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The Barrier Recap

At the Barrier, Jamie and Mitch tell Quentin that the dead man's switch should turn off the beacons. Quentin receives reports that their teams across the world are losing ground. The beacon in St. Louis hasn't turned on yet, and every hybrid west of the wall will charge the barrier if it comes on in forty-eight minutes. Dariela takes the dead man's switch.

Tessa is standing watch on the wall with the IADG soldiers. Abe arrives and says that the doctors patched him up, and Tessa tells him that there's no sign of Jackson, Sam, or the hybrids that they drew away with the diffuser. They're not answering their phones, which are still out due to the EMP.

Knox reports that the operating system isn't responding. Mitch sees a way to cut the power, but Dariela warns that when they did it in Tokyo it caused an explosion wiping out the city. As Mitch works out a way to divert the power, Dariela explains about Quentin's contingency plan. He gets on line with the generals, and Mitch is faced with the decision of whether to execute the command to divert the power. He finally does so, and then tells Dariela to call and get Isaac on the road north and keep going.

Reports come in that the beacons are shutting down, and Mitch walks out. The countdown clock stops at 28 minutes, but the beacon in St. Louis goes live. Jamie realizes that Mitch directed the power there.

The hybrids head for the barrier by the thousands, and Tessa spots Jackson driving just ahead of the creatures with the unconscious Sam.

Clem is tending to her baby when Mitch comes to see his daughter. He shoves past the guards and says that they have to leave. Quentin and Logan arrive and demand to know what Mitch did, and he admits that he redirected the power. He figures that with the barrier they can handle the fallout.

The soldiers let Jackson and Sam in and close the gate behind them. Sam wakes up and asks Jackson why he saved him. Jackson just says that he'll be fine and helps him into the stretcher. The hybrids slam into the gate and Abe tells Jackson what Mitch did. They go to the med bay with Sam, while Clem says that she's not going anywhere with Mitch. Jackson confronts Mitch, who insists that he saved billions of lives across the world. They argue until Clem finally yells at them to stop, and says that she's not going anywhere until Sam is stable. Mitch explains that he bought time until he can reverse-engineer the beacon and figure out how it's designed. Quentin warns that if they can't take the beacon offline then they'll have to open fire, despite the fact that they can't evacuate everyone in time.

Mitch reviews the body cam footage from Tokyo and Jamie joins him. He figures that the system that Duncan designed can't be perfect, and insists that he's the only one who can stop it. Jamie tells Mitch that she's going to stay there with him and they'll figure it out, and they kiss.

Abe works on the serum to boost the baby's ability to increase the CLM protein and eliminate the sterility. He explains that he has to give the baby three shots over the next 24 hours, and administers the first shot. Abe asks if she's picked the baby's name yet, and Clem says that she has a few ideas. Jackson is sitting with Sam, and Clem worries that she and Sam may never decide on a name.

As Jackson sits with Sam, Abe comes over and admits that he might not have saved Sam. Jackson tells him that he would have, and he saved Sam for himself rather than the baby. He explains that Sam is his son Connor, and it was all part of Abigail's plan. Abe wonders why Jackson believed Abigail, and Sam shows her the blanket that Nia knit for Connor. There's a photo of Jackson, Nia, and Connor in the blanket, and Jackson wonders how he makes the situation right.

Dariela confirms that whatever Mitch did is still working. Quentin asks for a report from Mitch. Mitch figures that they're still winning, but Quentin points out that they're outnumbered a thousand to one. An IADG team were able to get to the transmitter station and secure the signal data from the St. Louis beacon before the hybrids overran it. Mitch asks how long the soldiers can hold the barrier, and then asks Quentin to get Clem and the baby out of there because they're the most important people in the world. Jamie agrees, and Quentin says that he'll have a team move them further east.

Hybrids continue slamming into the barrier, breaching the wall in multiple spots. Dariela says that they have to protect the generators, and Quentin confirms her orders. He orders the evacuation of all non-combatants and hopes that they find a way to shut down the beacon.

As the medics evacuate the injured, Abe discovers that Clem is gone.

Mitch determines that there are two different frequencies in the beacon signal. He isolates them and Jackson realizes that one of them is the frequency that Abigail recorded off of him. Jackson figures that the second signal came from Abigail and it's how she commands the hybrids. The two frequencies create a sonic barrier like the one in Tokyo, so Jackson might be the only one who can get past the barrier. Mitch explains that he figured out how Duncan created the barrier. Jackson and the beacon are in sync, but everyone else on the planet is dissonant. Mitch warns that getting close to it will still hurt. Once Jackson attaches a device Mitch makes to the beacon to give them remote access, they can turn it off for good. Jackson tells him to make the device.

