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Don't Be Afraid of the Dark Recap

Ally rolls over in bed and finds a clown there. She gets up and runs screaming to the kitchen, and yells that there's a clown in her bed. Ivy grabs a knife and geos to investigate with Ally behind her, turns on the bedroom light, and finds no one. Ally insists that it's not her imagination, and Ivy puts down the knife and says that she doesn't know how much more of it she can take. As Ivy hugs Ally, Ally says that she doesn't know what's real anymore. Ivy assures her that they both are and kisses her.

Oz is sleeping in his be when someone turns off his night light. He turns it back on and sees Twisty standing there. Twisty tells Oz that if he screams he'll kill him, and Oz hides under the bed. The other clown comes in and yanks the mattress off the bed, and Oz runs into the bathroom, locks the doors, and hides in the tub. The clowns break in the door, unlock it, and come in.

Ally and Ivy are starting to make love when they hear Oz screaming. They run in and find him in bed, having night terrors. He says that the clowns are going to kill him, and when Ally tries to hug him, he says that he wants Mom and goes to Ivy.

A week after the incident, the local news runs video of migrant workers beating Kai. The attack was filmed by Harrison and Meadow Wilton, The attackers are being held in an Ice detention facility. Out of the hospital, Kai says that he's outraged that the community is no longer safe. Ivy is at Butchery watching the news, and Kai says that he's going to run on the city council vacancy due to Chang's murder.

Ally is at home watching the news and looks out the window. Leslie is moving into the Chang house and workers are unloading barrels into the garage. Ally goes over and peers in the front window. Harrison comes out wearing a protective suit and asks if he can help her, and Ally quickly leaves as Leslie joins Harrison.

At the Butchery, the head chef Roger tells everyone that he's in charge when Ivy is gone. He tells one of the bus boys, Pedro Morales, that they only speak English. When Pedro responds in Spanish, Roger grabs a ladle and tells him to stop. Pedro pulls a knife in return. Ally comes in and tells them both to settle down. When Roger says that Ally has to threaten Pedro, she says that she can't fire an immigrant in the current climate.

Winter brings Oz home, and he immediately runs upstairs. He says that he's doing homework, but Winter doesn't believe him and gives him a clown. She says that Oz imagined clowns attacking the Changs, and wonders what happened if the killers come back. Winter says that they won't because they don't know that he was a witness, and offers her pinky. She has him out his pinky to hers, and says that they're connected. Winter tells him that she'll know if he's lying, and says that she knows he's afraid of the house across the street. She asks how he feels about someone moving in, and he says that he's nervous. Winter tells him that he's afraid, and he's going to give her his fear and she'll keep it for her.

Ally and Ivy return home, and Winter comes in and says that Oz is with the Wiltons. The couple runs over and hears Oz squealing from the backyard. Harrison is showing Oz bees and says that they don't sting when they're working. Oz points out the honeycomb that Harrison is holding, and Ally wavers. Harrison asks if it was okay that he showed Oz the bees, and Ally says that she read a story about a beekeeper who was stung to death. He jokingly asks what was up with her snooping around earlier, and Ally says that she was surprised that someone moved in so soon. Harrison says that as soon as they saw the news, they called the owners. The Wiltons had some financing issues, and the owners just signed over the lease to them. Harrison says that the hive is a perfect natural community, because every member of the hive is committed to a perfect task. Crystal invites Ivy and Ally in for lemonade while Harrison stares at them.

Inside, Meadow talks about how she had cancer a few years back so she can't stay outside for long. Ally watches Winter outside with Oz. Meadow points out that Harrison is gay, and he explains that they made a pact in high school that if they weren't married by 35, they'd marry each other. Harrison gets one night a week in Detroit to do whatever he wants, and Meadow doesn't like to be touched because of her cancer so it all works out. Meadow asks about them, and Ally says that they need to get Oz into the bath. As they go, Ally asks the Wiltons if they're unsettled by what happened so recently. Harrison says that they don't scare easily, and Ally looks down at a bloodstain on the floor.

Later in the bedroom, Ally wonders what the Wiltons are storing in so many barrels. Ivy says that she isn't interested, and Oz comes in and says that he doesn't want to sleep in his bedroom. They tell him to get into their bed, and Ally gets an alert that someone tripped the security system at the Butchery. Oz is upset that Ivy is going, and Ally offers to check it out. Ivy reluctantly agrees and Ally assures her that she's got it.

Ally arrives at the Butchery and hears the alarm going off. She goes in enters the override code for the security system, and hears something moving in the meat locker. Ally goes in to investigate and discovers that the lights aren't working. Continuing in, she backs up... into Roger's body, hanging from a hook.

A week later, Ally is at home making tea when Ivy brings Rudy in and says that he was in the neighborhood. Ally offers him tea and Ivy excuses herself. Once they're alone, Ally figures that Ivy meant well and Rudy says that he reached out when Ally missed her appointments. She says that she was the one who killed him. Roger was still alive when she found him, and she tried to help him. Rudy assures her that she tried to save her life and the police know it, but Ally figures that they just wanted to pin it on the usual suspects.

