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Gone as a Girl Can Get

In the new reality, Waverly is getting married, Doc runs the revenants, and Dolls and Jeremy run the Black Badge division by themselves. Doc is the only one who remembers how things were before the wish, and must find a way to bring Wynonna back.

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By Gadfly on Aug 19, 2017

At the Homestead in the new reality, Waverly and Natalie shoot at the attacking revenants as they fight each other. They run into the barn and find Jeremy there, and Waverly says that she knows how to get Wynonna back. She just hopes that it's not too late. A second later, the barn explodes. Earlier Trapped in the well, Doc yells for Wynonna. His cell phone rings and Doc answers it. It's Stevie,who calls Doc "boss" and says that Doc didn't want to see him until he found it. Doc tells hi…

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