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Holes Recap

On Breaking News, Beverly reports about the rising tide of terror. She asks if their children are safe and if a serial killer is loose. Beverly is outside of Meadow's house, and advising people to stay inside and lock their doors. At the station, Bob tells Beverly that crime is down and there are holes in her story. He asks how she's always on the scene first, and Beverly refuses to reveal her sources. Beverly insists that the public deserves to know the truth, and Bob tells her to stop reporting fake news and give air time to Kai. He refuses to air the tape of Serena's murder, and says that her parents are suing them for not protecting her. Beverly points out that she was fucking her, and Bob tells her to shut her mouth and then fires her. Beverly asks if she wants to force her to call a press conference, and threatens to say that he was sexually harassing Serena. Unimpressed, Bob orders her out and she leaves.

Later, Kai and Winter meet with their cult members, and Kai slaps R.J. when he wonders why they should care if Kai is on the city council. Kai says that people follow titles and when they cause enough panic, the people will turn to their leaders. The only election available to them is the city council special election. Harrison notes that people aren't scared enough, and Kai tells them that they need to make the murders scarier. Beverly warns them that people need to see the clowns. Kai points out that she couldn't get Bob to air the Serena murder tape, and Beverly warns that Bob will never air it and is beginning to catch on that her impartiality has been compromised. Kai figures that they're going to have to kill Bob in the most horrific way possible. Ivy comes in and asks what she missed.

Ally tells Rudy about how she hallucinated black bugs on her neck making holes in her skin, and she scratched herself raw. He tells her that she's been through a lot, and Ally admits that she has a biological need to see her son Oz and she's heartbroken and angry. She's furious at herself for letting it happen, and for being tempted. Rudy says that she's taking some responsibility and that's the first step to overcome her fears. Ally points out that now she has to live in the house alone, a house that was marked by a serial killer. She says that she hasn't seen any police protection, and she can't stay anywhere else because Ivy canceled the credit cards. Ally has barely enough to live, and figures that it was like Ivy was prepared because she closed everything down so fast. Rudy wonders if she knew her relationship with Ivy was so tenuous.

September 2016

In their apartment, Ally tries to come on to Ivy. Ivy says that she's tired and that they had three cancellations, and they are digging themselves into a hole financially. Ally gives her a present and sys that she was hoping they could have fun like a loving couple. Angry, Ivy walks away.


Ally wonders if things are strained by more than the election. Rudy tells Ally that she can only work on what she can control, and Ally explains that Ivy convinced a judge to allow only supervised visits.

Earlier Ally meets with Oz at the Butchery and gives him his drawing pad. She discusses his drawing, and asks him to draw her a pirate. Oz tells her that she's being weird, and Ally apologizes as she breaks into tears.

Ally asks Rudy to help her not lose her son.

Ivy drives home and talks to Oz, who asks to stay with his friend Jeremy. Winter is with Ivy and asks if everything is okay, and Ivy assures her that Oz is great. Ivy says that Oz asked if Winter is going to be his third mother, and Winter tells her that Oz had to find the video. She warns that things are going to get real and they're taking radical action. Ivy says that she's ready and that she hates the country and she hates Ally for letting it happen. She promises that she will do whatever it takes to make the world a better place for Oz, even if she has to burn it all down. Winter strokes her arm and assures her that she'll do great.

The two women arrive at the lot where Kai and the others are there. He gives hem instructions on how to make the murder look as satanic as possible.

In his home, Bob goes down to the kitchen in his underwear. The cult members, wearing their clown costumes, break into the house and knock bob to the floor. One of them records the entire thing on video, and Bob grabs a knife. They easily disarm him and knock him down again, and start chatting in Latin. Bob says that he has a gimp in the attic and no one will take care of it. Once they gag Bob, the group goes upstairs and finds the gimp hanging from the rafters by hooks through his skin. Kai tells them to kill the gimp, and stabs him in the chest when the others hesitate. The hooks pull free and Ivy runs to the bathroom, gagging. Winter goes after her and reassures her.

The cult brings Bob up and shows him the gimp's body. They chant and then Kai guts Bob. He hands the knife to the others and they all stab Bob. Beverly removes her mask and drives an axe into Bob's head.

Later, Beverly reports about Bob's death. She says that she received an email with the footage of the murder, and advises viewers to turn the channel if they're squeamish.

