Maternis Recap

After sex, Cameron wakes up and realizes that Kirsten isn't there. He finds her looking out the window and Kirsten is excited to find out where she is.

After sex, Amanda suggests to Camille that they should move in together. Camille agrees and they kiss.

After kissing in the elevator, Cameron and Kirsten enter the lab and Linus tells them that something is going on with Maggie. She's talking to Admiral Decker, and a military escort brings in a corpse. Decker ells Camille to prepare to brief her team on a case in twenty minutes. The dead woman is Denise Nichols, a NASA mathematician in the early 70s. She retired in 1992 and died of natural causes in her home. However, she has an impregnable room in her home and they can't get in. Decker tells them that Denise picked the cases, and the answer to how she did it is in the room.

As the team prepares to stitch, Cameron asks Kirsten if she's excited to learn if the oxytocin filter works. She assures him that it will be fine. As Linus works, his phone rings and he finally answers it. It's Ivy, who says that she needs to see him one last time. Linus says that he'll come by when he can and hangs up.

The team begins the stitch and Kirsten sees Denise's home. Aya reports a high oxytocin levels and Kirsten says that it's foggy, and Maggie wonders why Kirsten's levels are spiking. Linus turns up the filter to allow for Denise's age of 84, and Cameron moves Kirsten to the room. Denise uses a voice command to open it, and Decker points out that it only responds to her voice. They move her in, and Kirsten still can't see through the fog. Maggie tells Kirsten to clean it up, and Kirsten sees Denise reading an email about the location of an asset. The words "decision to terminate" appears, and Kirsten bounces.

In her office, Maggie complains that the stitch was a mess and they risked everything by having sex. Kirsten explains that the email said that they were going to terminate her mother, and Maggie says that it's not going to happen. She orders them to wait out the refractory period and try again, and walks out. Kirsten admits that she doesn't know how to believe, and tells Cameron that there were numbers that indicated Jacqueline's location. She figures that she has to check it out personal to see if there's something she missed, and Cameron tells her to go with Quincy while he straightens things out with Maggie. He assures her that he doesn't regret what happened the previous night.

Kirsten and Quincy go to Denise's house and check the door. The voice recognition system doesn't recognize Quincy's voice, but it does recognize Kirsten's. They go in and find Denise's computers, and Kirsten figures that Denise knew she would come there. Kirsten finds the algorithms from stitching from an old case, and takes them to Linus to identify. He suggests that Denise was tracking the progress Kirsten was making in mapping the brain, and warns that they need more data to narrow down the next case. He leaves to meet with Ivy, and Camille tells Kirsten that she's moving out. Kirsten wonders if she's making the right decision, and Camille assures her that she's sure.

Linus arrives at Ivy's house but refuses to come in until Ivy begs him. Once he does, she insists that what she feels isn't a game or a lie, and says that soon Linus will understand everything that's happening. Ivy says that she needs a friend, and explains that Daniel found out that the NSA is going to terminate Jacqueline. He's trying to find he before they kill her, and admits that she used Linus' NSA password to hack into Maggie's emails. Furious, Linus tells Ivy not to call him again and walks out.

Kirsten is going through the algorithms when Cameron comes over. She complains that she can't work out what they mean, just as Linus storms in and says that he's done with Ivy. Kirsten agrees and Linus tells them what Ivy told him. She figures that Maggie is lying and figures that Denise was an engineer at NASA in the 1970s and worked out trajectories. Linus takes the algorithms back to the lab to track a trajectory.

The next day, Cameron and Kirsten drive to the Point B that Linus calculated: an old munitions factory. Cameron suggests that they pretend Kirsten is going into labor and need to call a doctor. Kirsten points out it probably won't work, and they drive up to the guarded building. He recognizes Kirsten, and tells them that Denise said she'd be coming. He lets them in and they go inside, and find Jacqueline's pod inside.

Daniel comes in and says that it kills him to see Jacqueline like that, and he says that it's a family reunion. Ivy comes in and Daniel says that with Kirsten's help they can bring Jacqueline back. Ivy says that she didn't come there alone, and Maggie and Quincy come in with guns drawn. Daniel realizes that they created the whole thing to bring Daniel out of hiding. He draws a gun, shoots at the others, and takes cover. A stray shot hits the pod and it starts leaking. Kirsten runs out and yells at everyone to stop. Daniel surrenders and Kirsten goes to the pod. She tells Cameron that she hasn't gone so far to lose Jacqueline now.

The team takes Jacqueline to the lab and determines that her brain function is low but nominal. Kirsten says that she should stitch into her, but Linus warns that she's alive but been in stasis for years. They've never stitched into a live person ago, and Cameron agrees but warns her that her oxytocin levels are off the chart and she's in the worst condition to stitch. Linus says that he'll turn up the filter as high as it goes, and Cameron warns Kirsten that they only have one chance. Kirsten points out that only one person has stitched into a living person: Daniel. Cameron refuses to let Daniel perform the stitch.

