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A Fluid Thing Recap

Back in his hotel room, Wray tries to track down Louise by calling the front desk. He wants to send her a bottle of wine to apologize for insulting the memory of her dead baby. Bobbie comes in and tells Wray to get ready for the meeting with Ron. She figures that Wray is upset with him because she has two suitors, and doesn't care that Leslie isn't gay. Leslie arrives to talk to Wray about Bobbie, and realizes that Bobbie is there. She soon picks up there Leslie wants her to hate gays, and he starts insulting her while admitting that she's strangely attractive. They agree to meet at the hotel bar so that he can "understand" her.

Sean arrives to talk to Wray about Bobbie, and realizes that Bobbie is there. He talks about how courageous she is embracing her true self. Sean asks if her breasts are new, and she says that they're used. He misunderstands and says that he likes the real Bobbie, but he wants to see the real person inside. She agrees to meet him at the bar an hour after she meets with Leslie. Bobbie tells Wray to meet with Ron by himself while she shaves her armpits using his razor.

Wray finds Ron and explains that the action figure slams his hand down. He is reluctant to let Wray see it, and Wray finally grabs it and says that it's amazing. Ron is surprised and explains that Wray gets $100 for everyone that he signs, and goes to his booth. Wray names the action figure Wray Wray and says that he'll be a big actor. Two women come in and say that having an action figure is hot.

Bobbie is manning the Spectrum booth and introduces Wray. Wray comes in and introduces his action figure, and Wray says that they only have three left after the online sales. The last three sell out as they talk, and Bobbie starts bidding on Wray Wray. Louise is in the crowd holding her doll and sees Wray, and frowns. Wray tells Bobbie that he's not selling Wray Wray at any price and goes after Louise, and Bobbie sells one of the ones that Ron has already sold.

Wray catches up to Louise and talks to her privately in a TARDIS prop. He apologizes about her losing her son and they flirt over his action figure and her doll. Louise finally says that she's misjudged Wray and asks him to kiss her. He does and she says that it's happening. Wray backs off and says that it's going a little fast, and suggests that the four of them have dinner that night. He rubs his cheek against hers and she says that it's happening, but then says that they can't do it in front of their babies.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 16, 2017

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