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Invasion from Outer Space (Part I) Recap

At the penthouse, Casey is taking dictation for Britt. When they finish, he offers her a drink before he leave for his date. The Sentinel radio station broadcasts that a UFO has crashed and burned two miles outside of the city. Britt calls Kato in as the announcer states that witnesses up to eight figures leave the UFO before it exploded in the field. Britt calls the newsroom and the reporter on duty, Bill Corman, says that they have witnesses swearing that the UFO was flying east before it crashed. Rumors are going around that they've been invaded from outer space, and silver-clad figures break into the penthouse. When Kato throws a hornet dart at one, it bounces off of one figure's suit and the woman Vama stuns him with an electrical blast. The leader greets Britt by name.

Casey confirms that Kato is just stunned, and they put him on the couch. The leader says that they are wayfarers on an interrupted journey, and they want Britt's cooperation. Their ship went out of control and crashed, and they sought out Britt to use his TV station to tell the citizens to leave them alone. All they want is passage to an unpopulated area where one of their ships can pick them up. If Britt refuses, Vama says that the ships will destroy the city. Kato wakes up and the leader tells Britt that if he makes a simple announcement for the people to remain in their homes, it will ease the panic. Britt agrees to make the announcement and uses a hidden camera to urge everyone to remain calm and stay in their homes

The leader then tells Britt to call the authorities and have a specific route cleared of all traffic. Britt warns that they won't do it, and the leader warns that if they refuse then Vama will have their ships destroy the city. When Britt calls Scanlon, The leader puts the call on loudspeaker and Britt gives the DA the route. Scanlon reports that there's nothing in the area, and agrees to clear the route because they have nothing to lose. The leader hangs up the phone and says that they're taking Casey as a hostage. Vama stuns Britt and Kato, and the aliens leave.

Soon, the "aliens" drive a car out into the countryside. The leader takes Casey to a semi and takes her into the back. There is expensive furniture and a communications center, and the operator Martin says that there's no signal yet. The leader, Mabouse, figures that they'll be on time and removes his costume. Casey asks wonders why they're masquerading as aliens, and Mabouse says that he was ahead of his time. Now he seeks power and shall soon have the power of life and death.

Britt and Kato wake up as Scanlon arrive. They tell him what happened and Scanlon says that the Air Force is sending a top-secret supply of equipment through the area, including an H-Bomb warhead. It's taking the route that they just cleared, and Britt remembers that Mabouse was booted out of the Atomic Energy Program ten years ago for conducting unauthorized nuclear test. He destroyed a test center and two assistants were killed, and Scanlon goes to call his men.

Hornet and Kato head out and Hornet remembers that the leader's real name is Eric Mabouse. The warheads aren't transported with the detonators, but Mabouse could easily make one. If he slips up then he could destroy the entire area. Hornet explains that Mabouse urged the use of nuclear weapons against aggressor nations and may intend to drop an H-Bomb on a foreign country. If the country retaliates then the U.S. could be at stake.

Central Communications calls the Air Force convoy, but Mabouse jams the signal. Hornet and Kato pick up the jamming and switch to the police band. Meanwhile, Casey turns on her hidden scanner signal, and Hornet and Kato track the beam. An assistant brings in the triggering mechanism and Mabouse checks it. Casey secretly places the tracker in the man's belt.

Martin picks up the convoy ten minutes early, and says that they'll be there in six minutes. Mabouse tells Casey that they're soon taking a warhead onboard and then he'll arm it. He shows her the trigger device and explains that he's going to drop it. Casey tosses the champagne into the controls, shorting them out, and escapes in the confusion. Mabouse' men go after her, and Mabouse tells his assistant to kill her. Casey hides under the semi, and Martin confirms that there was no permanent damage.

Once the men run by, Casey runs for a car and drives to the highway. The thugs drive after her, and Hornet and Kato detect that the scanner is moving fast Meanwhile, Casey's tire blows out and the car goes to the side of the road. She gets out and runs, and the thugs chase after her on foot. Black Beauty arrives nearby and Hornet goes to investigate.

Casey spots an incinerator and goes to the plant. The worker runs with then "aliens" arrive, and Casey's sleeve is caught on the conveyer belt. Hornet arrives and fights the others. Kato arrives to lend a hand, and he takes on the thugs while Hornet goes up after Casey. The thugs run off while Kato shuts off the belt and Hornet frees Casey.

Vama steps out into the middle of the road in front of the convoy. Carey attaches a device to the semi containing the warhead, and Mabouse steps out and tells the commander that he's armed the warhead. If they resist then he'll blow up the warhead and kill them all as well as everyone in the city.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 3, 2017

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