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Finish Line Recap

In New York City, Grace, Arthur, And Julian drive down the street heading for Heart HQ. Grace tells Arthur to slow down, but Julian tells him not to bother because the city is all but a graveyard. He explains that has put most of the population in fracking tubes, and they're not going to stop at LA and NYC. Julian warns that the building is an inter-dimensional death-labyrinth, and Arthur promises that he's going to kill it. Grace points out that there's a 99% chance that they're going to die, and Julian notes that they're heading to face the greatest corporate power on the face of the earth and a thousand employees will try to stop them.

Arthur smashes the Camaro in through the lobby doors and the trio steps out. The secretary is busy telling everyone on the phone to hold, and corpses lie on the floor. Julian complains that it was anticlimactic, and Arthur points out that everyone was trying to escape. Julian kills the secretary android, and Grace asks him who did it. He says that it was the work of a single deranged mind, and leads Arthur and Grace off.

The trio enters the bowels of the building and Julian plants his explosives. They meet themselves, and Julian explains that the building is a time warp continuum. They move on and merge with their other selves, and the walls change behind them. Julian leads them on, but Arthur and Grace leave the path and they find themselves back in the lobby. The corpses are gone, and Julian says that the building flushed them out. Karma talks to them over the loudspeaker, explaining that she killed everyone who was trying to leave. Grace tells her sister to stop so that they can talk, and Julian explains that the Blood engines are prototype Soul Reclamators. Since Karma didn't have a soul, she went through the vortex and landed back at Heart. He tells Grace and Arthur to follow him closely. Arthur figures that if they take Karma out then they'll take down Heart, but Grace is reluctant to kill her once innocent sister. Karma can hear them talking, and warns Arthur that Grace gets rid of people when she's done with them. After a moment, they follow Julian away.

As they head through the corridors, Karma asks what they plan to do after they take down Heart. She says that Grace likes dangerous men, and Arthur says that none of them was hi and he's bringing Heart down.

Chris is recovering on the operating table, and Aki begs him to talk to her. He wakes up and Aki says that they have to leave Heart and never come back. She points out that every city is in chaos and goes to get supplies for their escape, promises that she'll be back, and goes. Behind her Chris sits up.

Karma checks the monitors and wonders where the intruders went.

Julian takes Grace and Arthur down a stairwell without surveillance equipment. He says that if the central beam comes down then the entire building will come down with it. Karma is on the top floor, and the central beam is in the basement. Grace insists on going to save her sister, and Arthur agrees to help her. When Julian objects, Arthur tells him to shut up and punches him, knocking off his hat. Julian recovers it and warns that they're not on the same team, sets the bomb timer for thirty seconds, and says that Heart will be destroyed whether they like it or not.

Once Julian leaves for the central beam, Grace tells Arthur that she didn't want to raise Karma and she saw through her bullshit. She admits that she's only ever cared for herself, and Arthur tells her that he doesn't care. Grace saw something in him that he didn't see in himself, and he's going to do the same for Grace.

As Julian plants the explosives, he complains about how Arthur and Grace don't appreciate him. A man yells for help, saying that Karma walked into their lab and took everything. Julian asks if she left any Aki units, and the tech says that Karma shut down all of the programs, even the classified Antigua Research lab. He says that if the tech gives him access then he'll avenge his being cut in half. The tech realizes that he's been cut in half, and Julian takes his security badge and runs off. Aki arrives and follows his trail.

Arthur and Grace leave the stairwell and head to the boardroom. Karma steps out and fires a gun, vaporizing Arthur, and says that now they can talk in private.

The Past

A bruised Grace is stealing a car, and a young Karma runs out and begs her not to go. Her sister says that she needs to blow off some steam and will be back, and figures that their father won't wake up. Grace hotwires the car and then tells Karma. She puts on an eight-track, and Karma begs her to let her drive. Grace refuses and Karma says that it feels like freedom. She takes Karma's sucker.


Grace and Karma fight, and Grace draws her blade and prepares to stab Karma. However, she finally drops the blade and Karma says that Grace is actually in love. Karma says that a blood engine couldn't kill her or a blade couldn't, and asks what Grace is going to do now. Grace says that Karma has destroyed everything she has left, including herself, and Karma says that it's Karma. Picking up the gun, Karma shots herself and dissolves into nothing.

Karma finds herself in a chamber alive and well. There's another blood trail on the floor, and Grace calls to Arthur. She runs out searching for him.

Arthur runs through the corridors and Karma watches him on the monitors. She also watches Julian, who gives the camera the finger. He comes to the Antigua Research Lab and discovers that all of his clones are dead. Karma says that he was the last of his kind and the only one who could threaten Heart, so she wiped out the clones. She tells Julian that he can bring down the central beam but kill himself for good in the process, or leave without getting his revenge. Julian puts his hat on one of his clone's severed head and glares at the camera.

Aki returns to the lab and discovers that Chris is gone.

Arthur finds the tech and asks if he saw Julian come by. The tech says that the walls are alive and whispering, and Arthur explains that he has to stop him from blowing the central beam or he'll kill Grace. The tech points the way that Julian went, and Arthur tells him that he'll be fine.

