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Gone as a Girl Can Get Recap

At the Homestead in the new reality, Waverly and Natalie shoot at the attacking revenants as they fight each other. They run into the barn and find Jeremy there, and Waverly says that she knows how to get Wynonna back. She just hopes that it's not too late.

A second later, the barn explodes.


Trapped in the well, Doc yells for Wynonna. His cell phone rings and Doc answers it. It's Stevie,who calls Doc "boss" and says that Doc didn't want to see him until he found it. Doc tells him to let him out, and Stevie lowers down the rope ladder that he brought with him. After Doc climbs out, Stevie asks if Doc found the ring. Doc doesn't care, and Steve says that something slashed eight of their guys since the ring went missing. Doc tells Steve to take him to the Homestead, and put a lid on the well.

When they arrive at the Homestead, Doc discovers that it has been renamed the Holiday Haus. Hs gang of revenantsHe takes in the new reality created by the genie, and hears someone pounding on the barn door. Doc bluffs and tells the revenants and goes back to work, and runs into the barn. Rosita is shooting at posters, and says that she's cooking product for him to sell. Doc says that he needs her help, and when he tries to kiss her, she slaps him and reminds him that she told him never to touch her. Rosita wonders who Rosita is, and Doc explains about the spell. He unchains Rosita and asks Rosita if she knows Waverly and Dolls. Rosita knows Waverly Gibson and Deputy Marshal Dolls, and promises to shoot him on sight. Doc says that he wants to Dolls and Rosita wishes him luck and runs out, and Doc figures that he needs something to get Dolls to listen.

At the office, Mercedes realized that Wynonna has vanished and she's free. Dolls runs a charge through Mercedes' cell and demands answers. Mercedes tells him that without Wynonna, they'll all die, and spits on the glass of the cell. She asks Dolls how they captured her, and he says that they followed her trail of dead priests. Dolls and Jeremy demand answers to what they're doing in Purgatory, and why there are so many creatures in the Triangle. Mercedes tells him that he should be searching for a woman, but Dolls has no idea what she's talking about.

Doc comes in and Jeremy and Dolls draw their guns. He reveals that he's wired with explosives and if they shoot him, he'll take up the entire place. Dolls asks if he's going to confess to all the crimes he's committed, including Nedley, and Doc tells Dolls that Wynonna has been taken or erased. Dolls prepares to shoot him and Doc says that he wants him to remember. Nicole knocks Doc out from behind, and Dolls tells Jeremy to put Doc in the cell with Mercedes.

Nicole goes to her desk and checks the reports, and deals with her deputy Lonnie. She looks at a photo of Nedley and says that she's doing her best, then puts on her lipstick when she realizes the time. Waverly comes in with chicken salad for her. She tells Waverly that it's about time for her to get married, and gives her a marriage form. Waverly is surprised that Nicole knows her birthday, and Waverly says that it's not well known that her real last name is Earp. She was raised by a woman named Gibson so she took that. Waverly admires the wedding ring o Nicole's finger, and Nicole wonders why she's wearing it. Waverly admits that she's worried about getting married, but Nicole assures her that she can handle it. Jeremy texts to tell Waverly that he's outside to get her, and she goes to him.

Doc tells dolls that they're doomed if they don't find Wynonna, as Mercedes moves in on him. She tries to spit her venom on him, but Doc realizes that she's out of venom. He figured out that dolls wouldn't have put her in there unless she was harmless, and Mercedes figures without Wynonna to stop them, they will resurrect Clootie. She and Doc both insist that they’ll get out, and Mercedes figures that Beth will get her when she realizes how much she needs him.

Perry walks Waverly to the church and figures that she'll miss Purgatory even though she claims otherwise. He says that he wants to take her, but they've tried to get Waverly married three times and Waverly has never gone through with it. Perry figures that she wants closure, and says that he hiredPI to man is at the find the man who killed her father and sister Willa. The man wandered into Purgatory and is at St. Jude's mental hospital.

