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Election Night Recap


Trump and Clinton announce that they're running for the office of President. The campaign continues throughout the year,

On November 8 in Michigan, Kai Anderson watches the announcement that Trump has won and declares that the revolution has begun.

Ally Mayfair-Richards and her friends sit at home watching the election results, and Ally insists that she won't believe anything until Rachel Maddow says it.

Kai screams "Fuck you, world!" and jumps around his room.

Ally and her friends watch as Clinton announces that she's conceding. When Ally bursts into tears, her wife Ivy goes to her and tells her to do her cookie breathing. One man, Thom Chang, notes that Clinton lost Michigan by 10,000 votes, while Jill Stein had 40,000 votes.

Kai pours Cheetos into his blender and grinds them into dust,

Thom complains about the people casting protest votes, and tells his wife Marylin when she objects. Ally assures their son Oz that they'll still be married,

Kai take the blender container to his room.

A woman, Winter, wonders where she's going to get an abortion and complains that CNN didn't give them a trigger warning before announcing the results. As she wonders if it's really happening, her brother Kai comes in and startles her. he's painted his face orange and Winter wonders if he came in to rub it in. She yells at him to get out, but he just stares at her. He holds up his little finger and Winter takes it with hers, and says that she's scared. Kai tells her that everyone is and smiles.

A man and woman are making love out in the forest when the woman says that someone is watching. The man shrugs it off, and says that 60 years ago, a deranged clown named Twisty hacked a couple to death on that very spot. Twisty comes up behind them, bows, and takes some flowers out of his bag. The man draws a gun and orders Twisty to go. When Twisty refuses, the man shoots him in the chest repeatedly. Twisty doesn't go down, and knocks the man unconscious. The clown then take out a pair of sheers and stabs the man to death, while the woman runs off. Twisty goes after her and finds her hiding in a nearby abandoned bus. The woman calls 911, and Twisty hears the operator answer. he grabs the woman and kills her, then tells the operator that it's a wrong number.

Oz is reading a comic about twisty killing two people when Ally tells him to go to bed. She tells him to hand the comic over, and drops it in horror. Gasping, Ally screams that she can't. Ivy comes in and tries to reassure her, and reminds Oz that Ally has a phobia about clowns. The couple hug and Ivy says that they should all get to bed.

Once Ivy tucks Oz in, she goes out in the hall. Ally apologizes, saying her phobias are starting to affect their sun. Ivy assures her that they'll work through it and kisses her.

Thom is supervising a city council meeting. Kai gets up to speak and talks about how humans love fear. Thom finally cuts him off, and Kai says that none of them see that people want to rule their lives. Then people will come running to those who don't fear. Thom asks Kai if he just wants chaos to reign in their community so that people will give them power to protect them. Kai ells the council that it's just what happening, and Thom says that Trump and his message of fear is just a temporary intifada. He says that Kai is afraid, they are not, and they vote on the motion. Kai walks out, muttering to himself. When Thom asks what he said, Kai tells him that there is nothing more dangerous in the world than a most humiliated man.

Ally tells her psychiatrist Dr. Rudy Vincent that their housekeeper disappeared after Trump was elected, and her anxieties are out of control. She wonders how she'll get through the next four years, Rudy confirms that she's afraid of clowns, and Ally says that she's afraid of other things as well. She points out a piece of coral that she's afraid of, and says that she's afraid of holes. Ivy got her through it after 9/11, and Ally was willing to white-knuckle it to show Ivy that she was worth marrying. Then Obama was elected, and Rudy tells her that he cut out social media. He tells Ally to check out of the world and into her life, and prescribes a mild anti-anxiety medicine. Rudy warns that if she doesn't do something then it will affect her family, and tells her that it will be okay. Ally isn't so sure.

Ally goes to the grocery store and the clerk, Gary Longstreet, says that they have a real President. He puts on a MAGA hat, and Ally starts to panic as she goes past the meat counter. She looks up and sees clowns in the aisle mirror, but there's no one there when she turns. No one responds to her calls, and Ally continues on. She hears someone in the next aisle, braces herself, and continues on. Two clowns are having sex and have knocked a watermelon on the floor, and Ally backs away in terror as rock music plays over the PA. Another clown rides by, and Ally runs out and comes to a female clown at the counter. The other clown comes at her, wielding a knife, and goes past her. Ally grabs a bottle to use as a weapon and runs for the front door, and dodges around the clown. Out in the parking lot, Ally gets into her car and calls Ivy. Screaming, Ally says that the clowns are trying to kill her and asks what she should do. Ivy tells her wife to calm down and breathe, and a clown lunges at Ally from the back seat. Hitting the accelerator, Ally slams the car into a lamp post.

