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Party Crashers

After Arthur lets Tick crash on his couch, Tick crashes the birthday party of Arthur's stepfather Walter. Ms. Lint also crashes the party when she learns that the wing suit has imprinted on Arthur. Meanwhile, Overkill continues overkilling.

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By Gadfly on Sep 9, 2017

As Tick falls, he grabs a flagpole and uses the flag to slow down his fall. He slams into the sidewalk and gets up, and calls to Arthur that he's okay. Overkill wonders what Tick is, and Arthur tells him that he doesn't know. The vigilante grabs Arthur's backpack and complains that Arthur lost the suit, and it's his only link to Karamazov. Overkill checks the files, says that they're good, and tells Arthur that he's taking them. When Arthur objects, Overkill shoves him away, warns him that he's…

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