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Behold... The Inhumans Recap

On the island Oahu, a woman runs through the jungle. Armed mercenaries pursue her, and she stops to catch her breath. An Inhuman, Triton, emerges from the shadows and tells the woman that she's safe. Triton introduces himself and says that he's been looking for her, and she's one of them. He explains that they're humans and she's been exposed to Terragen, and the Inhumans have gathered in the city of Attilan.

The woman can hear the mercenaries approaching, and Triton leads her off as the mercenaries open fire. A shot hits the woman and brings her down, and Triton is forced to run off, dodging the grenades that they fire at him. The Inhuman comes to a cliff overlooking the ocean and jumps in without hesitation. The mercenaries report in that their mission is accomplished.

In Attilan, Black Bolt and Medusa are in bed kissing. Medusa uses her prehensile hair to pick up the comlink when it rings, but it continues to signal. Ignoring it, the couple makes love.

Later, Black Bolt and Medusa dress and look out on the city, hidden beneath a cloaking force field on the moon.

At the Callisto Aerospace Control Center in California, Louise pilots a remote lunar rover across the moon. it bumps into the force field and stops, and the rover goes offline.

Black Bolt and Medusa walk through Attilan with their bodyguard, Auran. The king gestures to his brother in the crowd, Maximus, to join them. They enter the palace where Karnak is waiting. He shows them the live feed from the rover and another Inhuman, Gorgon, brings in the rover and adds it to their collection. Gorgon's hooved foot is briefly visible in the video, and Gorgon assures them that no one on Earth will recognize it for what it is.

On earth, Louise tells her boss George that it looks like a hoof.

Karnak is less than thrilled with his cousin Gorgon's indiscretion.

George asks if Louise is going to tell their owner that a hooved man destroyed their rover.

Black Bolt tells the others that they'll do nothing but wait. Maximus complains that's his brother's strategy for everything, and warns that sooner or later the humans will find and try to destroy them. Gorgon asks if he's one of them, and Maximus angrily says that he's an Inhuman like the rest of them. Black Bolt signs nothing, and Maximus tells them that they have to go to Earth and strike first rather than continue hiding. Medusa tells him that going to Earth would only lead to war, and Maximus asks her if she's speaking for herself or Black Bolt. When she says that she's speaking for herself, Maximus asks her what the king thinks. Black Bolt places his hand on Maximus chest, and after a moment Maximus says that he trusts him.

Louise tells the board that they've wasted $8 0 million. George is there and tells her to figure out what it is.

The Inhumans prepare to expose the two children of two Inhumans to the touchstone and initiate Terragenesis. Maximus and Karnak argue about whether it's random genetics or evolution of the species, and Gorgon asks Medusa where her sister Crystal is.

Crystal is out on the streets and the people bow to her as they pass. She calls to the Inhuman's giant dog, Lockjaw, which bounds over to join hr. Medusa calls and tells her that she's expected there, and Lockjaw teleports them to the Grand Hall ceremony. They take out a Terragen crystal, taking care not to touch it, and place the children in the chamber. They expose them to the mists, and the girl Iridia comes out and reveals that she has grown wings and become a flyer. As for the boy Bronaja, he says that he feels the same. Maximus tells him that Terragenesis can take a while to manifest. Bronaja collapses and convulses, and then says that he saw Maximus with snakes all over him. Maximus tells him that they'll talk soon, and Bronaja's parents lead him away.

That night in the lower caste living quarters, the children are presented to the miners. Bronaja is sent to the mines because he apparently has no powers, but Maximus says that he's yet to undergone the genetics council testing. One miner says that they didn't find anything with Maximus and he should be digging in the tunnels with them. Maximus admit that he was rendered human but his brother is king. However, he says that the kingdom forces them into a caste system. If they were on Earth then they would have an entire planet to thrive on. Maximus' comlink signals and he leaves.

The Royal Family is eating, and Karnak exchanges glances with a servant. He then describes their relationship for the two days that it would last before he grew tired of her and wanted to kill her. The servant quickly leaves, and Gorgon tells his cousin that he's his own worst enemy. Maximus arrives and tells them that Triton is dead. An Inhuman arrives and projects images of Triton's last moments before he jumped into the ocean. Maximus says that Black Bolt kept Triton's mission a secret because he knew that they wouldn't approve, and Karnak says that the king only needs consult him when he chooses. Black Bolt signs that they don't know that Triton is dead, and he was on Earth because of the recent spread of Terragen throughout Earth. Once they became who they were meant to be, they're imprisoned, and Black Bolt refuses to leave them to suffer.

Maximus wonders if it's in Attilan's best interests to expand its population, and says that they should be going to Earth. Black Bolt refuses and asks them to trust him. After a moment, Maximus walks out as Karnak and Gorgon watch him. Karnak warns Black Bolt that Maximus is dangerous because he undermines Black Bolt's decisions. He assures Black Bolt that he has his loyalty and leaves. gorgon tells Black Bolt that he should have sent him instead of Triton, and leaves with Crystal.

