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Too Much Closure for Comfort Recap

Stutter ties up Wray in Jack’s closet, and takes out a cake server. He admits that he couldn’t find a knife, and says that he trusted Wray until Wray told everyone about his private life. Wray pointed out that he outed him for being a Republican, not for being gay.

Faith knocks on the door, and Stutter warns that it’s booby-trapped with a spray-cheese bomb. She comes in anyway and the bomb fails to go off. She complains that Stutter is the worst house guest and orders him to untie Wray. Stutter demands an apology, but then wants more. He reads a list saying that he wants a howitzer. Wray and Faith refuse, and Stutter wants a haircut because no hairdresser in town will give him an appointment since he was outed as a Republican. Faith says that she’ll set him up with a Born Again Christian hairdresser. Stutter mostly unties Wray and leaves with Faith, slamming the door and setting off the bomb in Wray’s face.

In the missing episode, Haars uses storyboard panels to fill in for the missing scenes, with Dutch actors dubbing the dialogue. They show Raaker and Cash crawling down into the plane, and then interrupt for a Dutch mattress commercial with whores. Wray comes in covered in spray cheese and discovers that Stutter isn’t there, and goes to wash it off. Brenda follows him and says that they can’t do the Spectrum movie without Jack. She asks Wray to convince Jack, and Wray tells her that the movie isn’t going to happen. Brenda says that she owes a weight loss center money and they’re scary people. He warns that making a movie out of a canceled TV show won’t fix it. Brenda loses her temper and then gets control of herself, and insists that they need the movie and loses her temper again before she realizes what she’s doing.

Tiffany comes in and she explains that her judging job isn’t working out. She complains about how her life is over and then reads from a shampoo bottle and passes out on the toilet. Wray yells at her to wake up, and as she goes she tells Wray that they’re making a movie.

Dawn knocks on the door and pretends to be Faith, and then sneaks in and tells Wray that she knows that he has feelings for Faith. She licks the cheese off of his face and asks if he yearns for her sexually, and complains that her husband thinks that she’s needy. Dawn shoves Wray into the tub and says that it reminds her of Vegas, and they make out.

In the missing episode, Raaker drags the dead Null into the airlock while Chu tends to the injured Cash. He gives Ketheria her sphere back, and Chu tells Wray that Bree is gone. Cash blames Raaker for not saving her, and Raaker says that it’s fault and he’ll see him on the bridge. Null revives and starts breaking through the airlock door, and the airlock controls short out so they can blast him into space. Ketheria uses her powers to clear the airlock, and Raaker finally says that they’re heading for the past because their future is with the Scion, Ketheria.

The episode ends, and Brenda, Tiffany, and Faith applaud. Jack calls and says that he got the rights to Spectrum. Wray, Dawn, and Stutter come in as Jack asks who wants to make a movie. Stutter eats potato chips and tells Wray that they’re going to be working together, and Jack tells Wray that he’ll be seeing him. Wray mutters that he’ll see him in Hell.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 29, 2017