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Puzzle Piece Recap

Grail attendants clean up Starr's office and provide new equipment. They lay out newspapers for him as well as a file on Jesse.

Jesse remembers promising his father that he'll be one of the good guys, and says that he prayed for it all. He sits and listens to a voice telling him to let it out, and then checks the Internet for sighting of God. Cassidy comes in and says that Denis is feeling better, and figures that he's going to make it and they didn't need Jesse's help. Jesse says that God is missing and it's important that they found him because there's chaos without him. Cassidy chops up meat for blood while Tulip comes in and tells Jesse not to say it. She puts a package of frozen meat on the bruises on her chest, and says that it took three from a .44. She puts down a bundle of money, and Cassidy suggests that she give the Hurt Locker a rest. Jesse snaps that they're good, and Tulip sarcastically agrees with him.. He says that she should get some sleep, and Tulip yells at him that she won't. Jesse uses the Voice on her, putting her to sleep, and Cassidy glares at him for a moment before taking the blood to Denis.

Later in Starr's office, Lara shows Starr the surveillance video of Jesse using the Voice on Tulip. Starr says that he's bored. He says that he has a date and tells Lara and Hoover to kill them all.

The Grail squad prays for God's protection on their holy mission and prepares to move in. They put on their helmet, complete with noise dampeners, and communicate via radios. Using night vision, they break into the building and head up to the second floor. Once they're in position, they break down the apartment door and go in. Cassidy attacks one of them and the others try to subdue him. Another Grail soldier finds Denis and figures that he's too weak to put up a fight, and then Jesse attacks the soldier. He finally pulls off the soldier's helmet and uses Genesis to tell the man to kill his friends. The soldier does so, gunning them down. The last one tries to get through to the soldier, Phil, but Phil kills him. As Jesse starts to interrogate Phil, Denis leaps on the Grail soldier and rips out his throat.

Starr goes on a date with the governor's daughter, Sophie. She points out that they opened the restaurant just for Starr, and her father told her that Starr is important. Starr admits that it's probably true, and explains that he works for the most powerful organization on earth. However, he says that he's been feeling disenchanted lately. Sophie says that she was like him for once, looking for a sense of purpose because her life felt like it was missing one vital piece. One night she met an eight-year-old boy, Stephen, whose mother was a crack addict. Stephen was developmentally challenged, and she gave him one chocolate and he smiled for the first time. Sophie realized that it was her missing puzzle piece.

Starr dismisses it as the smile of a halfwit, and asks if her father has ever been in Angola. He then tells Sophie to stand up, and remove her shirt. She does so and Starr tells her to hold a stick of butter in her hand and tuck it under her chin. Once she does so, Starr asks how long she can hold her breath. However, an aide calls Starr away and he tells Sophie to never mind, and walks out

The next day at Starr's office, Lara and Hoover wait. Hoover tells Lara that he loves her, and she tells him to shut up. Starr comes in and tells Hoover to stand on the tarp. He prepares to shoot him, and Lara says that they deserve to be put down. As Starr's gun jam, Lara clears it for him and says that Jesse poses a direct threat to the Holy Child. She suggests that they should activate BRAD, and assures Starr that it's just the right amount of kill. Intrigued, Starr asks for her name and Lara says that they've met three times before. He says that he has a rape fantasy and wants a professional, and Lara says that she'll contact BRAD while Hoover takes care of the professional. As they go, Starr warns them that he's going to leave the tarp out and it will be waiting if they fail again.

Tulip wakes up and goes to the bathroom to brush her teeth. As she walks out, she steps on the loose floorboard where Jesse placed the Cowboy's gun. When she goes out to the kitchen, she finds the Grail soldiers' bodies. Jesse has used Genesis to control the investigating policemen, and they report that the attackers' fingerprints aren't in the records. He then tells Tulip that more will be coming and they'll be ready.

The police set up a perimeter and stand watch. In their apartment, Lara tells Starr that BRAD is en route and Hoover is researching professionals. She suggests that Starr might prefer multiple prostitutes, and he agrees. While Hoover starts circling names, Starr checks his computer and discovers that he has a cat virus. It finally clears to show the video of Jesse talking to Cassidy about finding God. Intrigued, Starr picks up Jesse's file and goes through his history.