Ivy approaches Linus and apologizes for everything she put him through. She explains that she had to lie to keep Linus safe, and hopes that one day he'll forgive her. Linus suggests that they have dinner and Ivy agrees. She asks Linus not to let anything happen to her sister and goes to debrief.

Kirsten visits Daniel in interrogation and he explains that he reached out to her through the Young Cameron avatar so she would trust him like she trusts Cameron. She tells her father that his role would be purely advisory, and Daniel insists that Cameron do everything he say. He promises that he won't let Jacqueline die, and Kirsten warns that if it's a setup then she'll kill him.

Back in the lab, Kirsten tells Cameron that Daniel is in if he gets to direct. Cameron refuses until Kirsten begs him to do it. She's sure that Daniel won't let Jacqueline die, and Cameron mutters to himself that Jacqueline isn't the one that he's worried about.

Kirsten looks at Jacqueline in the corpse cassette and says that she'll see her soon. Daniel comes in and Cameron tells him that he's an outsider. He then tells Quincy to keep an eye on Daniel, and warns Daniel that if he pulls anything then Quincy will kill him. Alex says that he sees some kind of structure in Jacqueline's brain stem, bio-mechanical, and Daniel says that it's fine. Cameron has no choice but to proceed, and Alex continues under protest. They begin the stitch and Kirsten finds herself in a white void. Daniel warns that Jacqueline's mind is rejecting the stitch, and Kirsten makes the bounce. She says that they should try again, but Cameron warns against it.

Daniel says that the host and the client are inverted, and they should switch them. Cameron explains to Maggie that Daniel wants to put Kirsten in the cassette and Jacqueline in the tank. When Daniel says that Cameron isn't thinking scientifically, Cameron punches him and the two men fight. Daniel points out that he rechanneled Cameron's emotional energy back at him, and Cameron figures that the stitch is about the emotional energy. If they reverse the stitch and fire Jacqueline's residual emotional energy into Kirsten and then redirect it back at Jacqueline, it will wake her up. Kirsten insists on doing it over Maggie's objections.

The team switches Kirsten and Jacqueline, and Kirsten tells Cameron not to look at her like it's goodbye. They kiss and Cameron says that he loves her. Daniel tells Cameron that his love will have to save Kirsten, and they begin the stitch. Kirsten screams in pain and Daniel figures that the temperature is too high. He says that they have to lower the temp as if there was a corpse in the cassette, and Kirsten tells them to do it. The synapses stabilize but Linus warns that he's seeing something similar to when Jacqueline was in there. Alex zooms in on Kirsten's brain stem and they find a device similar to the one on Jacqueline's brain stem. Daniel explains that it's a cluster of nanobots that fused to Kirsten's brain when he tried to stitch her to Jacqueline as a child.

Cameron tells Kirsten that she and Jacqueline are connected, and the algorithm is tuned to Kirsten's brain and the mapping of the brain they performed. The LAPD computer gave Denise's computer homicide reports and it would narrow it down, and then Kirsten subconsciously picked cases that would benefit her. Kirsten's brain provided more processing power than a quantum computer, and Daniel says that Kirsten and Jacqueline can talk on a quantum level. Kirsten realizes that it was her mother talking to her in the stitch, and they reopen the channel.

Kirsten finds herself in a white void. Cameron tells her to focus on the love she has for all of them and channel it into Jacqueline. Kirsten does so, channeling all of her feelings for her friends and teammates, and Jacqueline appears. Mother and daughter take each other's hands and Jacqueline smiles. Kirsten tells her that it's time to come home, and Jacqueline bounces. Daniel runs to Jacqueline while Cameron gets Kirsten out of the cassette and tells them to bring his mother in to check Kirsten out.

Later, Marion confirms that Kirsten's brain is okay. However, she doesn't remember anything from the last two or three years. She doesn't remember Cameron or the program. Camille tells Cameron to be with Kirsten, but he says that he can't and blames himself. His friends say that it was Kirsten's call, but Cameron asks them to leave him alone for now.

Kirsten comes in and asks Cameron if he's okay, and asks if the others are his friends. Cameron says that they are, and Kirsten introduces herself. Cameron shakes her hand and introduces himself, and Kirsten remembers them meeting when they were kids and Cameron had his heart surgery. He says that his heart hurts a little, and Cameron promises that he'll be okay one day. Once Cameron leaves, Kirsten says that she'll never forgive the person responsible for what they're making her do to Cameron.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 15, 2017

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