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When Darkness Falls Recap

Kirsten is at home on her laptop when the lights go out. She calls to her roommate Camille but gets no answer. A corpse crawls along the hallway but Kirsten, unimpressed, ignores it. Camille turns on the lights and turns off the animated corpse, and Kirsten reminds her that she doesn't do scared. As they discuss Camille's Halloween party in two days, someone knocks at the door. They answer it and find Cameron and Linus, trying out Halloween costumes.

The next day at the lab, Camille and Kirsten arrive and Kirsten insists that Camille can't use their house for the party. Kirsten explains that the house Camille uses for her party is being torn down. The alarm goes off indicating a new sample, and they bring up the file on Devon Landry. Devon is a suicide and left a note saying that he was sorry. They figure that he's connected to the disappearance of Kelli Marino. She was a student at Devon's university, went missing two days ago, and had several classes together. Devon has been living alone since his parents died two years ago, and they need to figure out if they can find Kelli alive.

The team begins the Stitch and Kirsten finds herself in Devon's memories of the diner where Kelli worked. As she walks away, Devon tries to make small talk about their recent lab test. Kelli doesn't remember him and Devon hastily pays and leaves. Next, Kirsten finds herself in a lab with Devon cutting open a dead body. Next the memories switch to Devon's apartment, and he looks in the mirror and asks his reflection why he does bad things. His reflections tell him to stop.

Kirsten finds herself back at the dine as Kelli closes up for the night. Devon is watching her from behind the car, and as he goes over to Kelli he tells Kirsten not to try and stop him. He then grabs Kelli, and a startled Kirsten bounces. She tells Maggie that Devon talked to him. Cameron dismisses it as a phantom memory that didn't really happen, and Linus agrees. Kirsten isn't convinced, and tells them that she couldn't tell if the body in the lab was Devon's or if he killed her outside the diner. Maggie calls Fisher to get a report from the first-responders and tells them to check out Devon's apartment.

The team drives to Devon's old-fashioned home and Camille figures that it's the perfect place for her party. The public records show that it's paid off and became public upon Devon's death. Kirsten doesn't recognize it from the Stitch, and notices a shadow moving in an upstairs window. She goes in and the others follow, and Cameron points out that the front door is unlocked. Kirsten goes upstairs and calls to whoever she saw, but gets no answer.

Camille plans her body while Cameron goes downstairs to check for bodies. However, when he realizes that they're not going with him, he goes upstairs... and the front door slams shut behind Camille and Linus.

Kirsten enters Devon's room and Cameron joins her. There's no sign of anyone, and the curtain is blowing in the wind. Kirsten says that she can feel a presence in the room, just as Linus and Camille come in and say that the basement is empty. As they go, someone watches them from a doorway. Kirsten senses someone watching her and glances back, but sees nothing.

That night at home, Kirsten checks Devon's online profile and doesn't find any signs that he's a killer. Camille is preparing food for her party, and insists that it'll just be one night at the house. Linus comes in and knows all about the party, and Kirsten is surprised that he's going along with it. Once they leave, Kirsten goes to bed and hears a creaking noise from the window. She looks up and sees Devon outside, and turns on the light. There's no sign of the student, and Kirsten goes outside to investigate, armed with a poker. Something shatters and Kirsten goes to the edge of the porch. A cat jumps out, startling her, and she goes back inside.

Later, Cameron is woken up by someone knocking repeatedly at his door. It's Kirsten, who says that Devon's ghost was haunting her. Cameron figures that what she saw in the Stitch stuck to her subconscious. Kirsten insists that she's fine, banishes Cameron to the couch, and takes his bed.

The next morning, the team prepares for a second Stitch. As Kirsten enters the tank, nobody talks to her and a butterfly flies overhead. The water drains out of the tank and nobody responds when Kirsten complains. Clamps close over Kirsten, locking her to the chair, and the water fills up over her head... and Kirsten wakes up from her nightmare. She goes out to the living room and looks out the window, and see Kelli's diner below. There's a light under the apartment door and a shadow of somebody walking past. Kirsten looks out through the peephole and sees nothing. When she looks a second time, Devon looks back at her and she runs back to the bedroom.

Kirsten wakes Cameron up and he discovers that she's holding a knife. She insists that Devon is outside and drags Cameron to the door. He goes out into the hallway but there's noone there. Cameron figures that she's stressed because of work and gets the knife away from her, and reminds her that she doesn't do scared. Kirsten calms down and goes back to bed, and asks Cameron to stay with her. He agrees and lies down next to her, and Kirsten dozes off on his shoulder.