Later, Beverly and Kai go to the Butchery. Kai says that Beverly was the only one who impressed her, and the others asked too many questions. Beverly says that they can bring them to heel by going after the weakest link.

Five Weeks Ago

The cult gets the coffins ready for when Rosie and Mark arrive. When the couple arrives, the cult seals them in the coffins and spray paints a smiley face on the wall. Once they're done, Meadow wonders how long they're going to leave them in there. R.J. wants to leave them out as well, and Beverly tells him to stop being a bitch.


Beverly says that R.J.'s weakness is a cancer, and Kai tells her that they need to cut it out.

Aly makes her bed and looks at a photo of her family. She hears a car door close outside and looks through the window. Harrison drags a heavy bag into the house through the garage, and then he kisses Samuels. Ally goes over and finds a shallow grave in the backyard. Bottom of it, looks up and begs Ally to help her. A door inside closes, and Ally moves off before Harrison and Samuels see her. She goes into her house and locks the doors, and then turns off the lights. Ally then calls 911 and is put on hold. She then calls Ivy and begs her to come to the house, saying that Harrison is going to kill Meadow. Ivy tells her that she can't deal with it, and someone pounds on the front door.

The pounding stops and Ally tells Ivy that she thought she left. Meadow pounds on the window, saying that they're coming for her, and that it's a sick cult and everyone is in it, including Ivy. Someone grabs her and drags her away, and Ally closes the drapes and hangs up the phone.

When Harrison and Samuels return to the Wilton house, they tell Ivy that Meadow is with a friend. Beverly says that Kai sounded weird, and Kai comes in. Winter tells them that they're up ten points, and everyone applauds. Kai says that it's not enough and he needs to get 50% of the votes or there'll be a run-off. He tells them that he feels resistance and dissension, and says that they need to be strong and ruthless.

Kai leads everyone to the basement and says that they have an opportunity to ascend to greatness. R.J. is tied up, and Kai says that he's bringing them down. Gary figures that R.J. will testify against them for immunity, and Beverly says that R.J. is never one to do the hard thing. Kai gives a nail gun to Ivy and says that she ran away when they were killing Bob, and she can make it up to them by going first. He tells her to kill him with the first shot and put R.J. out of his misery before they take turns. When Ivy says that she can't, Kai asks if she's with them or not.

After a moment, Ivy takes the nail gun puts it to R.J.'s head. She apologizes and fires, and Harrison goes next. Each of them fires the nail gun, but R.J. is still alive. Kai says that they've all proven their loyalty, and fires a nail into R.J.'s medulla oblongata, finishing him off.

Later, Kai asks Beverly what scares her the most. Beverly says that she wants to know who Kai is for real. He says that he's whoever she needs him to be, but Beverly wonders if he killed his parents. Kai says that he doesn't talk about it, and she tells him that secrets make him weak. After a moment, Kai says that his parents died three years ago. His father Scott was a lawyer whose motorcycle spun off and he ended up in a video game.


Scott complains that Kai spends all of his time in the basement. He reminds his son that he paid for Kai's degree in religious studies. When the mother Julia serves tacos, Scott complains that spicy food gives him reflux. Julia says that she used mild salsa, and Scott asks who she's fucking. He doesn't care that Kai is there.

Later, Kai sits in his basements and hears his parents shouting at each other. There's a gunshot and he runs to investigate. A second shot rings out, and Kai finds his father holding his bleeding stomach. Julia says that it's the only way out and shoots herself in the head.

Kai calls his brother--Rudy--and asks what they do. Rudy says that they'll cover them in lime to cover the smell, and they'll decompose over time. Kai complains that it's disrespectful, but Rudy reminds him that Winter just started college and he's starting his practice. The government will take 40% of the million dollar insurance payment Scott got his accident. Rudy doesn't want to explain to new clients why their parents killed each other, and holds out his little finger. After a moment, Kai takes it with his own. They cover over the bodies and lock the bedroom door.

When Winter comes back for Thanksgiving, Kai shows her their parents' bodies. When she threatens to turn them both in, Kai asks who will pay for her college tuition. He says that it's the beginning of something special and they're free.


Kai tells Beverly that they're still there and sometimes she talks to them. He promises his mother that someday he'll be someone for her and make her proud. Kai breaks into tears and Beverly takes him by the shoulders.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 4, 2017

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