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Alias the Scarf Recap

At the Willman Wax Museum, a new sign advertises statues of the Hornet and Kato in the Chamber of Evil. Mike is there looking at the statues, and owner Peter Willman comes over. The reporter says that the resemblance is remarkable, and Peter introduces his assistant Paul Garrett. James Rancourt brings in a group of reporters to look at the exhibits. Peter tells Mike that James is his partner and historian. James takes the tour to a statue of The Scarf and explains that Scarf was the star of the Chamber before Hornet. He used a garrote to kill and then disappeared twenty years ago. James tells Peter that he's going to do research on their newest exhibit, and Peter goes back to work.

In his workshop, Peter is working when a figure--seemingly The Scarf, garrotes him with a white scarf. The figures limps out past the now-empty podium for The Scarf, while a dying Peter reaches for the phone.

The Scarf goes out into the foggy street, finds a homeless man sleeping on a bench, and kills him. He then goes after a girl walking down the street. She screams and runs off.

Later at the Sentinel, the girl tells Britt and Mike what she saw. She says that The Scarf had a waxy face and walked with a strange limp, and Mike suggests that his face was like wax. Britt has her taken away to give her story, and then Mike says that was in the squad room when the girl made her report. Casey comes in and says that they have a report about the dead man.

The police get a report of another sighting of The Scarf and move in. Meanwhile, The Scarf finds a man sitting on a bus bench and kills him. The policemen pull up and The Scarf disappears into the fog. One office goes after him and fires a shot, and The Scarf clutches at his left shoulder and then leaves.

Scanlon comes to the penthouse just as Casey calls and tells Britt that The Scarf was interrupted during an attack and may be wounded. She says that there isn't much information on The Scarf. Once Casey hangs up, Britt tells Scanlon what happened. Kato points out that The Scarf attacked Peter first, and Britt calls Casey. She confirms that Peter is in critical condition at the hospital, and that James tried to reach Mike and Casey referred him to police headquarters.

Later, Hornet and Kato break into the wax museum and find The Scarf statue on its podium. There's blood on the figure and the clothes are damp from the fog. They go into the workshop and find a locked trunk. Hornet blasts it open and inside they find a script titled The Scarf... by James Rancourt.

Back at the penthouse, Britt and Kato show Scanlon the script and tell him who James is. There are references to Vina Rose, a burlesque stripper who dated The Scarf. Her real name is Hazel Schmidt. Hornet pays her a visit and demands to know what The Scarf's real name is. Hazel says that he just showed up and never made any passes, and suggests that he kept coming back because she was a good listener. He came into her room with caviar and champagne, and talked for hours. Hazel insists that The Scarf wasn't the killer, and figure that he would have come to see her if he was still alive. She's never been to the wax museum, and he told her he was going away because he would be immortal. The Scarf dropped her off and that was the last she saw of him.

Later, James comes to see Britt at the Sentinel. Britt offers him $1,000 to write an article on The Scarf. He wants James to go through the Sentinel files for photographs. James goes back to the museum and scowls at the new sign of Hornet. He discovers that the door is broken open and goes inside to the workshop. James confirms that the trunk is broken open and his script is gone, and starts to leave. He sees Hazel seated at a table next to The Scarf statue and goes over. She says that she came to see if the statue came to life like the stories claimed, but figures that he's just wax. James tells her that what's important is that she remembered, and that's a vital part of immortality. He calls her Vina and says that he is the vessel for The Scarf's immortality.

Hazel realizes that only The Scarf would have known she was once Vina, and realizes that James is the Scar. James says that she will be immortal as The Scarf's last victim and takes out a white scarf. He explains that in a few weeks when he opens the new Scarf exhibit, Hazel will be there as a victim. As he strangles her, Hornet and Kato leap off the podium where they were posing as their own statues. He attacks them, insisting that only The Scarf is immortal, and they quickly subdue him.

Later, Scanlon questions James. Britt and Mike watch through a one-way mirror as James says that he wrote a book about The Scarf but doesn't know where it is. Scanlon says that it will turn up, and tells him that there was no woman there. James figures that the whole thing was a dream. Mike tells Britt that James said that he had been attacked by the wax statues of Hornet and Kato, and they were sitting in chairs in the studio workshop.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 27, 2017

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