, and Robert tells her that Jackson has grown up a lot in the last year. He explains that Jackson is very sick, and Mitch has found a way to cure Jackson and the animals. Abigail wonders if Mitch could crack Blue Diaspora, and Robert wonders why she's asking about it. His daughter shows him a chimpanzee hybrid and says that she fixed their rage issues. Robert realizes that she used her DNA, and Abigail says that she fixed his formula for him. She insists that it's the real solve, and she's calling the hybrid Abendegos. Robert concedes that it's something and says that he has to go back to Jackson, and he has Mitch's help so he doesn't need Abigail.


Logan tells Jamie that he brought Jackson up to speed, and tells her that Jackson is tracking down Mr. Duncan. Jamie recognizes the name as Charles Duncan, public enemy number one for the Shepherd hunters. She accesses the data and finds a reference to Charles. He supervised the transfer of assets when Reiden bought Melvatox and took possession of 50,000 units of Melvatox-B. She traces the address that it was shipped to, and Logan brings up the time and date of the delivery on a nearby traffic cam. They can't make out Charles' face, and Logan begins a program to enhance it.

Jackson tells Abe that Abigail killed Leanne, and they pick up a newscast about the government going into the Reiden facility to rescue the children. There are no children inside the facility and Dariela breaks into tears.

As Mitch and Clementine drive to the airport, and Mitch says that he's going to run tests. She tells him that she isn't interested in tests, and when she was growing up all of the tests on her made her feel like a test subject rather than a person. Clementine insists that she and her baby will have a normal life, but Mitch warns her that's not possible. He says that she and the baby are all that he has, and asks her to let him do his job as a parent.

Dariela and Abe check their contacts and find out nothing. Jackson and Tessa come in and report that Melvatox-B has a specific radioactive signal. They figure that Reiden gave the children the drug, and they've set the scanners to pick up the radioactive footprint left by thousands of children having taken the drug.

The technicians realize that Abigail's plan doesn't work without her.

Ten Years Ago

Abigail sneaks onto the jet and finds Robert talking to Mitch. Robert asks Mitch if Jackson is going to survive the procedure. Mitch makes it clear that he won't, and says that he will do whatever he can. Once Mitch leaves, Robert finds Abigail and she says that Jackson is going to die. She wonders what Robert is going to do, and he says that they'll move on to Blue Diaspora. He tells Abigail to collect all of her research while he says goodbye. Abigail hugs her father, who says that he loves her.


Tessa tells Jackson that if he asked her to stay, she'd consider it. She says that family is who defines who they are, not blood relatives, and insists that the team is Jackson's family. Jackson says that he's sorry that he hurt her, and she saved him by helping him find a way back. Tessa tells him to thank her by saving the world.

When they get onto the jet, Mitch confronts Dariela about kidnapping Clementine. Clementine reminds Mitch that Dariela did it to protect her child, and Mitch walks away. Dariela tells Clementine that she told herself that she'd do what any mother would do. Clementine says that she would have done the same thing and they hug.

Mitch goes to the vehicle bay and hears Abendegos inside. He peers in and sees the hybrid, which snarls at him. Mitch is overwhelmed by memories and collapses.

When Mitch wakes up, he finds Jamie at his bedside. She asks him what he was doing next to Abendegos, and worries that the bio drive made him pass out. Jamie gives him a tablet so that he can catch up on the ten years of science he missed out on while he was in the stasis tank. The program to analyze the surveillance photo of Charles is on the tablet, and Jamie explains who he is.

Abe examines Clementine and confirms that the baby is healthy. As long as the fetus develops normally, they should have enough of the CLM protein. However, he compared the genetic samples of the new hybrids and discovered that they are all related. Jackson wonders if Abigail created all of the hybrids using common DNA, and they need cell samples from all of the hybrids. Abe believes that there are six hybrids and doesn't know how to find them. Jamie and Logan come in and say that they detected the radiation footprint in upstate New York.

At the facility the doctor says that they should be able to pull Abigail out soon.

Ten Years Ago

Abigail is working in the lab when the Shepherds come in and tell her that she has orders from Robert to keep her there. He's staying with Jackson, and Jackson isn't dying anymore. Abigail brings up the footage of Robert giving Jackson the transfusion and dying. She tries to leave but the guards restrain her. Abigail is furious that Robert chose Jackson. I his cell, Abendegos hears Abigail repeating Jackson's name.


As Mitch reads the tablet, the program finishes clearing up the photo.

The Shepherds bring Abigail out of the stasis tank.

Ten Years Ago

Abigail takes Abendegos to the chopper, but says that there's someone else that they need to make Blue Diaspora work. She finds the hybrids savaging Mitch, shoos them away, and says that they have a lot of work to do. Once they evacuate, she puts him into a stasis tank.


Abigail wakes up as the Shepherds extracts her from the tank. She asks if everything is in place, and they tell her that Jackson has Abendegos. Abigail says that it's a good thing that Charles is with her brother.

The photo resolves, showing Mitch is Charles.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 4, 2017

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