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Beautiful Dreamer (1) Recap

Hornet and Kato are driving through the city, and Hornet confirms that Professor Thomas Wiley's line is still busy. Kato speeds up

At the Metropolitan University at the Psychology Department, Wiley is on the phone saying that he won't be party to the scheme. He says that he's going to the police and hangs up, and calls to his assistant Mary and says that she can leave once she finishes correlating the data. The phone rings and Hornet asks if Wiley is there. He asks where he can reach Wiley, and tells Mary to get him back to his office because his life is in danger.

Wiley is walking down the street, and two men in an armored truck watch him get into his car. They ram Wiley's car, turning it over, and Black Beauty pulls up just as Mary runs out. The heroes confirm that Wiley is dead.

The next day, Scanlon goes to the penthouse and Britt tells him that the police was wrong. Wiley's car was hit by an armored car, and it got away because he and Kato were trying to save Wiley. Britt plays the call they received the previous night from a woman. She says that he must contact Wiley immediately and warn him that his life is in danger. A man in the voice calls to "Harriet", saying that Mr. Eden wants her in the Tangerine Room, and Harriet quickly breaks off. Kato hasn't found any indication of the Tangerine Room Scanlon remembers that Peter Eden runs a health club, the Vale of Eden, and Peter Eden runs it. It's very chic and expensive, and the treatment rooms are designated by color.

At the club, Peter is in his office when his secretary Dorothy tells him that a man wants to speak to Harriet but won't say who he is. Peter takes the call and refuses to give out Harriet's personal information. The caller hangs up, and Peter tells Dorothy to summon Harriet Dennis

Britt tells Kato find out what time the Vale closes.

Harriet tells Peter that she can't imagine who called her. Peter says that she's seemed nervous the last few days and asks if anything is wrong. She tells him that there isn't and Peter dismisses her. He then tells Dorothy to alert Cork and Johnny that they have a job that night.

That night, Hornet and Kato break into the Vale. Two of Peter's thugs pull up behind Black Beauty, draw their guns, and go in. They find Hornet and Kato going through the records, and the two heroes take them on and easily knock them out. They find Harriet's address and drive there. Johnny and Cork are taking a captive Harriet out, and Kato follows them. Cork soon spots them and Johnny speeds up. Harriet manages to jump out of the back, and the heroes pull over to check on her. Pedestrians see Hornet and assume that he's hurt Harriet, and the heroes drive off as a doctor comes over.

The next day at the Sentinel, Casey tells Britt that Harriet worked there two years ago as a switchboard operator. Britt figures that's why she called him, and calls Peter. He arranges a tour for himself and Casey, and Peter shows him around while Dorothy shows Casey around the women's section. In the Tangerine Room, a woman is dozing in the spa with a pair of headphones on. The attendant wakes up the woman, Vanessa Vane, and she yells about the police finding out. She snaps out of it and says that it was just a dream, and gets out of the tub.

Peter and Britt meet with Cavanaugh, the treasurer at the race track. Cavanaugh talks about how soothing the Vale is and talks about how they have the proper music. Once he leaves, Peter explains that they patronize the music for their patrons. They join up with Dorothy and Casey, and go into the music room. There are dozens of tapes, and Peter explains that they select the music for each client based on their psychological profile. Britt notices a microphone, and Peter explains that it's a dubbing machine. He excuses himself and Dorothy, and tells his assistant that there's something amiss. They watch the music room through a one-way mirror as Britt checks the tapes and pockets one.

Going back in, Peter suggests that Britt have a sample treatment. When Britt demurs, saying that he has an appointment, Peter extends the invitation to Casey and Britt suggests that she agree. She hesitantly does and Peter takes her to the Tangerine Room. Vanessa is leaving and sees Britt, and she takes him out to lunch. Afterward, Britt drops her off and she goes to an expensive jewelers to check out the rare Catherine's Necklace.

Later back at the Sentinel, Britt goes to his office and Mike tells him that someone stole the necklace. Some woman stole it, according to one of the clerks, and she stole the necklace from the owner Oliver and he doesn't remember a thing about it. When Mike turns around, he discovers that Britt is gone.

Britt goes to Vanessa's apartment and she denies having stolen it. She insist that she hasn't been at the jewelers in two years, and says that she hasn't seen Britt in three months. Vanessa tells Britt that he'd better leave.

Dorothy bring Casey to Peter's office and she says that she doesn't feel any difference. He assures her that she'll feel a big difference eventually, and gives her a revolver. Casey smiles and puts it in her purse, and leaves.

At the penthouse, Britt tells Scanlon what happened. He says that three outstanding citizens have been involved in rackets in the last few months. None of them remember having commited a crime, and Britt plays the tape for Scanlon and Kato. he turns the speed down, revealing a subliminal command voice telling the listener to get the money and bring it to him, and to not remember any of the instructions. Britt explains that Wiley was working on subliminal suggestion as a means of motivational technique.

Casey arrives and Kato lets her in. Meanwhile, Britt figures that all of the supposed criminals went to the Vale. When Kato and Casey come in, Casey draws the gun from her purse. Kato twists her arm out of the way, and Casey doesn't remember what happened. Britt tells her that Peter programmed her, and warns Scanlon that he has no evidence. He asks for some time for Hornet to get Scanlon the evidence that he needs.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 1, 2017

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