In the Antigua lab, Arthur finds the severed head with the top hat. Chris comes in and grabs Arthur by the throat,

The Past

Arthur is smoking at a bar when Chris joins him with his date. Chris says that his date canceled, and Chris tells his girlfriend that he'll meet her late. Once she leaves, Arthur admits that his girl left him because she doesn't want to marry a cop. Chris tells him that if she doesn't want the real Arthur then they don’t want her and says that he'd rather hang with Arthur.


Chris throws Arthur through the wall, and says that his only mistake was being Arthur's partner. He continues beating Arthur, who says that he's been looking for him. Chris explains that he watched Chris kill him repeatedly, and that Arthur didn't know he was killing a robot at the time.

Julian reaches the central beam and discovers that it's covered in blood. He attaches an explosive to it

The Past

A Julian clone wakes up in the lab and immediately kills a nurse. He demands suitable clothing. The two techs wonder why they want three thousand of them. One says that he's been working on his Aki design, but she won't access the code to become human unless she has an orgasm. The Aki on a nearby slab hears them.


Julian finishes planting the explosives, and Aki comes in behind him. She explains that she's not an Aki unit anymore, just Aki. Julian realizes that she has consciousness He explains that he's lived thousands of lives, and Aki says that he knows why she has to do it. She slams him into a wall, and says that she can't let him bring down the building because he'll kill Chris. Aki insists that she has real feelings, but Julian laughs and says that she's just feeling guilt, not empathy. She grabs Julian and demands to know where Chris is now that she's lost access to the security cameras. He says that he can't, and Aki severs his spinal cord.

When Aki goes to the charges on the central beam, the dying Julian says that he'll override the timer and kill them all. He tells Aki to find Chris because they only have a few minutes left. Aki tells him that he's going to die in the building and walks out.

Chris continues beating Arthur and says that Arthur left him to rot in Heart. Arthur says that he left him in LA, and Chris explains that Heart is connected to every Heart building in the world. He His former partner grabs a power cable and jams it into Chris' chest, and Chris shrugs it off and continues slamming Arthur around. Arthur calls for a timeout and punches Chris in the groin, and hits solid metal. Chris realizes that it's gone, and kicks a laughing Arthur. As he crawls away, Arthur wonders what the point of being awesome is if it cost him his dick. Chris says that Arthur was a coward, not a good guy. As he prepares to kill Arthur, Arthur grabs a metal rod and beats him. Graces shoves him back long enough for Arthur to ram the rod through Chris' chest.

Once Chris goes down, Arthur and Grace kiss and realize that they only have five minutes left until the explosives go off. They go to the beam room and find Julian next to the timer. Julian tells her that they can't turn it off, and the doors seal shut, trapping them. Karma calls in via the PA and says that it's the end of the road. She can use the Blood Gate to escape, and Grace tells Karma that a guy she liked asked for Grace's number. When Karma curses her, Grace cuts her off.

Arthur is unable to get through the door, and Grace grabs a pack of cigarettes and figures that's it. She lights up and offers Arthur a smoke. Arthur looks around and gets an idea. He takes one of the charges from the beam and puts it on the door, then grabs the nearby fuse box. Using his body as a conduit, he lets the electricity flow through him and into the charge. Grace tackles him and knocks him free just in time as the explosive blows the door open. Grace realizes that they only have twenty seconds left, and Julian says that he was actually hoping that they'd make it out in

The timer counts down, and Grace and Arthur kiss. The countdown reaches zero, and Julian says that he only had to hit the button. He resets the counter to five minutes and sends that he didn't want to suck out all of the tension. Julian tells them the pipe to follow out, and wonders if all the people he killed felt like he feels. Arthur says that they did and runs out with Grace, and Julian wishes that he had his hat.

Arthur and Grace head for the exit, and as they reach the lobby Karma steps out and stabs Grace in the stomach. Grace staggers back and Arthur runs to her. He says that he's going to get help, but Karma tells him that there is no help. She uses a remote to open a blood gate, and Arthur tackles her before she can get through. The gate closes, and Arthur reveals that he has the remote. He punches Karma and goes to Grace. When the countdown reaches zero, Julian comes on the LA and says that he wouldn't let a timer steal his moment.

Grace and Arthur head for the blood gate, and Julian says that he was borne dint he building and now he's returned to destroy it.

Aki cradles the dead Chris in her arms.

Julian says that there won't be any more bullshit fake deaths or fake surprises: just catharsis. He hits the detonator and the building comes down. Karma yells for Grace and wreckage falls on top of her. Arthur tells Grace that it's too late for Karma, and Karma begs Grace not to leave her. Grace kisses Arthur and says that she loves him, and then shoves him into the blood gate. It closes and Grace goes to Karma. She tells Karma that she's not leaving her again, as the building collapses around them.

Julian calls scene.

Later, the news reports that the FBI is saying that Arthur destroyed Heart. The company has issued a statement that Arthur will no longer be a menace to society.

Arthur finds himself naked on Blood Rock, a prison for the criminally insane.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 7, 2017

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