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The Setup Recap

One Hour Earlier

People are dancing at the wedding reception, and Florence runs off. Owen goes after her, and Corey goes after them. he finds them kissing in the hallway, ducks out of sight, breaks into tears, gets the pirates' grenades, and tosses one into the engine room. It goes off, taking out the engine.

Later, Bruce checks the damage and Karen finds explosive residue on the wall. She tells the others that it was sabotage and Corey secretly smiles.

The next day, Danny calls everyone together and says that none of them are going to leave until they figure out who did it. He tells Pack that he's the closest thing to a detective that they have, and starts by establishing alibis. Steve and Karen are checking out the information, and Florence is sure that they were there because she saw them making out. When Danny says that he's going to interview the others, Todd points out that he's hungover and Jess is emotional. He suggests that they recreate the conga line, who remember who is behind them, and the person who was absent is the saboteur. Danny has everyone conga up.

Karen tells Steve that they're dead in the water, and he complains that everywhere he goes, he gets shit. He figures that it's time to fight back and determine his own fate, and ask Karen what to do. She says that they need to find a backup generator, but Steve will have to go into the bowels of the ship to check.

Everyone forms the conga line, and Jess says that Corey wasn't behind her. He says that he told her that her dress was beautiful, and she thanks him. Corey points out that Owen wasn't there, and Florence comes to his defense. Owen says that where he was wasn't relevant, but Todd and the others disagree. In response, Owen says that he and Florence went out into the hallway but since they had champagne and creamed corn for the reception, Owen had flatulence and Florence went back to the reception. Owen says that's why he didn't want to talk about it, and Corey suggests that they check Owen's cabin for the evidence. When they get there, they find a belt of grenades on the bunk.

Everyone discusses the new evidence, and Owen insists that he doesn't know how the grenades got there. Owen point out that he wouldn't have left the evidence on his bunk. Corey helpfully directs Pack's attention to a journal underneath a pillow, and reads from it. It says that Owen couldn't take it any longer.

Steve searches for the generator and finds the generator room, as well as writing saying to stay out. He goes in and finds a manacled man there. He tells Steve to tell the pirates that he's ready to dance, and breaks into song. Steve recognizes the song and realizes that it's Luthor, the Barracuda's lover.

Corey continues reading the journal where "Owen" describes how he can't let Florence find out that he's such a pathetic toad so she can never get home. Florence points out that Owen was worried about going home, and Owen points out that Danny knows him better than anyone else. Danny notes that Owen hasn't had time for him recently, and Owen figures that Corey set him up. Corey denies it and reads the dozens of other entries that "Owen" supposedly wrote. He insists that Owen blew up the ship because he's obsessed with Florence, and Owen punches him.

Danny and Corey lock Owen up and once Corey leaves, Owen tells Danny that he knows he's innocent. Danny says that he doesn't because Owen has been too busy with Florence.

Steve explains that they control the ship now, and Luthor says that he got tired of being a sex toy so he tried to escape and the Barracuda chained her up. Steve says that he was also the Barracuda's lover, and they figure that they're both cooler guys and that's why she went for them. The survivor says that he's had a lot of bad luck recently, and Luthor tells him that he has as well. Steve figures that he was meant to find Luthor because it was their destinies. The ship's metal groans from the strain, and Steve and Luthor admit that they thought their luck was changing. Water shoots in and Luthor figures the ship is sinking. Luthor can't go because he's still chained to the wall.

Water leaks into the cell area and Danny tells Corey to unlock the door. He does, but then shoves Danny in and locks the door behind him. Danny realizes that Corey blew up the engine, and says that it's been for Florence. He tells them that he's loved her for a long time, and he does a flashback to when Florence administered mouth-to-mouth to him after the crash and how he misread everything since then. Corey insists that Florence is his until Owen got in the way. Danny says that he needs to give him the keys or they'll die, and Owen holds up the key. When Danny figures that he'll pull them away, Corey insists that he won't... and does it anyway. Owen points out that if Danny doesn't go back with Corey then the others will know that Corey left him behind. Corey slams his head into the bars and then yells that they're escaping, laughs, and says that it's time to die. As he goes, he thanks Danny for his pep talk to fight for Florence.

Florence reads through the journal and points out all of the Internet slang. She figures that it doesn't feel like Owen. Corey comes in and says that Danny and Owen escaped. Karen asks where they are, and Corey says that they said that they're going to escape before the ship sinks. He then remembers to tell everyone that the ship is sinking, and everyone panics.

Steve and Luthor panic.

Danny and Owen panic.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 16, 2017

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