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Those Who Would Destroy Us Recap

In Attilan, Maximus keeps Crystal in Black Bolt's meditation chambers. He interrogates her about the Royal Family's whereabouts, and Lockjaw teleports in. A soldier renders Lockjaw unconscious before he can teleport Crystal away, and the soldiers take Crystal to her quarters. Maximus then addresses the city, claiming that the Royal Family has fled Attilan, and says that justice will be served.

Medusa contacts Black Bolt via her comlink. When he responds, Medusa says that she's on Earth and safe, and describes her surroundings. Black Bolt is unable to say anything, but Medusa hears traffic in the background and realizes that he's also on Earth. She spots a tour bus, tells Black Bolt that she will find him, and goes to the bus. A tourist says that it goes back to the city, and Medusa slips aboard among the other passengers.

Karnak slowly climbs down the ridge, slips, and falls.

Maximus tells Auran to put soldiers on every corner, and when the people need a calming hand, he'll step out. Soldiers bring Crystal in and Maximus claims that he didn't want to become king but the people needed strong leadership. Crystal demands to know where her family is, and Maximus tells her that he hopes that eventually she'll understand that she's been told lies. He reminds her that her parents detested the Royal Family, and tells her that things are changing and aren't going back. Maximus invites her to join forces with him, honor him as his new king, and help reassure the people of Attilan. Crystal dismisses him as a mere human, and Maximus has his soldiers take her away.

Gorgon stands at the shore calling to Triton. He walks into the ocean, struggling against the waves, and goes under. Several surfers spot him and bring him to shore, and they realize that he's an Inhuman. Gorgon explains that he was looking for his cousin Triton, and he'll have to wait there until they send someone to bring him back to the moon.

At Calisto, Louise is looking at the footage. George joins her and asks if she's still working on her theory about the rover's destruction. Louise tells him that she noticed four energy surges on the moon that led to Oahu. The surges happened where the rover died, and Louise figures that it's all tied together. George doesn't believe it, and warns her that people consider her nutty but brilliant. He relieves her of her duties on the mission, and Louise suggests that she take some time off.

Karnak wakes up from his fall and focuses on finding Black Bolt. He gets his bearings and heads off.

On the bus, Medusa notices that the passenger next to her has a knife. They enter a tunnel and Medusa stares at her shaved head in the darkened reflection of the window.

Auran brings food to Crystal in her quarters. Crystal uses her elemental powers to blast the tray out of Auran's hands. Auran draws her gun and says that she has nine guards outside. Crystal relents after a moment and Auran tells her that the sooner Crystal accepts that Maximus is her king, the happier she'll be. Once Auran leaves, Crystal picks up the comlink that she secretly blasted off of Auran's wrist and contacts Medusa.

Medusa gets Crystal's signal and confirms that she's safe. Crystal explains what has happened to her, and Medusa says that she'll find Black Bolt and then they'll rescue her. She realizes that Auran set the whole thing up and is tracking the call. Medusa crushes the comlink and leaves the bus.

When Gorgon grows tired of waiting, one of the surfers tells Gorgon to bring the fight to him. Gorgon calls Maximus and asks where his family is, and Maximus realizes that they're not with Gorgon. He says that he brought freedom to their people, and wishes that they could come to some sort of agreement. Gorgon tells him that he's leaving his comlink on if he wishes to come and find him. He then tells the surfers to leave because there's going to be serious trouble. The surfers say that it's their beach and refuse to go.

Louise packs up her things, looks at a necklace for a moment, and leaves.

Karnak comes to a creek and drinks the water. He finds the blood from his wounds and realizes that he's walked in a circle, and that his powers have failed.

Auran tells Maximus that she's located Medusa. He tells her to gather whoever she needs, transport to Earth, and kill or capture the Royal Family... and definitely kill Black Bolt and Gorgon. Auran figures that she can handle it herself, and goes to Eldrac for transport. Eldrac, a living wall, refuses to transport her. He says that it's painful, but Auran doesn't care and says that she'll kill his family if he doesn't obey. She enters the portal he creates, and finds herself on Earth.

Medusa leaves the bus at the next stop.

Auran homes in on the last coordinates of Medusa's location.

Black Bolt continues down the street, and goes into a clothing store when he realizes that his royal clothing stands out. A clerk assumes that he doesn't speak English and fits him with a suit. He walks out without paying, easily disabling the security guard when the man tries to stop him. Meanwhile, the clerk calls the police to report a shoplifter. An officer arrives and orders Black Bolt at gunpoint to get down on his knees. Black Bolt does so but when the officer tries to handcuff him, Black Bolt knocks him to the street, tosses away his gun, and handcuffs the man.

More police arrive and Black Bolt runs down the street. The officers pursue him and more of them cut him off. They start clubbing him and shoot him with a taser, and Black Bolt emits a grunt of pain that blasts a car down the street. The officers continue beating him and then shove him into a car.

Maximus meets with Bronaja and takes the boy's hand. Bronaja has a vision of the Genetic Council plotting to kill Maximus. Maximus thanks Bronaja for his help and says that he'll see him soon.

Louise arrives at Oahu and hears a TV report about Black Bolt's arrest.

Maximus and his men find the council and he tells them that it's up to them whether they serve him or not. He describes how Kitang died, makes it clear that they'll share Kitang's fate if they don't cooperate, and leaves. Maximus then goes to Crystal's apartment and suggests that she reconsider or Lockjaw might be hurt. She wonders why he wants her, and Maximus says that her parents gave their lives trying to overthrow the old system and move forward to something better. Agon had them killed, and Maximus asks if she wants to risk her life supporting something she knows is wrong. He tells her that he'll let her think about it... but not for now.

At the police station, the police book Black Bolt.

Auran finds the tourist bus and goes in. When the driver tries to stop her, she breaks his neck and finds the smashed comlink on the floor. When Auran leaves, Medusa attacks her. The two women fight, Medusa without her hair, but Auran soon knocks her out.

The police confirm that Black Bolt is the man who caused the traffic accident when he appeared out of nowhere. Black Bolt easily removes his handcuffs and the officers draw their guns.

Auran draws her gun, and Medusa stabs her with the knife she stole from the passenger.

Black Bolt puts the handcuffs down and signs, asking what they're going to do with him. When the desk sergeant explains that they'll take his photo, Black Bolt calmly goes over to the camera.

Medusa takes Auran's comlink and calls Black Bolt. When his comlink activates, Medusa tells her that soon they will be together and then kill Maximus. She vows that they are not defeated, takes Auran's gun, and leaves. Black Bolt gives his comlink to the desk sergeant.

In the mines of Attilan, Maximus arrives and finds Bronaja and his father. He tells them that the days of Black Bolt's meritocracy are coming to an end, and Bronaja will play a big part in their new society because he can see the future and they will all build it as equals.

Later, Maximus addresses the lower caste and says that they are the strongest and smartest of them all.

In her apartment, Crystal looks at a photo of her parents.

Lockjaw sleeps in the meditation chamber.

Maximus says that Black Bolt has abandoned them and asks the lower caste to accept him so that they can move forward.

Gorgon camps with the surfers.

Karnak sleeps alone.

Medusa looks up at the moon in the sky and strokes the stubble of her hair.

The guards lock Black Bolt in a cell.

Maximus promises that nothing will stop them because nothing can keep them from being free. The people cheer.

Auran comes back to life and pulls the knife out of her stomach. She uses her power to heal the wound and calls Maximus to summon backup.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 30, 2017

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