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Trouble for Prince Charming Recap

At the International Airfield, a private jet arrives. Nearby, a van pulls up and a shooter watches from the back. Meanwhile, Janet Prescott arrives and Prince Rafil's aide, Abu Bakr, welcomes her and says that Rafil has arrived and they should discuss plans for the wedding. Abu informs Janet that the marriage will take place at the consulate.

The jet taxis to a halt and Rafil emerges. Janet goes to greet him and they kiss. The shooter prepares to fire a rifle at the couple, but Black Beauty pulls up and blocks the shot. Kato fires gas into the van, blinding the shooter, and then the heroes drive off.

The next day at the Kahara Consulate, Britt and Scanlon meet with Rafil. Britt says that he received an anonymous phone call about the attempt but before he could call the police, Hornet had disposed of the threat. Rafil wonders why the infamous Hornet helped him, and Scanlon claims that he has no idea what Hornet's motive was. The prince insists that he's safe in the consulate, but Britt points out that there's a reception that night in Rafil's honor. Abu points out that it's by invitation only, but Britt isn't convinced. Scanlon asks to post a police guard around the consulate, and Rafil agrees as long as the sovereign territory is respected. The prince notes that Britt and Janet's families are old friends and she's spoken highly of him, and says that he will be careful.

That night at the reception, Rafil and Janet greet the arrivals. Janet is called away to the library for an urgent phone call, and when she goes into the library, she discovers that the line is dead. A man chloroforms her unconscious.

Rafil, Abu, and Colonel Sarajek greet Britt. The prince suggests that they find Janet and have a quiet drink, and he and Britt go off to find her. They go to the library and find the chloroform rag, and Britt goes to find Scanlon. The phone rings and Rafil answers it. Britt and Scanlon come back, and Rafil tells them that the kidnappers want Rafil to abdicate or Janet will be killed. Rafil calls in Sarajek and tells him to prepare his jet back to Kahara. Britt advises Rafil not to give in to the demand, and Scanlon agrees. They advise Rafil to make the kidnappers wait so the police can find them, but Rafil refuses to endanger Janet and tells Sarajek to have the plane ready in two hours. Once he leaves, Britt tells Scanlon that he's going to stop Rafil.

Later, Rafil and his escort leave the consulate by car. Hornet and Kato intercept their car and subdue the men, then take Rafil with them to an apartment safehouse. Hornet tells Rafil that he has been technically kidnapped, and he's going to rescue Janet if Rafil pays him $25,000. He says that Rafil will have to remain there 24 hours and leaves with Kato.

Britt brings in Scanlon and tells him what he's done. Scanlon is furious, but Britt insists that it's the only way that he could save Janet. Since the police had the consulate surrounded, Britt figures that Janet was never taken off the ground. He tells Scanlon that Hornet has an appointment with Abu and Sarajek to collect Janet's ransom.

That night, Hornet and Kato drive to the consulate and take Rafil with them. Rafil agrees to help them as long as they save Janet, and Hornet explains his plan to them. Black Beauty arrives at the consulate gates and the guards let it in. The two heroes go inside and meet with Abu and Sarajek, who have the money. Hornet says that he'll tell them where they can find Rafil once he's clear of the consulate grounds, takes the money, and leaves. Sarajek calls the gate and tells his men to make sure Hornet is in Black Beauty when it leaves.

Black Beauty pulls up to the gate and the guards confirm that Hornet is in the back. Once they're clear, Kato pulls over to wait and Rafil removes the Hornet costume. Meanwhile, the real Hornet sneaks into the consulate and breaks into a second floor bedroom. He radios Kato and says that he's inside, and Rafil suggests that Janet is in the wine cellar. Hornet hides as a maid comes in, and then goes to the wine cellar after she leaves. He takes out the guard, and Abu and Sarajek hear the commotion.

Janet is tied up in the wine cellar, and Hornet frees her. Abu and the others come down, and Hornet barricades the cellar door to delay them. He radios Kato, who says that they're on the way, and then breaks open a window. Janet gets out, and Hornet takes on the thugs.

Kato blasts open the gates with Black Beauty's missiles and drives in. As they head to the consulate, Janet finds them and she and Rafil embrace. Rafil tells her to take a car, and he and Kato head to the wine cellar. Kato arrives and helps the outnumbered Hornet, and Rafil joins in to take out the last man. The prince thanks Hornet for his help, and police sirens sound in the distance. Hornet tells Rafil to keep the $25,000 as a wedding present. Rafil grabs a wine bottle and goes to find Janet.

Later, Britt and Casey attend the wedding reception. Rafil thanks Britt for volunteering to be his best man since his entire staff is under arrest. The prince wishes that Hornet could be there after what he did for him, and Britt suggests that he is in spirit.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 21, 2017

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