Waverly goes there and addresses the prisoner, saying that she's Waverly Earp. Bobo turns and looks at her and says that he could never forget his angel. He realizes that reality has changed and wonders why. Bobo tells Waverly that her sister called Waverly's father and his Willa, and the question is why he came back to Purgatory now. He explains that he was in Hell and figures that Wynonna died so he came back. Waverly has no idea what he's talking about, and Bobo repeats Wynonna's name. Bobo tells Waverly that Wynonna is her sister, and Waverly only had one sister and Bobo killed her. The revenant figures that it's a flimsy spell and Wynonna is only missing, and offers to tell her what she wants to know if she stays. Waverly wonders why they spared her and killed everyone else, and Bobo tells her that his law is that no one hurts her because she's his angel. He tells her to fly and make Wynonna missing no more.

Beth is praying at the altar in the devastated church, but she can't break the third seal. She throws away Doc's ring but then goes to get it and apologizes. Beth hears screaming and turns to see the other two seals opening, and realizes that it takes two to open the third.

At the basement in Shorty's, Waverly is going through her files on Wyatt Earp and the Earp Curse. She finds her mother's wedding dress and holds it up in front of her in the mirror, and then finds a photo of her mother in the wedding dress.

Beth enters the BBD office and shatters open the cell, freeing Mercedes. Doc enters the combo for the gun safe, grabs a gun, and shoots the Widows, but the bullets have no effect. Jeremy draws a gun on Doc, while the Widows leave to open the seals. When Jeremy wonders how Doc knows the combination to the safe, Doc explains that they're in an alternate reality. He asks Jeremy how he came to Purgatory, and Jeremy doesn't. Doc tells Jeremy everything he knows about Jeremy's background, and Jeremy realizes that the explosives Doc strapped on didn't have a detonator. His former captive says that he needs a hero to make things right and puts his hat on Jeremy, and Jeremy immediately agrees. He suggests that they get a drink when it's all over, and Doc takes his hat back.

Waverly puts on the dress and figures that Purgatory is too hard. She hears Doc upstairs and goes upstairs with a shotgun. She demands to know who he is and says that she's getting married, and knows Doc as a killer. Doc says that he's done with that life, just as dolls comes in and holds Doc at gunpoint. Jeremy told him where doc is, and is under arrest for treason. Doc says that he doesn't want a fight, draws a gun, and aims it at Dolls but can't shoot. He takes cover and they exchange shots, and Dolls says that Doc tore the town apart. Doc says that he knows Dolls is reptilian but a good man, and Dolls is furious that he crossed the line. Doc steps out and says that he can outdraw Dolls anytime, and then shoots him in the shoulder. Dolls goes down and Doc realizes that he's not wearing his typical body armor. Shocked, he tells Dolls that the wound will heal, and Dolls shoots him in the chest before passing out. Doc staggers back and Waverly emerges from hiding. He says that she looks beautiful in the dress, and tells her to find the Iron Witch, destroy the trophy, and bring Wynonna back.Doc calls her "baby girl" and dies.

Nicole comes to get Waverly for the wedding, and breaks into tears. She says that when Doc died, she was grief-stricken even though he was responsible for most of the crime in Purgatory. Waverly says that Doc told her to find the Iron Witch, and Nicole points out that Purgatory is a supernatural sideshow. She admits that it would be illegal to give her the Iron Witch's address, but agrees to take Waverly there and says that she'd do a lot of things to--for--her. As they prepare to drive off, Waverly says that Nicole smells like her favorite doughnuts.

Jeremy finds Dolls by the side of the road, and Dolls tells him to complete the mission. Laughing, Dolls says that he killed Doc but it felt empty, and thinks that Doc was his friend. Muttering the name "Wynonna", dolls dies.

When they arrive at Gretta's shed, they wonder why she wished Wynonna out of existence. Gretta says that her life is shit and her sister Mattie is still dead. A serial killer took Mattie out, and Gretta explains that the universe erased Wynonna when she made the wish. She figures that when doc grabbed the trophy, it made him immune to the spell and he kept his memories. Waverly remembers that the genie is the Marandok, and Nicole starts to drag her out. Gretta says that she's been working on a counter-spell that will restore their memories of the original timeline for several seconds. She casts it and Waverly realizes what happened and that she gave the trophy to Gretta. The spell fades and Gretta explains that the trophy was stolen years ago and it's on revenant ground now. Nicole warns that it's impenetrable, but Waverly remembers her father saying the same thing and someone proved it wrong.

