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After the NSA manages to capture Daniel, Kirsten and Cameron agree to let him direct the stitch to enter the still-living Jacqueline's brain and bring her out of her coma.

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By Gadfly on Aug 15, 2017

After sex, Cameron wakes up and realizes that Kirsten isn't there. He finds her looking out the window and Kirsten is excited to find out where she is. After sex, Amanda suggests to Camille that they should move in together. Camille agrees and they kiss. After kissing in the elevator, Cameron and Kirsten enter the lab and Linus tells them that something is going on with Maggie. She's talking to Admiral Decker, and a military escort brings in a corpse. Decker ells Camille to prepare to brie…

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Episode Discussion

mike1616 posted 2 years ago

With an ending like this episode has, we are all looking forward to season 4. OH CRAP... just found out the series has been cancelled. This was a good show and deserved at lease 2 more seasons. Now we will never know who is forcing Kirsten to lie to Cameron and why she is being forced to do it. That mystery alone could have taken a full season to unravel.

As a series I have to give Stitchers a solid 9/10.

But as for the network "FreeForm" I can only give them a loud AAAARRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrG!

JuanArango posted 2 years ago

Not sure if this will get a season 4, I could live with the ending, tho the last 2 minutes left stuff open for a next season.

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