Later back at home, Ivy tells Ally that the police didn't find anything on the surveillance footage and Ally insists that she was targeted and chased with a knife through the store, and insists that the clowns wanted to murder her. Oz comes out and Ivy tells him to go back to bed.

The next day, Ivy and Ally are running their restaurant, the Butchery on Main and Ivy asks for Ally's feedback on the menu. Ivy points out that they haven't been there since before the election, and reminds Ally that she's the face of the restaurant. She says that she's only come in the last month with no help from Ally, and Ally wonders if she wants to leave her. Ivy insists that she's defended her and is standing by her, and wants her partner back. She asks if their relationship is more important than the election, and ally promises her that she's going to get it under control and get back to work. Ivy says that they'll need to get a new nanny for Oz.

As Ally and ivy walk home, Ally tells ivy that she appreciates her and asks if she forgives her for not voting for Clinton. Ivy merely says that she's her wife, and Ally insists that she hates Trump but didn't trust Trump. Ivy complains that they needed Ally's vote, just as Kai comes by and apparently throws coffee on her. He says that he tripped and Ally was blocking the sidewalk, and she calls him an asshole. Kai tells her to enjoy her latte, says that she's a bitch, and walks away.

Ally writes the ad for a nanny for Oz, and Winter comes to see them. Ivy and Ally interview her, and Ally asks her to tell them something about herself.


Kai swears Winter to tell the truth, and asks what fills her heart with dread. Winter tells about how she was embarrassed in elementary school when her classmates found a love letter she wrote to Paula Abdul. He asks what the worst physical pain she's been in, and she says that it was when she let a boyfriend have anal sex with her. Her most intense physical sensation was the same thing. Winter insists that she never wanted to kill anyone, but Kai doesn't believe her and figures that she wants the people who elected Trump dead. He asks what scares her the most, and Winter says that it's him. Satisfied, Kai smiles.


Winter says that she's always liked children. She left Vassar with her friends to work full-time on the Clinton campaign. Winter assures the couple that it was worth it, Winter figures that becoming part of someone else's life would be something good. Ally asks when she can start.

That night, Kai confronts some immigrant workers gathered on the streets. He puts on a condom and urinates in it, and then yells that they're not welcome there. He throws the condom at them, and they charge at him and beat him. In the shadows, a man captures it on video.

At the restaurant, Ivy pours Ally some wine and discusses the menu. Ally says that it's fun.

Winter makes soup for Oz and asks which of his mothers is his real mommy. She asks if they ever told him about his dad, and Oz says that he's supposed to say that every family is special in their own way. Oz is drawing Twisty, and Winter asks if it's a knife and a dead body. He asks if she's going to tell his mothers, and Winter asks if he's ever seen a real dead body.

Ally is checking Trump's Tweets and then sets the phone aside. She opens the dish and the crumpet starts leaking blood from holes and there are fingers in the endive. Horrifies, Ally puts the cover back on.

Winter brings up the Dark Web and shows Oz photos of dead people. He admits that he's scared, and Winter says that's good.

Ally looks over and sees a clown masturbating. She knocks over her wine glass, and when she looks back, the clown is gone. Ivy runs in and Ally says that there was a clown. There's no sign of him, and ally screams at the clown to show himself. Ivy tells her to stoop, but Ally continues searching. She tells Ivy to check the food, but it's a spinach soufflé. Ivy asks Ally if she's been taking her medicine, and tells her to start doing it. Ally thinks that she's going insane and breaks into tears

Oz slams the laptop lid shut and says that he doesn't want to see it anymore. Winter tells him that it's a vaccination to make him strong, and Oz agrees. She turns the laptop back on and goes to get some cookies. Oz hears a truck pull up outside and looks out the window. It's an ice cream truck, and five clowns get out, look at Oz, and start walking toward the house.

Ally and Ivy drive home and Ally insists that she took the pill. They arrive at the house and see the police pulled up outside. The two women run in calling for Oz, and Oz runs over to them. Winter joins them and Oz points at the Chang house next door where the police are going in. He says that he saw the clowns get out of the truck.

Oz calls to Winter and says that she has to see it. There's no sign of the clowns, and Winter takes Oz to the ice cream truck. They hear Marylin screaming and a clown close the window drapes. Winter insists on taking Oz to the window and lifts Oz up to the window. He sees the clowns cutting Thom's throat, hack him apart, and drawing a happy face on the wall in his blood. They peer over at the window and Oz ducks down.

When Winter tells Oz to go in the house, Ally snaps at her that she's not going to look after him anymore. Ivy calls an officer over to take Oz in, and Winter says that none of it happened. She shows them the clown comic and they go over to ask Detective Samuels what happened. He says that they'll be fine and it looks like a murder-suicide, and walks off.

Later, Ally is trying to sleep and hears someone moving in the house. She turns to Ivy and finds a clown in the bed.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 6, 2017

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