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Uncle Cyrus Recap

Tim, Joey, and Pete check the new leopard that arrives. Corky and Jojo watch as they take the leopard cat inside, and Jojo jumps on Pete's shoulders. Pete drops his end of the cage and the leopard escapes. The men grab rifles and try to drive the leopard into the net. Outside, a telegram operator arrives and gives a telegram for Pete to Joey. The circus workers capture the leopard, and Joey passes on the telegram. It's from Pete's cousin Jim McNaughton. He says that his father Cyrus is coming to see Pete, who he thinks owns the circus. Pete finally admits that he wanted his rich uncle to know that he was doing all right. Tim asks what he's going to do, and Pete says that he's going to leave and walks off. Tim figures that Pete will come back after Cyrus leaves, but Joey points out that it could hurt him. Tim suggests that they let Pete own the circus as long as Cyrus is there.

Soon, Cyrus arrives and Tim is giving orders to the workers. When he says that he's the boss, Cyrus says that he knows his nephew. Tim says that he must be looking for the big boss and directs him to the wagon where Pete is dressed up in a suit. Cyrus hides one of his bags under the bed and congratulates Pete, and has him show him around. Joey, Tim, and Corky are together, and Tim says that he's the canvasman. When Joey points out that there's a rip in the menagerie tent, Pete goes to deal with it and Tim quickly reminds him that it's his job. Once Tim leaves, Cyrus praises Pete's understanding of the business and asks to see the books. He explains that he's not motivated by idle curiosity and Joey goes to see Tim.

Cyrus and Pete come to Jojo reading a newspaper. Before he sees the chimp's face, Cyrus assumes that Jojo is human and asks about stock quotations. He doesn't bat an eye when he sees what Jojo really is. Pete sees Tim and Joey at the tent rip, and goes over and tells them that Cyrus wants to see the book. Tim advises him to stall until after the show, while Zelda, one of the female horseback, riders go by. Cyrus smiles to her while Pete agrees and goes back to his uncle. He says that he has to get ready for the show as the ringmaster, and Cyrus tells him that he's proud of him.

Soon, Joey drags Pete into the tent and Tim tells him to do it. They shove Pete out and he stutters through the opening as Cyrus watches. Everyone laughs, including Cyrus, when they figure that it's an act. Tim takes over and claims that their boss was trying to be funny. Meanwhile, Cyrus congratulates Pete on being so funny and says that Tim is the right man for the job.

Later, Pete tells Tim that Cyrus is always with him asking questions. He's ready to quit, but Tim says that they like Cyrus and they're doing it to keep him happy. He takes Pete over to the white wagon to show Pete the books. Tim tells Pete to say that Tim helps him with the books and to find him if Cyrus has any questions. Cyrus comes in and Tim excuses himself. The older man tells Pete to never let an employee see the books and totals the last two pages as a confused Pete looks on.

The county tax auditor, Fuller, comes in and says that he's there to collect. He rattles off the percentage and deductions. Pete is totally confused, and leaves and says that he has to see a man about a horse. He tells Tim what's going on, just as Fuller comes out and Cyrus showed him that the taxes don't apply to the circus. When Fuller asks for passes, Tm slips them into Pete's pocket and Pete gives them to Fuller.

Once Pete goes back inside, Zelda comes over and tells Tim that she's going to ask Pete to redecorate her wagon. She figures that Tim won't have Pete let his uncle down and goes inside, and Tim snaps at some nearby workers. He then finds Joey and tells Zelda that she's taking advantage of the situation. Tim wants to suggest that Pete take Cyrus on vacation, just as Zelda comes out crying. She explains that Cyrus made her realize how happy she's been in her wagon. When Joey offers to paint her wagon, Zelda tells him not to touch it and says that Cyrus is a nice old man.

Cyrus congratulates Pete on listening to his advice and takes out the bag. Inside are bundles of money, and Cyrus tells it that it's Pete's share. He wanted to make sure that Pete could handle it before he came there, and assures Pete that he has plenty more at home. Cyrus goes for his afternoon walk, and Tim and Joey go in. Pete hides the money, and Tim suggests that he take a vacation with Cyrus. The canvasman says that he's running the show and doing a good job, and figures that they're jealous. Pete tells them that he's going to buy the circus but refuses to say how he's going to pay for it.

Corky is playing with Jojo when Jim comes by and asks where Pete is. Meanwhile, Pete shows Tim Cyrus' money. When Tim refuses to sell, Pete sells that he'll buy his own circus. As they argue, Jim comes in and says that he figured it was time to pick up Cyrus. Jim asks if he hasn't caused too much trouble, and explains that he sometimes has funny ideas. Pete sees Jojo going through the money, and Jim points out that Cyrus' picture is on the money. Jim explains that Cyrus has been making his own money for years, and Tm and Joey burst into laughter. Jim explains that Cyrus used to be rich. When he lost everything, the shock affected his mind.

Soon, everyone says goodbye to Cyrus. He tells Pete to let him know if he can do anything to help. Once Jim takes his father away, Pete suggests to Tim that they put somebody else's picture on the money and spend it. Tim points out that they'd spend 20 years in jail, and gives Pete his job back.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 19, 2017

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