Denis feeds Cassidy some blood and thanks him for turning him. He accidentally burns his arm in the sunlight, and Cassidy warns him that he has to be careful from now on. They drink blood together to heal, and Jesse comes in. Cassidy sends Denis out, and Jesse asks Cassidy why he didn't tell him that he was going to turn Denis. The vampire wonders if he would have been cool about it, and Jesse assures him that he would have been. Jesse then says that the Grail is coming back and they're going to get answers, and figures that they'll be there that night. Cassidy says that he'll do his best to be ready, and tells Jesse that he's not the one Jesse needs to worry about.

Jesse talks to Tulip and reminds her of the gang that they once fought, outnumbered 15 to 2. After the fight, she realized that the earache she had for weeks was gone, and takes her hand. Jesse tells her that they need a fight, and Tulip points out that he used the Word on her. He says that he didn't know what else to do and he was worried, and asks if she dreamed. Tulip doesn't answer, and Jesse suggests that she sit out the coming fight. She laughs and says that she's going to need a gun.

As Hoover calls prostitutes, tulip knocks at the apartment door. Lara puts on her bathrobe as Hoover hides, and Tulip says that she needs Lara's gun. Lara gives it to Tulip and says to let her know if she can help. Once Tulip leaves, Lara tells Hoover that a gun won’t stop BRAD.

That night, a man pulls up to the apartment, takes out a suitcase, and Jesse tells the police to send the man up. He goes inside, puts on latex gloves, and proceeds to start cleaning up all the blood traces. Jesse tells Tulip who he is, and Cassidy tells Jesse that he's ready. Denis turns on music and starts dancing, and Jesse yells at him to turn it down. Tulip hears something in the roof and aims her gun at it, but then tells Jesse that it's nothing.

A naked masked man comes up to one of the police cars and urinates on it. When the sergeant gets out to confront him, the man jumps on the sergeant, crushing him. As the other officers run over, Jesse yells at Denis to turn off the music. Denis slams the door shut in his face, and Jesse realizes that the Grail is attacking. He tells Cassidy that the Grail is there, and he goes down the stairs yelling into the radio that he needs one alive. A gunshot rings out from the apartment, and when Jesse goes back up, he discovers that Tulip shot the cleaner in the shoulder. She insists that the cleaner is one of the Grail and he had a gun. All he had was a spray bottle, and Jesse says that it's okay.

The sergeant radios Jesse to say that it's just a drunk and they've subdued him. Tulip goes to keep a lookout, and Jesse tells the officers to bring in an ambulance. He then tells Cassidy that it's not over, and Cassidy sarcastically says that Tulip will be thrilled.

Lara watches on the monitor, smiling.

Overhead, a bomber prepares to drop BRAD: a Battle-ready Remote-operated Aerial Drone.

Hoover tells Lara that they'll have impact in twenty-three minutes and wonders if they should evacuate. She assures him that BRAD is precise, and if there's an error then they'll have a noble death. Hoover nervously smiles and agrees.

Three thugs come into Starr's office and tell him that his receptionist has gone home for the night. Starr wonders who they are, and they say that they're professionals. He figures that a mistake has been made and insists that he wanted woman. When he offers to compensate them, they say it's not happening and rape him. As they do, a bored Starr sees Jesse's name on the file and realizes that it's the missing puzzle piece... and smiles.

The bomber releases BRAD.

Starr calls Lara and tells her to call it off. He refuses to say why, and Lara tells Hoover to reroute the missile. He doesn't know where, and Lara takes over and discovers that the laptop has a cat virus. Once she clears it, she sends BRAD to Harry Connick Jr.'s house and blows it up.

One Week Later

The police continue to stand guard over the apartment building. Jesse finally tells them to go and forget it ever happened. He goes to a bar and has a drink, and Starr comes in and talks about the humpback woman who made his suit. When Jesse looks around, Starr says that he came alone and can help Jesse find God.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 15, 2017

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