Waverly goes back to St. Jude's and tells Bobo that she wants to get onto the Homestead. He asks where Peacemaker is, warning that Waverly's lineage isn't pure. Waverly tells him to concentrate because the Homestead is crawling with Revenants, and Bobo figures that Peacemaker was never drew up. He asks Waverly to untie him, and she does. Once he gets some clothing from the guards, Bobo and Waverly go out to the police car where Nicole is waiting, and they drive off.

Jeremy drives to the rendezvous and meets with Dolls' undercover Black Badge agent: Rosita is there. She puts a gun to his head and he figures that she's the "asset" Doc has been using to make his drugs, and Rosita realizes that Dolls isn't there because he's dead. Jeremy tells her that doc is dead as well, and thinks that Black Badge has been lying to them. He asks Rosita what she remembers of her past, Rosita doesn't remember any of it, and Jeremy figures that Black Badge has been putting mind-altering drugs in the water supply and using the Homestead to project their simulation. Rosita vows to make Black badge pay, and Jeremy is glad to help wire a RDX.

Beth and Meredith try to raise Clootie but get no response. Mercedes realizes that someone has moved Clootie, and Beth says that they've been betrayed. Her older sister realizes that the rings know where Clootie is.

Bobo and the others go to the edge of the Homestead, and Bobo realizes that bringing Wynonna back will end his existence. Waverly begs him to help, and he moans in pain. He then tells her to dig beneath the hamster, and Waverly goes to where she buried her pet Pikachu. Bobo explains that once they remove Peacemaker, the ammolite will be reactivated and the revenants will be blown off the Homestead. Mercedes and Beth arrive, calling to Bobo, and he tells Waverly and Nicole to dig faster as he runs off.

When Bobo arrives at the Homestead, some of the revenants are glad to see him back but others insist that they follow Doc. A fight breaks out.

The ground is frozen, making it impossible to dig up Peacemaker. A revenant approaches them and Nicole shoots him down, and Waverly says that they're going to the barn to get the trophy. They fight their way through the revenants. They get into the barn and find Jeremy and Rosita there along with Doc's drugs. Waverly realizes that if they shoot, the chemical swill explode. Jeremy says that he thinks Black Badge has gone rogue, and Waverly looks for the trophy. Perry calls and Waverly tells him that she thinks that she's gay and will call back later.

The Widows enter the Homestead and blast through the revenants. They grab Bobo and inside, Waverly and the others see them. Rosita says that the trophy is behind a wheelbarrow and goes out shooting. She's quickly gunned down, and Waverly finds the trophy. Waverly figures that there's no way out... unless they die. She says that she knows how to get Wynonna back, and says that they can destroy the trophy with ire like the RDX Jeremy has. Nicole tells her that where Waverly goes, she goes, and Waverly says that it's for Wynonna. They kiss just as the revenants break in, and Jeremy agrees. Together they all hit the detonator and the barn explodes.

The trio find themselves standing in the ban, and realize that they're back. Nicole and Waverly kiss, and Jeremy wonders which timeline the Widows are in. Waverly figures that they won't know if the spell is reversed until they find Wynonna.

The Widows are still questioning Bobo, and he realizes the spell has been reversed but he's still there instead of in Hell. He tells the Widows that he dug for their bones and then found Clootie's coffin. He tells them that he's already been through every pain they can inflict on him, but he can't go back to Hell. Clootie has the power to make sure he doesn't. The Widows say that they can't make promises on Clootie's behalf, but they can be very convincing. They wonder how they can trust Bobo, and he takes the ring and breaks the seal. Beth can feel Clootie coming, and they go to greet him, taking Bobo with them.

Wynonna wakes up in a field and realizes that something is different. She suggests to the baby that they just stay there, and sees the Widows leading Bobo off. Wynonna runs after them and finds the shattered remains of the ring. She realizes that they broke the third seal and they're all going to buy it... and goes into labor as she hears Clootie growling in triumph.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 19, 2017

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