Abe comes over and is furious that Mitch sent Clem away. Jamie says that Clem and the baby needed to be somewhere safe, and Mitch says that he was doing them a favor. Abe warns that if he doesn't administer the next serum then the cure will be lost. Jackson yells at Mitch that he's not the only one with a personal stake and tells him to make the device. Jamie wonders what's going on, and Abe tells them that Sam is Jackson's son.

In St. Louis, Jackson and Tessa arrive by helicopter with the device. Six soldiers have already died trying to get to the beacon. Tessa insists on going with Jackson, insisting that she'll get as close as she can. Jackson tells her that he has to do it alone, says that he loves her, and heads to the beacon. He collapses in pain and Tessa runs to him only to get knocked back. Jackson goes back for her and tells her to go back, and Tessa refuses to leave him. He shoves her away and then continues on through the sonic waves.

At the command center, the group watches via camera as Jackson approaches the beacon. The hybrids break through and Dariela tells them to maintain position and hold the generators. The soldiers are overwhelmed, and Quentin orders every able body to come with him and defend the generator. Abe insists that Jackson is going to make it, and he and Jamie go with the others as Mitch waits for Jackson to attach the device. However, Jamie comes back and says that she refuses to abandon Mitch again.

Jackson continues struggling toward the beacon, and Mitch warns him that if they lose power then he won't be able to send the signal to shut down the beacon.

Quentin and the others split apart to flank the hybrids. One hybrid attacks a soldier but the team's dog Wilson drive sit off long enough for the soldier to kill the hybrid. More hybrids attack and one tears at Abe. Dariela kills it by sliding underneath it.

Logan drives Clem and the baby to Fort Brennan. Clem thanks Logan for always looking after her when she lived with him and Jamie, and Logan asks if she's picked a name. She says that she's named the baby Samuel, and Logan assures her that Sam will be fine. Clem notices that the ambulance with Sam isn't behind them, and Logan admits that he's not there because he wasn't well enough to be moved. Vulture hybrids attack the convoy, bringing it to a halt, and one of them grabs Logan and tears him out of the driver's seat. It drops his corpse on the hood, and Clem tries to get the jeep started. Abigail arrives and knocks her out.

Abe and Dariela continue firing, and Dariela insists that they'll see Isaac again and Abe will make the cure.

Jackson approaches the beacon despite the pain and attaches the device. He collapses, and Tessa realizes that he's not moving. Mitch goes online and reconfigures the power source, and then sends the command to shut it down.

The hybrids approaches Abe and Dariela... and then retreat as the signal stops when the beacon shuts down. Quentin and the survivors charge forward, opening fire.

Mitch and Jamie hug, and Tessa runs to Jackson. She begs him to open his eyes and come back to her, and after a moment he wakes up.

The IADG leader, Captain Troy, takes Wilson to the medbay and tells the dog that they beat the hybrids. Wilson comes back to life, snarls at Troy, and leaps at his throat.

Later, Dariela, Abe, Jamie, and Mitch greet Tessa and Jackson as they return to the HQ. Jamie tells Jackson that Sam is safe, and once they've secured the barrier then Quentin will bring back Clem and the baby back. Knox arrives and tells them what happened to Troy, and that they had to corner Wilson and put him down. He explains that Wilson came back as a hybrid, and they need the team to look at it. They realize that Abigail can turn the animal population into a hybrid army. Clem drives up and tells them that Abigail took the baby and Logan is dead. Jamie breaks into tears, and blames Jackson for not killing Abigail when he had the chance. Abe angrily says that Logan was only out there because Mitch had them evacuate Clem and the baby, and then warns that if he doesn't administer the drug in the next four hours then they lose their chance to create the cure.

Abigail calls Jackson and tells him that the baby is fine. She says that she wants her hybrids to roam free everywhere, and if they give her that then she'll give the baby back. Jackson refuses but Abigail tells him that he and his team can figure out a way to get the hybrids through the barrier. Once Abigail hangs up, Jackson takes out a tablet and goes back to the others. He says that he can get the baby back, and explains about Abigail's offer. He then uses the tablet to activate the jet.

Jackson tells the team that Abigail wants to get her hybrids through the barriers. The team draws guns on each other, and Dariela warns that the barrier is the only thing keeping the hybrids from infecting the animals.

The plane heads for the barrier.

Mitch warns that Jackson will be just as bad as his father if he destroys the barrier. Dariela warns that they can't trust Abigail, and Clem tells Jackson to get her baby back. Mitch warns Jackson that every animal in North America will become part of Abigail's hybrid army, and Jackson tells them to deal with one problem at a time as the jet smashes through the barrier.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 22, 2017

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