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Corpse of the Year (2) Recap

At the Sentinel, Casey brings Dan Scully into Britt's office at Britt's request. Britt offers him his job back at the Sentinel, and his first assignment is to work on Simon's murder. Dan points out that Hornet tried to kill Britt, not Simon, but Britt explains that he was a decoy. He tells Dan to find out who wanted Simon dead. Dan says that Simon was going to dump Sabrina and bring in a new managing editor, and Britt tells him to check that out as well. Meanwhile, Britt will talk to Melissa to determine if she knew her uncle was going to marry Sabrina.

Later at the Neal estate, Melissa tells Britt that Simon told her that he wasn't going to marry Sabrina. He knew that Sabrina considered him a stepping stone to power. Now that the Express is Melissa's, she's going to fire Sabrina.

Felix calls Britt's office and Casey tells him that Britt isn't there. The society columnist leaves a message, and Casey then calls Britt and passes along that Felix wanted Britt to come to his apartment at 11 that night. Dan is in the office listening in, and tells Casey that he came by to see Britt. Meanwhile, Britt tells Kato that Hornet will pay a visit to Sabrina before his meeting with Felix.

That night, Hornet and Kato hit the streets and drive to the Express. They slip in but the guard spots them and calls the other guards. Meanwhile, Hornet accuses Sabrina of creating a fake Hornet to attack the Sentinel and kill Simon. He warns Sabrina and her partner to stop playing games. The guard Henry comes in, gun drawn, and Kato disarms him. More guards arrive and the heroes take them out and =then leave.

Back in the Black Beauty, Hornet tells Kato to hear back to the penthouse so he can change clothes and meet with Felix. Britt then drives to Felix's apartment and sees Sabrina coming out. She walks off and when Britt goes inside, he finds the phony Hornet waiting for him. The fake attacks and then runs off, and Britt finds Felix's body. He calls Casey and asks her if she told anyone that Britt was going to see Felix. Casey finally remembers that Dan heard her discuss it with Britt,

The next day, Britt meets with Scanlon and tells him what happened. Britt figures that Felix was going to tell him that Dan was the fake Hornet. Felix probably figured that either Sabrina or Melissa were working with Dan, who has nothing to gain by impersonating Hornet on his own. Britt figures that he needs to smoke Dan out and have him play Hornet one last time.

That night, Britt meets Sabrina at the Pony Room and tells her that he saw Sabrina leave Felix's apartment the night before. He invites Sabrina to explain, and she says that she went to ask him if he knew about the car Simon was having made for the masquerade press ball. Simon was going to go as Hornet and has a limousine customized to look like Black Beauty. Joe Kellogg, the man who was killed, did the work. The night before, Sabrina discovered that someone was using Simon's car to pretend to be Hornet. She thought Felix might know because he was a snoop, but Felix didn't answer the door so she left. The only person who could have known about the car was Melissa. Britt says that he's going to meet Melissa, explaining that he knows who killed Simon and why. Sabrina warns Britt to be careful, and offers to help if he'll let her. Britt agrees and calls Melissa.

Later, Britt arrives at the Neal estate and rings the bell. Sabrina is inside, holding a gun on Melissa. When he gets no answer, Britt drives down the driveway and Casey drives the car off. Kato arrives in Black Beauty and Britt gets in and changes. Casey drives Britt's car down the road while Kato follows, and the fake Hornet prepares to kill Casey thinking that she's Britt. The heroes spot him and move in, while the fake Hornet cuts Casey off and tries to force her off the road. Casey pulls over, and the fake Hornet spots the real Black Beauty and drives off. They fire missiles at each other, and the heroes finally trap the fake. As he tries to escape, he goes off a cliff and the fake Black Beauty explodes.

Hornet and Kato drive back to the Neal estate and Hornet goes in. Melissa assumes that he's Dan, grabs the gun from Sabrina, and says that Sabrina knows about them. Hornet disarms her and says that Dan is dead, and Melissa faints from the shock. Sabrina demands to know where Britt is, and Hornet says that he disposed of Dan. Police sirens sound in the distance, and Hornet gives Sabrina her gun back and leaves. She calls the Express to report her story, but then figures no one would believe it.

Later, Britt, Casey, and Mike go to the Pony Room for dinner. Mike has confirmed that Scanlon has Melissa cold after she signed a full confession. She needed to get rid of Simon before he married Sabrina, cutting her off from her inheritance, and when she saw the fake Black Beauty, she and Dan got busy. As the models walks by, Mike wonders why Britt comes there when the food is so lousy and finally works things out.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 8, 2017

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