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The Black Forest Recap

Somewhere over the North Sea, the jet plans toward the ocean. The AI warns that they'll reach minimum recovery altitude in 40 seconds.

Jamie crawls to the lever as the AI counts down. She pulls the lever with seconds to spare and the jet pulls out of its nosedive.

Later, Max wakes Jamie up and explains that she's been knocked out for half an hour. She says that Mitch was like someone else and she hurt him, and Max tells her that she saved them all. Mitch isn't on the plane anymore.

Abe checks on the spinal fluid samples and confirms that they're safe. Daniela comes in with their bags and she says that all three of them are leaving. She tells Abe to look around at what they put Isaac through, and she thought she was going to watch their so die because of her decision. Daniela insists that it isn't safe there and tells Abe to let the others figure out the cure to the TX sterility. He tells his wife that they can't, just as Isaac comes in. Abe hugs his son and then tells him that he and Daniela are going to go home first and he will join them when he can. He makes Isaac promise to look after his mother, and Isaac promises. Abe and Daniela hug and she tells him to be careful, and then leads Isaac out.

In Copenhagen, Jackson tries to free himself from the chain holding him from the ceiling. Meanwhile, Duncan calls Abigail and says that there was no crash and he parachuted out. He says that something is wrong with his head, and Abigail tells him that he needs to come home so that she can reset the bio-drive. Duncan signs off and keeps walking.

The jet lands in Prague and Jamie gets a hit on Mitch's cell phone before he shuts it off. She pays to access the surveillance satellites over the area and hangs up. Abe comes in and asks if she's heard from Jackson, and figures that he'll show up soon. He promises to find Jackson and Mitch, but Jamie points out that they're the only two left. Abe points out that he could have left with Dariela, but he stayed because of faith that they were the only ones who could fix things. Jamie wonders if faith is enough and goes back to work.

At the barrier command center, Corporal Lee tells Quentin and Logan that their team in Germany got all of the eggs. Quentin tells the team that they have three more to go, and Logan points out that twenty-two soldiers died eliminating the nest. They still don’t know how to neutralize the spores and how many nests are out there, and Logan says that they need people who can deal with the unknown. Quentin leaves and Logan gets a call.

Abigail confirms that the IADG destroyed a hybrid nest. Duncan arrives and Abigail says that she's almost ready to activate the beacons. She resets the bio-drive and asks what he's learned. Duncan explains that they're going after the spinal fluid samples to cure the sterility, and Abigail says that without the last hybrid it's pointless. He tells her that Clem is three months pregnant and the baby needs a transfusion. Abigail figures that she can work with that.

Logan comes aboard the jet with a captive Shepherd. Jamie joins Logan and Abe and explains that the Shepherd will help them find Mitch. The Shepherd, Jared Macavey, says that he knows about her. Jamie tells Abe that Jared ran security for the Applies science division. Jared recites the names of his friends that are in prison because of Jamie, and Jamie says that he can join them or tell them what he knows about Abigail. Logan tells Jared that they can find Abigail through the bio-drive, and Jared says that he hopes Mitch dies like the other bio-drive samples. Jamie shoves him to the floor and puts a knife to his throat, and Abe says that they have to start working together. Jared agrees to help them find the tech stuff to find Mitch, but in return he and Abigail walk free. Jamie says that they get her for a conversation and then they let her go, and Jared agrees.

Abigail and Duncan meet with a young man, she tells him that they found Clem and she's pregnant. Abigail explains that Jackson and the others are studying Clem, but they have Jackson and can use him to get Clem back. Duncan asks who the young man is, and Abigail introduces him to Sam Parker, the father of Clem's baby.

Sam enters the lab where Jackson is imprisoned and explains that he's Sam Parker. Jackson says that they've been looking for him, and warns that Abigail is lying. Sam doesn't believe him, and says that it's about Clem. Jackson offers to take her to Clem, but Sam figures that they want to experiment him. He accuses Jackson of destroying his life and grabs him. Abigail comes in and tells him that's enough, and leads him out.

Abe calls Daniela to make sure that she and Isaac arrived safely. After he leaves a voice a message, Max overhears him and suggests that it's best if Abe retreat to something he knows that he's good at after making a fool of himself. He shows Abe the enzyme that they took from the tentacle hybrid, and mentions anti-pathogens. Logan overhears them talking and asks if the anti-pathogens can destroy spores. Max figures that they can, and Logan says that he needs everything that they have on the enzyme.

