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The Night the Russians Landed Recap

Grand Duke Alexis Romanov and his bodyguard, Colonel Petrov Suvoroff, pull up in a carriage as Yancy walks down the street. Alexis asks what a man can do in New Orleans, and Yancy starts to respond. An assassin fires from the shadows and misses, and Yancy and Pahoo kill him and his partner on their other side. The third member of their team ducks back into the shadows, and Alexis thanks Yancy for his help. Pahoo reports that one got away, and Suvoroff says that the shooters are from their ship. Alexis explains that they came into town for some excitement, and Suvoroff insists on announcing Alexis' title. The Grand Duke cheerfully says that he likes Yancy, tells Suvoroff to shut up, and Yancy introduces himself and Pahoo. Suvoroff suggests that they get off the streets and Yancy agrees, and Alexis agrees with Yancy since it was his idea. An Army captain comes over and puts them all under arrest, and the men go with him.

Later at the calaboose, Suvoroff protests loudly. Alexis is amused that the Jailer has left the doors open and is playing cards with Yancy. The Jailer explains that Yancy gave his word that he wouldn't escape, They toast each other just as Fry comes in and the Jailer claims that he was checking for weapons. Fry tells Yancy that there's been a terrible mistake and takes him outside to John, while the Jailer shows Alexis how to play poker.

John tells Yancy that there's been a terrible mistake, and Alexis' man-of-war is anchored in the Mississippi. He won't let them assign a bodyguard to him, and wants to paint the French Quarter red. Yancy offers to join him, and John says that's what they want. The revolutionaries tried to assassinate Czar Alexander in St. Petersburg, and that an attempt would be made on Alexis. If anything happens to Alexis on American soil, there would be an international incident. John wants Yancy and Pahoo to keep an eye on Alexis, and Yancy suggests that they take over the club for the evening--with John's money--and clear everyone else out. Fry agrees and John reluctantly agrees to pay the $3,000 that Yancy needs. However, John insists that they can't let Alexis know what they're doing.

The Jailer is losing when Yancy comes in and says that they're free. He suggests that they go to a poker parlor, and Alexis insists that he must be incognito as a simple count.

Later at the club, Pearl Girl tells Yancy that Francine is in St. Louis for a week. Goldy warns that they chased out a big-spending crowd, and Yancy assures them that John is going to pay $3,000 for the use of the club. He makes sure that the women know to keep Alexis there at all costs, and gets whatever he wants. One of the girls, Emma, is new and she hesitantly greets Yancy.

Alexis and the others arrive and Alexis wants Yancy to introduce the girls. Yancy obliges and Emma bows to Alexis. She admits that she knows who Alexis is, and explains that she has seen him St. Petersburg. She says that her real name is Katarina, and Alexis immediately smitten with her. He orders vodka and black pepper for everyone. Meanwhile, Yancy tells Fry and Pahoo to stay with Alexis while he looks for the third Russian assassin. He warns Fry to keep an eye on Katarina because no one knows anything about her.

On the street, Yancy spots the third assassin and grabs the man. The man angrily accuses Yancy of doing enough to him, and says that he's the O'Hara. The O'Hara demands to know what Yancy has done with his clothes, and Yancy says that he has no idea what he's talking about. The man says that he's the best riverboat pilot on the Mississippi, and someone knocked him out and took his clothes. They left him the Russian sailor's uniform nearby, and he put it on to stay warm.

Yancy finds Jody who has just been tossed out of the Bucket of Blood. The pickpocket complains that someone is passing counterfeit money... by him. He shows Yancy a wallet someone "gave" him, and Yancy realizes that it's Russian money. Jody says that it was a riverboat pilot, not a Russian, and he didn't get a good look at his face. However, the man was near the club when Jody pickpocketed him. Yancy explains that the Russian cash is worth a thousand dollars, and leaves it with Jody in return for his information.

When Yancy returns to the club, he tells Fry what he's found. Alexis is shooting a champagne glass off of Suvoroff's head while everyone takes cover. The Grand Duke cheerfully hands his gun to Yancy, but takes another one from Suvoroff and shoots bottles off of the bar, pretending that they're nihilists and demonstrating justice. Alexis prepares to execute the third bottle, saying that it's a revolutionary, but Yancy advises him to put off the execution. Suvoroff asks for a chance to get even for the 4,000- rubles that he's lost, and Yancy asks Alexis to take the shooting to the back so he doesn't alarm the hostesses. Alexis agrees to both requests, shoots the third bottle, and invites Katarina to join them.

Yancy and Pahoo take to the streets looking for the third assassin, who is dressed as the O'Hara. The assassin hides when he hears the two men coming. They spot him and he runs, and Yancy climbs him as he climbs up a ladder to a rooftop. Yancy finally knocks him into Pahoo's grasp and demands information. Pahoo draws his knife and the assassin quickly says that Suvoroff hired him.

Alexis shoots another glass off of Suvoroff's head and then invites Suvoroff to try for himself. Suvoroff tells Katarina that he has empty cartridges in his gun. Meanwhile, Yancy and Pahoo arrive and discover that the door to the back room is locked. Yancy calls to Alexis, and Suvoroff quickly switches out the empty cartridges for real ones. Alexis takes a drink and tells Suvoroff to shoot, and Suvoroff says that he is aiming at Alexis. He explains that he's been waiting to kill Alexis for a long time, shouts, "Down with the Romanovs," and fires. Katarina jumps in front of Alexis and is hit. As Suvoroff draws his gun, Yancy and Pahoo break in and Yancy stops Suvoroff just in time.

John arrives and Yancy confirms that Katarina just received a grace and will be all right. The administrator says that the country owes Yancy a lot, and the Russians have imprisoned Suvoroff on the man-of-war. Meanwhile, Alexis asks Katarina for her forgiveness. He wishes that he could have taken the bullet for her, and Katarina says that if she has a scar then she will ear it as a decoration. Alexis says goodbye to her, and Katarina wishes him a long life. They kiss and then Alexis goes outside. He explains to Yancy that his name means "Little Devil" in Russian, and they exchange goodbyes. Alexis salutes Pahoo and bids them farewell until they meet again.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 17, 2017

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