The next morning, Cameron's cell phone rings. It's Fisher, who says that Devon worked as a temp at the university cadaver lab. The police detective tells Cameron to get Kirsten and meet him at the cadaver lab. When they get there, Kirsten jumps when the door slams. She claims that she didn't sleep well and complains that Cameron snores, Fisher is amused, and Kirsten confirms that the lab is the one she saw in the Lab. There's a body on the gurney, and Cameron and Fisher are nauseated when they see that the cadaver's organs are missing. Kirsten notices something, puts on a pair of gloves, and pulls out Kelli's phone. They wonder why Devon left it there, and it has a photo of Devon holding a captive Kelli.

At the Stitchers lab, Maggie demands answers as Camille and Linus arrive late. Camille has run a photogrammetry on the picture, and has determined that she's in an airtight room. Carbon dioxide will kill her in 126 minutes. The geotag function on her phone was disabled, and Kirsten tries to work out Kelli's approximate location from the time between Devon went to the lab and when he killed himself. They have enough time to run a Stitch.

As Kirsten prepares to Stitch, Maggie asks her if she's emotionally ready. Cameron has told her what Kirsten is going through, but Kirsten says that time is running out and doesn't want to discuss it. The team begins the Stitch and Kirsten finds herself in Devon's house. Devon hears something downstairs and goes to investigate, and Kirsten finds herself in the basement. She finds him leaning against a shelf and Kelli screaming behind it. Devon looks up at Kirsten and says that she's next, and Kirsten bounces out. She tells the team to tell Fisher that Kelli is in the basement.

The team meets Fisher at the house and they shove the shelf aside. There's a room inside, sealed with plastic, and Kelli is tied to a chair. They manage to wake her up and Kelli gasps for breath. Kirsten hugs the girl as she breaks into tears.

As the EMTs take Kelli away, Fisher tells the team that they don't have to make a statement. He thanks them for their help and leaves, and Camille reminds them that it's Halloween. That night, they set up the house for the party. Camille says that Halloween is about not letting fears to get to them. Once they're alone, Kirsten thanks Cameron for comforting her. He invites her to dance and Kirsten agrees once she cleans up in the upstairs bathroom. When she goes up, she hears someone moving in the bedroom. She goes in and discovers that the mirror she saw in the Stitch is gone. Kirsten steps forward and steps on a framed photograph... with a photo of Devon and his twin brother Gavin. The twin lunges out of the chamber behind the mirror and grabs her.

Inside the chamber, Devo's twin asks Kirsten why she brought people in the house. She realizes that the ghosts and reflections she saw were Devon. They fight and Kirsten manages to stun Gavin, and then runs downstairs.

Downstairs, Cameron wonders why Kirsten is. Kirsten runs downstairs and says that there's an evil twin upstairs in a secret room. She explains what happened and Camille gets everyone out by saying that Stephen King is signing autographs outside. Once the partygoers leave, Cameron calls Fisher. Camille disappears and they hear her screaming upstairs. They run up the stairs as the lights go out. The trio follows Camille's screams to the bedroom and a bookshelf conceals a secret entrance. Kirsten runs in and the door closes behind her. When Kirsten frees Camille, she says that Gavin was looking for Kirsten. Gavin comes out with the knife and Kirsten warns him that the police are coming. He insists that it isn't his fault, and Devon was everyone's favorite. Devon wanted him to let Kelli go, but Gavin had to get Devon away from her.

Kirsten realizes that Gavin was following her and everything she saw was real. He says that there's something not right about Kirsten, and she says that she's just like him. Gavin insists that nobody is like him, but Kirsten says that she knows how people treat him like a freak because her parents treated her the same. She continues playing along, insisting that Devon and Kelli need to be punished. Gavin hesitates and Kirsten says that she gets him because she's just like him in every way except one: she's nothing like him. She then cuts a rope, dropping the weight controlling the door on his head.

The police take Gavin away and Fisher says that there was no record of Gavin. However, he points out that the team was trespassing for a Halloween party. However, he won't arrest them as long as they invite him next year. Kirsten smugly says that she doesn't do scared and walks away. Behind them, Camille's zombie puppet crawls out and goes dead... and then comes back to life, snarling.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 21, 2015

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