Detective Samuels interviews Ally and Ivy, and takes Pedro's name. Ivy insists that he's not the killer, but Samuels points out that Ally testified that Pedro drew a knife on Roger earlier. Undeterred is, Ivy says that she knows Pedro isn't a killer. Samuels asks what Pedro's immigrations status is, and Ivy says that he's an American.

Ally tells Rudy that her phobias were a natural reaction to what she knows is true. She figures that the world is fucked up and the election made it worse, and she's going to do whatever it takes to make her family safe.

Ally visits the Wiltons, and Harrison shows her the guns that he's collected since the Obama administration. He offers a gun to Ally, saying that it's the only thing that will make her feel safe.

When Rudy sees the gun, he says that it's not like her. She says that she originally reacted like a knee-jerk liberal until she thought it out. Ally tells him that she's not going to tell Ivy and neither is Rudy under doctor-patient confidentiality. Rudy agrees and goes out, and tells Ivy that Ally fortifying the house is a natural reaction and makes her feel in control. However, he advises Ivy to keep an eye on Ally because she's displaying initial stages of agoraphobia. Ivy says that she can't because she has to work, but she's hired a nanny. Rudy refuses to say anything further, and tells Ivy that it's all that he can do for now.

Ally is watching Ivy from the barred windows, and says that she can't believe Ivy brought Rudy there. When Ivy says that she's worried about her, Ally says that she should be. Ivy leaves for work, and someone knocks on the door. Ally grabs a knife and answers it, and finds Kai there. She remembers that he threw a latte at her and Ivy, and Kai apologizes for being clumsy. Ally doesn't believe that it was an accident, and Kai says that he's running for city council and wants to redeem his humiliation for being beaten. Kai asks if he can come in and speak to her about his ideas, and Ally refuses. He asks her when was the last time that she felt safe. When Ally wonders what that has to do with his running for city council, Kai cites the fact that rape and murder rates are at all-time highs. He warns Aly that there are no political parties, just us and them, and Ally says that she wants to build bridges, not walls.

Kai asks what's behind her back, and asks why she needs bars on the windows and a knife to answer the door. Ally tells him to leave, and Kai keeps asking if he can come in. When Ally threatens to call the police, Kai tells her that it's easy until they come for her before she closes the door in his face.

At the restaurant, Pedro tells Ivy that the police demanded to see his papers and scared his daughter with their questions. Ivy explains that she had to toss everything that was there when Roger was killed, and Pedro insists that he didn't do it. He says that it's sorry to be brown in the current environment.

Ally goes to check the alarms and Winter takes Oz to his bedroom. She figures that he doesn't need her to tuck him in and starts to go, and Oz suggests that they do the pinky thing again because he's worried that the killers will come back. He says that he's not sure if he's awake or asleep, and Winter tells that if he's not sure, he should ask.

Ally sits downstairs looking at a bottle of medicine. Winter taps her on the shoulder and Ally jumps, She explains that she told Ivy that she'd take them but they make her feel foggy. Winter suggests that she unwind with red wine and bath salts. She prepares the bath and then takes off her sweater, complaining about the steam. Ally tells her that she can take it from there, and Winter goes to check on Oz. once she's alone, Ally gets into the tub and relaxes. Winter comes back in and starts scrubbing Ally's back to relax her. She starts scrubbing her front, and says that she won't tell Ivy that she's not taking her meds. As they start to kiss, the alarms go off and the lights go out.

Oz is in his bed when a clown comes in. he wonders if he's awake or asleep, and the clown tells him that he's asleep. It then leaves, closing the door behind him.

As Ally gets candles, Winter checks on Oz and tells Ally that he's passed out and the power has gone out on the whole block. Harrison pounds on the door and says that it's terrorism, and he's heard that eight states all blacked out at the same time. He gives Ally and Winter beeswax candles and tells them to stay inside for a few days until the rioters leave. Winter prepares to go home, and Ally tells her that she has to stay there and they need her. The girl says that it's not always about her and leaves, and Ally locks the door behind her.

Ally calls Ivy at the Butchery, and wonders if it's the Russians or the Somalis. She asks when Ivy is going to come home, and Ivy says that she has to get the backup generator going before they lose all of their meat. The battery on Ally's phone goes dead, and Ivy asks Pedro to take a charger to Ally.

As Ally lights a candle, she hears something moving in the next room. She opens the door but finds nothing. Ally makes sure that all of the windows are lucked, and hears an ice cream truck pull up outside. She barricades the door and discovers that the battery backup doesn't work on the security system. When Ally goes to the fuse box, she discovers that the wires have been pulled. A clown appears and blows out the candle.

Ally runs upstairs and sees another clown. She knocks it over the banister, goes to her room, and gets the gun. Ally goes back to the stairs but the clown is gone. She goes to Oz's room and tells him that they're going. She leads him to the back door and then tells her son that they're going to run to the Wiltons when she opens the door. Ally opens the door, sees a figure, and fires. It's Pedro, who goes down.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 13, 2017

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