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Bad Bet on a 459--Silent Recap

A robber is breaking into a jewelry store and sets of a silent alarm. Unit 25, is dispatched there are a 459 Silent. Officers Bert Clark and Jim Dixon hear it and head there. Hornet and Kato pick up the dispatch as well and drive there, figuring that it's what they've been waiting for.

Bert and Jim arrive and go in. they check out the vault and Bert pockets some of the jewels. Jim warns that it's too risky, insisting that he doesn't want any part of him. Bert grabs him and says that he's already in it. Jim grabs some of the jewels and they go back to their car and drive off. Black Beauty arrives and Hornet goes into the store. He sees a police button on the floor and picks it up, just as Unit 25 arrives. One of the officers shoots Hornet in the shoulder as he comes out, and the hero manages to get into Black Beauty. Kato drives away, and the officers call in to dispatch.

In Black Beauty, Hornet tells Kato that it's bad. He warns that they can' go to a doctor and turn on the police radio. All hospitals and private physicians are being alerted to report anyone with a shoulder gunshot wound, and Hornet tells Kato head home.

Bert and Jim drive back to the jewelry store and Bert asks Unit 25 what Hornet was doing there. He offers to help but Unit 25 says that they can handle it.

Kato warns Britt that it's bad and he needs a doctor, but Britt tells him that he'll have to tend to it. Scanlon calls and asks how bad Britt is, and agrees that Britt can't go in for treatment. He tells Kato that he'll get a painkiller.

As Bert and Jim end their shift, the younger Jim says that he's done. Bert tells him that they're in the clear now that Hornet is taking the rap. He assures Jim that they won't get caught and tells his partner that he's not getting out.

Scanlon arrives at the penthouse and regrets involving them but was afraid of a leak. Kato shows him the button and Scanlon realizes that his hunch was right: someone on the force is involved. Scanlon plans to identify who the bullet belongs to, but figures that Britt can't risk the suspicion. Britt suggests that the "accident" happens in front of a lot of people, and figures that the Sentinel newsroom will be buzzing in an hour. He takes half of the painkiller so he'll be awake when he goes in.

Britt arrives at the Sentinel and feigns unwounded. He's published an editorial against Hornet on page 1, and Mike wants him to do more. The costumed Kato comes in and demands to see Britt. When Britt comes out, Kato tells him that he has a message from Hornet and "shoots" Britt in the shoulder before running out.

Casey takes Britt to the hospital to get treated, and Mike worries to her about how the police aren't doing anything. The doctor comes out of surgery and tells them that Britt will be fine. Mike goes back to the Sentinel and files a new story that is soon published.

The doctor tells Britt that he's to stay in the hospital for at least a week. Any exertion and the wound could reopen and Britt would bleed to death. Casey brings in paperwork from the Sentinel. Once the doctor leaves, Britt looks at the evening edition and discovers that there's a page 1 story about the Mitchell Warehouse receiving a valuable shipment of furs. Casey explains that Mike insisted that it should be on page 1, and she hasn't seen him since. Britt sends her back to the office and then calls Scanlon. Scanlon says that one officer, Jim, got a demerit for a missing button. Britt tells him that Mike is trying to lure Hornet out and doesn't know that he's going up against crooked cops, and hangs up and leaves.

Hornet and Kato soon hit the streets and spot Bert and Jim's car, Unit 48. Kato passes them and let the officers get a good look at them, and Bert tells Jim that if they bring in Hornet themselves they'll get a promotion and extra money. He has Jim follow Black Beauty, and Kato pulls over and parks. He gets out and attacks Jim when he and Bert get out. Hornet steps out and says that he thought they were honest cops, and tells them that he can prove they're involved with the robberies because he has the missing button. He orders them to stop their scheme until someone figures out that he isn't involved in their scheme, and the heroes drive off.

At the warehouse, Mike sets up the interior with open boxes so he can get photos and unlocks the outside door. Unit 48 is soon dispatched to the warehouse, and Bert tells Jim that they're going to steal the furs. Jim warns that Bert is pushing too hard, and Bert says that it'll be the last time.

Mike climbs up on the catwalk to get his photos, and Unit 48 arrives. Bert and Jim come in, see the open boxes, and start taking the furs. When Mike snaps a picture, the officers spot the flash. Bert tells Jim to call in that they caught the robbers, and by the time backup gets there Mike won't be able to talk.

Hornet insists on going in with Kato despite his condition. They split up and go in.

Bert climbs up to the catwalk and Hornet spots him as well as Mike. He goes up the ladder as Bert prepares to shoot Mike.

Jim runs into Kato, who makes short work of him.

Mike blinds Bert with a camera flash and struggles with the man. Hornet runs over as Bert gets the upper hand, and the two men fight. Bert falls through the catwalk railing, and Mike punches the wounded Hornet. Hornet manages to grab the railing, and Kato comes in and takes a rope to Hornet so that he can slide down safely. The chauffeur gets Hornet out, as Mike grabs Bert's discarded gun and shoots at them but misses. The heroes drive away just as police backup arrives.

The next day, Britt is back in the hospital. Mike pays him a visit and complains that Hornet escaped. Britt tells him that the next time the reporter should let the police handle it, but Mike insists that the Sentinel needs a crimefighter like Britt's father.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 21, 2017

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