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Party Crashers Recap

As Tick falls, he grabs a flagpole and uses the flag to slow down his fall. He slams into the sidewalk and gets up, and calls to Arthur that he's okay. Overkill wonders what Tick is, and Arthur tells him that he doesn't know. The vigilante grabs Arthur's backpack and complains that Arthur lost the suit, and it's his only link to Karamazov. Overkill checks the files, says that they're good, and tells Arthur that he's taking them. When Arthur objects, Overkill shoves him away, warns him that he's in over his head, and leaves.

That night, Arthur heads home and Tick goes with him. Arthur complains that his employers were upset that Tick and Overkill trashed the office. He tells Tick what Overkill said, and that he thinks Terror is still alive. Tick assures Arthur that he has the knack, and Arthur says that he'll do some research on Karamazov after he gets some rest. When he realizes that Tick has nowhere to go, Arthur invites Tick to stay on his couch for just one night and Tick immediately accepts.

Overkill goes to his Dangerboat, and the ship's AI is working on its theme. He asks how Overkill's day was, and Overkill admits that he's having a bad day and Arthur lost the wing suit prototype. Dangerboat complains that it's been alone all day as Overkill reviews the video he took of Tick. Overkill has the AI run a background check on Tick, and heads back out to punish criminals.

The next day, Arthur gets up and hears a news piece about the mayor preparing to unveil a monument for the Flag Five. The shower is running, and Arthur assumes that it's Tick. It's Tinfoil Kevin, and Tick comes over with coffee as Kevin gets out of the shower. Tick explains that Kevin is a homeless man, and Arthur insists that Tick can't let strangers into the apartment. Kevin says that Arthur in the suit was cool, and invites them to come by his office because he's not officeless.

Dot calls Arthur and asks him to pick up the cake for Walter's birthday party while she's stuck at school. Tick speaks up and Arthur claims that he's at the market. Dot realizes who it is and makes sure that Arthur isn't bringing Tick to the party. Once Arthur hangs up, Tick asks about the party and Arthur tells him that he's not going. He explains that he can't miss his stepfather's 60th birthday and he wants to have a normal life. Tick tells him that Arthur isn't normal and someone should talk to Dot.

Arthur arrives at the house and his mother Joan greets him. Dot talked to her about Arthur's "episode", and she suggests that Arthur talk to the psychiatrists who are there for the party. Arthur insists that he's okay and he goes to say hi to Walter. He wishes Walter a happy birthday, and Walter gives him some cheese. Walter has heard about Arthur's "episode" and asks if his feet are good. Dot interrupts and leads Arthur away to put the cake away. She asks if his feet are okay and Walter has a beer.

Ms. Lint tries to activate the wing suit without success. Her ex-husband Derek comes in and tells her that she owes him for destroying his bike. Ms. Lint points out that it was on her side of the condo, and insists that it's her lair. Derek examines the suit and is impressed by its high tech. He says that it's in sleep mode and will only come out for the person it imprinted on. Ms. Lint that Arthur is the only one who can turn it on, packs the suit up, and leaves after she de-lints herself.

Tick arrives at the house and Walter greets him. Walter is duly impressed and invites him in, and introduces Tick as Arthur's friend. Joan is happy that Arthur invited a friend, and Tick explains that they're partners. He wants to talk with Dot, and she talks to Arthur privately. She explains that Tick has been picking fights with the Pyramid Gang, but doesn't explain how she knows that. Arthur agrees to get rid of Tick.

Walter grills and offers Tick cheese, and says that he's a superhero buff. Tick explains that he's sorting out his past and organizing his future, and isn't sure if he's wearing a costume. Arthur joins them and Tick wonders if he's ever not naked. Walter insists that Tick stay and wants to get a picture. Dot looks irritably at Arthur for failing to get rid of Tick. Inside, one of the psychiatrists, Dr. Paul tells Arthur to consider gratitude. Once she leaves, Ms. Lint comes in and says that Kevin told her where Arthur was. He tells her to leave, and Ms. Lint grabs his hand.

Joan and Dot come in and Ms. Lint says that she's Arthur's new co-worker. Tick arrives and doesn't remember Ms. Lint. Arthur tries to prod him into remembering her, and Ms. Lint tells them that she and Arthur need a moment. Once they leave, Tick asks Dot if she's heard about Arthur's destiny. She gets a call and quickly leaves.

Ms. Lint shoves Arthur into his old bedroom, and tells him to put on the wing suit. She explains that it's imprinted on Arthur and he has to deimprint it so that she can use it. Arthur realizes that she's trying to figure out what Terror wants and figures that he's still alive.

Dot takes Stosh's call, and he asks if she can come in and do some surgery on the Pyramid Gang thugs. They've been attacked by Overkill and need medical aid. Dot tells Stosh that she's done and hangs up.

Walter opens presents as everyone looks on. Dot realizes that Arthur isn't there.

Arthur puts on the suit and offers to help her find Terror. She tells him how to bring the suit out of sleep mode, and Arthur finally brings up an image of Dr. Karamazov. He's speaking Urmanian, which isn't helpful, but mentions Project Achilles. Arthur finally gets access.

Ramses gets a bead on the suit when it activates and his henchman Frank brings his coat. Frank tells his boss that Khufu will meet them with his guys, and they head out.

When Arthur refuses to deimprint the suit, Ms. Lint punches him. Downstairs, Dot and Joan hear the noise while Walter finds his sheepskin slippers. They turn on a news report about the rampage of Very large Man, VLM.

Ramses and his gang drive to the Everest house.

Ms. Lint tries to rip the helmet off of Arthur. He shoves her away and runs, and she goes after him. He grabs a vacuum cleaner and when she blasts it, the bag breaks and the lint covers Ms. Lint. Meanwhile, Arthur runs out to the second-story balcony. Ms. Lint follows him and Arthur jumps off the railing... and uncontrollably flies off.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 9, 2017

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