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Those Who Would Destroy Us

Louise travels to Hawaii to investigate the mysterious teleportation glitches from the moon to the earth. Meanwhile, Black Bolt is arrested, Gorgon makes friends, Medusa catches a bus, Karnak's power falters, and Maximus tries to recruit Crystal to his side.

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By Gadfly on Sep 30, 2017

In Attilan, Maximus keeps Crystal in Black Bolt's meditation chambers. He interrogates her about the Royal Family's whereabouts, and Lockjaw teleports in. A soldier renders Lockjaw unconscious before he can teleport Crystal away, and the soldiers take Crystal to her quarters. Maximus then addresses the city, claiming that the Royal Family has fled Attilan, and says that justice will be served. Medusa contacts Black Bolt via her comlink. When he responds, Medusa says that she's on Earth and sa…

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Episode Discussion

Chrelle66 posted 4 years ago

Wow, that was really awful. What a shame, I really wanted it to be great.

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