Gorgon prepares to go rescue Triton, and Black Bolt tells him that it's a rescue mission rather than revenge. Lockjaw teleports Gorgon to Hawaii. The others depart, and Medusa tells Black Bolt that they can't trust Maximus. Black Bolt says that he needs to be alone to think, and she tells him to go. As the king enters the meditation chamber, Medusa remembers the past where she entered the chamber and told a young Black Bolt that she wasn't afraid of him.

Medusa walks back to her quarters and Maximus is waiting. He says that Black Bolt should never have sent Triton, and assures Medusa that he's there for her. He tells Medusa that he would never treat Medusa the way that Black Bolt does, and she reminds him that she is his queen. Maximus asks her if she ever wishes she had avoided the room and all of the complications, and doesn't believe Medusa when she says that she has no regrets. He reminds her that they were the bad kids who snuck away and had fun, and asks Medusa if she ever considered how much better her life would be with her. Medusa slams him against the wall with her hair and says that Maximus is disgusting, and walks away. Maximus remembers Bronaja saying that "snakes" would be all over him.

The next day, Maximus meets with Kitang, a member of the Genetic Council. Kitang brings Auran with him, and says that they are dangerous times. Maximus asks about the children's genetic testing, and Kitang says that Bronaja has some powers but so far Kitang doesn't know what. Bronaja said that he saw Kitang in a beautiful river, but there are no rivers in Attilan. Maximus asks Kitang if Black Bolt's plan to stay hidden makes sense, and suggests that they all go to Earth. Kitang supports Black Bolt, and Maximus insists that he needs the backing of the Genetic Council. He says that he's trying to save their people, and tells Kitang that his mind is made up. Kitang orders Auran to arrest Maximus, and she kills Kitang. He lies in a "river" of his own blood, and Maximus tells Auran that they have to move on. She agrees and calls him her king

In Oahu, Gorgon follows Triton's trail.

Karnak is examining the rover when the Royal Guard soldiers come in and say that they're there with Maximus' authority.

The mercenaries move in and spot Gorgon. They radio Maximus and say that they've spotted the target, and Maximus tells them to take Gorgon out. They move in on Gorgon.

Karnak asks the soldiers what Maximus ordered them to do, and he says that their orders are to capture or kill.

Gorgon smells the mercenaries and stomps his feet, generating a seismic wave that knocks them out.

Karnak engages the soldiers in hand to hand.

Gorgon takes on the mercenaries.

The leader shoots Karnak... who has predicted the outcome with his own ability. he replays the scenario again in a second and takes another tactic, shooting the leader before he can open fire. Karnak then sends an alert to Black Bolt, Medusa, and Crystal. Gorgon signals and Karnak tells him that Maximus is launching a coup with the Royal Guards. He advises Gorgon to stay there.

Crystal is in her quarters with Lockjaw, listening to music via headphones. She fails to see her comlink. Karnak comes in and tells her what happened, and says to have Lockjaw take her to Oahu. Crystal refuses and orders Lockjaw to take Karnak there instead. Lockjaw does as ordered and returns, and they go to find Medusa.

In the palace, Medusa signals Black Bolt to answer her. Maximus and his men find her and he tells them to take her. Medusa easily subdues the first few, and Maximus asks her to stop. Another of Maximus' men shocks her unconscious. When she wakes up, Maximus shaves off her hair despite her promise that she will never forgive him. They then leave to get Black Bolt.

Black Bolt is meditating in the chamber when Maximus and his men come in. Maximus tells his brother that he always took him for granted.

Crystal and Lockjaw find Medusa, who says that they have to get to Black Bolt. Lockjaw teleports Medusa to the others.

Maximus tells Black Bolt that he's done, and asks if he will speak and kill his only brother like he murdered their parents Agon and Rynda.

Black Bolt remembers the past where he spoke a single word... and vaporized his parents.

Maximus prepares to speak, but Lockjaw teleports in and then teleports away with Black Bolt. Maximus tells his men to grab Crystal, and Auran and the others capture her.

In Oahu at the Diamond Head Crater, Medusa wonders where she is and remembers what happened. She wonders where Black Bolt left her.

Karnak is on the Haloa Ridge where Lockjaw took him.

Gorgon goes to Makapu'u Beach and calls for Triton.

In downtown Honolulu, Lockjaw arrives in the middle of the street with Black Bolt. A taxi driver swerves to avoid him and causes an accident. The driver, Keoki, gets out and Lockjaw teleports away. Someone takes a photo of Black Bolt, and he grabs their camera away and stares at it for a moment. The police arrive and Black Bolt runs off.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 30, 2017

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