Duncan goes to the lab and Jackson realizes that Duncan is in control. He figures that the jet doesn't care, and insists that Mitch is still somewhere inside of his head. Duncan explains that the bio-drive disconnects Mitch's consciousness and replaced it with his, and Mitch is gone. Abigail comes in and Duncan says that he has everything he needs. Jackson wonders what she told Sam, and she explains that she and Sam were both on Pangaea ten years ago and Sam lost both his parents. Jackson points out that the Shepherds left them to die, and tells Abigail that Robert knew that the hybrids were wrong and that's why he locked them up. He insists that Robert wanted a world where animals weren't monsters, and he abandoned the hybrids because he couldn’t control them. Jackson realizes that Abigail can and that she shares the common DNA that the hybrids all have. Abigail tells him that Robert shared the secret with no one, not even her, and she's the last hybrid that they need to cure the TX sterility.

In Seoul, Logan tells Lee to clear all non-essential personnel in the area. Quentin calls and says that the enzyme is 99% effective and they'll send a chemical package to Logan. Logan asks about the personnel jacket that he pulled, and Quentin tells him to take care of Seoul while he handles it.

Jared tells Max how to build a tracking unit to find anyone with the bio-drive. It shows that Mitch is in Copenhagen and they head out.

Abigail tells Sam that Jackson and his team have spread hybrid nests around the world and are going to try to activate the beacons. Duncan says that the solution is ready, and Abigail tells Sam to sit down. When he does, Abigail explains that Clem and her baby have a blood incompatibility. She says that they know how to fix it: they'll introduce the serum into Sam's bloodstream. When the team does the transfusion, it will save the baby. Sam agrees, just as the tracker on the jet shows that they're approaching. Sam says that it doesn't matter and tells Abigail to do it.

The team breaks in and finds Sam tied to a chair. He asks them to get him out, and says that Abigail and another guy grabbed him. Abe frees Sam and says that Clem needs their help, and takes him to the jet.

Jackson continues working at the chain and finally pulls it out of the ceiling. He grabs the device Abigail used to activate the bio-drive and then hides as Abigail comes in. Jackson tries to knock her out with a sleeper hold, but Duncan arrives and knocks him out. Abigail receives word that the team took Sam, and she tells Duncan to stall the team while she activates the beacons.

Jamie, Jared, and Max follow the tracking signal and find the unconscious Jackson. He tells them that beacon is going to activate the beacons, and Mitch is Duncan. Jared slips away, and Jamie tells Jackson that they have to go.

Abe takes Sam to Clem's tank and tells him that it isn't his fault. Sam wonders why Clem didn't say anything to her, and Abe explains that she was terrified when she first found out. He takes a blood sample from Sam and says that she wasn't alone. Abe checks the blood and says that Sam's an exact match, and begins the blood transfusion. He explains that the tank will regulate the flow of blood to the umbilical system, and begins the transfusion. Clem goes into convulsions and Abe realizes that the baby is having an adverse reaction.

Abigail goes to the main console to activate the beacons. Jared comes in and trains a gun on her, and says that he's waited a long time to dispose of her.

Duncan opens fire on Jamie, Jackson, and Max. They take cover and Jamie tries to get through to Mitch, begging him to stop. Duncan keeps shooting, and Jamie steps out and approaches Duncan. Jackson calls to Duncan not to do it, and Jamie says that Duncan is out of ammo. Duncan pulls the trigger and realizes that she's telling the truth, and Jamie knocks him out. Jackson gives her the activation device and he and Max go to find Abigail while she deals with Duncan.

Logan and Lee don hazmat suits and prepare to go into the basement of the building to spray the chem packs containing the enzyme. Lee then tells Logan that he'll have to see for himself what's going on.

Jackson and Max split up to find the control room.

Jared takes Abigail's gun and asks what the equipment does. She says that he wouldn't understand, and Jared shoots the panels. Jackson hears the gunshots and heads there. Meanwhile, Abigail says that her hybrids are more than buttons and wires. Jared tells her that the Shepherds had a simple plan to curtail humanity's growth. Abigail tells him that the plan was flawed and he wouldn't understand, and Jared pistol-whips her. He asks why she created five more hybrids, and Abigail says that they'll take over the world. Jared doesn't believe her, and Abigail tells him that even if he knew there's no stopping it.

Jackson arrives and tackles Jared before he can pull the trigger. Abigail runs as the two men fight, and Jared manages to choke Jackson. Abigail shoots him and says that she's not done with Jackson, and Jackson manages to knock her unconscious. He takes a spinal fluid sample from her and realizes that he's dying. He calls Jamie and Max and says that he needs help. Jamie says that it's on the way and considers the activator.

Max finds Mitch and asks if it worked. Jamie says that it does and Mitch stares at his father. Once Max goes on ahead, Duncan asks Jamie why she didn't use the bio-drive switch. Jamie says that she needs Duncan to do something that Mitch would never do, and leads him to the control room.

Lee takes Logan to the building basement. The walls are covered in liquid, and they arrive at the nest. There are thousands of them, and the creatures inside of them are moving.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 25, 2017

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