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Behold... The Inhumans

On the moon, the original Inhumans take refuge in the city of Attilan. However, their growing population threatens to exceed their resources, and the powerless Maximus advocates a stronger stance against humans. When his brother, King Black Bolt, refuses, Maximus leads a coup that scatters the Royal Family in four different locales in Hawaii.

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By Gadfly on Sep 30, 2017

On the island Oahu, a woman runs through the jungle. Armed mercenaries pursue her, and she stops to catch her breath. An Inhuman, Triton, emerges from the shadows and tells the woman that she's safe. Triton introduces himself and says that he's been looking for her, and she's one of them. He explains that they're humans and she's been exposed to Terragen, and the Inhumans have gathered in the city of Attilan. The woman can hear the mercenaries approaching, and Triton leads her off as the merc…

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Episode Discussion

lao.san posted 2 years ago

Yep! I had high hopes for his show but after the first two episodes, I don't think I'll be watching this again. The quality of Marvel Studios content is amazingly inconsistent.

DenisMoulin posted 2 years ago

My god the writing is sooooo bad it's embarrassing.

I will make it very simple : it makes Iron Fist look good, even stellar compared to this fiasco.

Everything is bad : casting, acting, plot, visual, editing.

I don't know where this is going but I would consider stopping airing this before more arm is done to the producers credibility.

So far 6.1 ? This must have been rated by Scott Buck entire family ...

SPOILER ALERT : Black Bolt, arrested by 4 fat cops close to retirement in 20 seconds : did the writer ever read ONE marvel comics ?

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