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Crime Wave Recap

At the airport, passengers on a plane preparing for departure complain to the stewardess that it's too hot. The repairmen pull up outside, and two passengers notice. One of them grabs his case and goes to the door, while the "repairmen" hook a hose up to the plane. The two men put on the case as knockout gas pumps into the plane, rendering the passengers unconscious., The two men take the passengers' belonging and put a Green Hornet seal on one man's lapel, and then leave with their associates.

Later at the Sentinel, Britt and Mike watch a radio broadcast about the robbery. The police are mounting a dragnet for Hornet's capture. Mike insists that it was Hornet, but Britt says that anyone could have left it there. Casey comes in and as Mike leaves, he asks who would have done it if Hornet didn't. Once they're alone, Britt assures Casey that he wasn't involved, and she gives Hornet a letter describing the morning's holdout. The letter is postmarked the day before, sixteen hours before the robbery happened. The writer says that he can predict any crime Hornet is going to predict.

Britt meets with the scientist, Abel Marcus, who introduces his computer operator, Laura Spinner. Abel says that the police didn't believe him, and he can do it any time that he wants. He selected Hornet because he wanted the most masterful criminal of their time. Abel had Laura program the machine to make another prediction, and it says that Hornet will strike at 9 that evening at the box office of the city sporting arena.

As Britt goes to his car, he sends a signal to Scanlon to meet him. The DA cancels his appointments and goes to the penthouse. Britt assures him that he wasn't involved in the robbery and tells him about Abel's prediction as Kato comes in with coffee. There's no proof that Abel committed a crime, and Britt explains that he ran a check on Laura and she came up clean. He tells Scanlon about the prediction and says to keep the police away so that they can give Abel enough rope to hang himself.

That night, Hornet and Kato drive to the city arena and arrive just before 9. A car pulls up and gas-masked men pull out and run inside. They have the teller hand over the money and then gas him unconscious. The robbers leave a Hornet seal and drive off, and the heroes follow them. A police car spots and chases them, and Hornet has Kato abandon the chase. They pull off into an alley to lose the police, and then drive to Abel's apartment. They find the robbery car outside, the engine still warm.

Inside, Abel is holding a costume party, wearing a Satan costume. He says that he came into some money, and tells Laura that he doesn't tell her anything. Hornet and Kato barge in and Abel claims that their partygoers. He says that in two minutes they unmask and tells everyone to dance. Abel admits that he doesn't know who they are, and realizes that Hornet and Kato are the real versions.

Abel leads Hornet into the other room while Kato stands guard. The scientist says that he planned the entire thing and tells Hornet that they are partners. Hornet figures that Abel is building up the confidence of the police by predicting relatively small crimes, and demands to know when the big crime is going to be. Abel says that "Hornet" will rob a stockbroker office for a quarter million the next night. In the morning he will make a prediction that Hornet will rob a bank vault, and the police will concentrate their forces there.

The next day, Abel meets with Britt and Mike and asks Britt to use the power of the press to have the police throw a cordon around the bank. Mike eagerly agrees, and Britt says that he'll handle it. He meets with Scanlon later, and Casey calls to say that Abel called to say that he has a new prediction that contradicted the first one. Now he's predicting the brokerage robbery. Britt tells Scanlon that he'll let Abel take Hornet to the real target.

Laura visits Abel and his assistant Joe in the computer lab and tells him that Britt called to say that the police will be waiting at the brokerage. She points out that wasn't her prediction, and discovers that he's looking over plans for the Customs warehouse. Abel tells her that they'll have $3 million in gold waiting for shipment overseas, and says that they plant to rob it. Laura realizes that Abel is taking advantage of her reputation, and Abel says that he's sick of leading a nickel-and-dime life. When she tries to leave, Abel has Joe grab her.

That night, Abel and his thugs go to the Customs warehouse. When the guard answers the door, Abel clears that he's there for a pickup. His henchmen gas the guard and they break in the door. Abel is wearing a guard uniform, and when the other two guards come to investigate, the thugs gas them unconscious as well.

As Abel and the thugs load up the gold into their semi, Joe and the other men arrive with Laura. Black Beauty is in the semi, and Kato drives it out. Hornet jumps out and takes on the thugs, while Kato drives Black Beauty through the warehouse after Abel and the others. Once Hornet takes out the thugs, he goes after Abel while Kato gasses two of the remaining thugs. Joe puts on his gas mask in time and runs off, while Hornet tackles Abel. Kato gets out of the car and takes out Joe, while Hornet knocks Abel into the gold.

The next day, Britt calls Mike into his office and congratulates him on his story. Thanks to Laura's testimony, Abel will be going away for a long time. Mike claims that he was on to Abel all the time, figuring that he was working with Hornet. He insists that one day he'll get Hornet as well.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 17, 2017

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