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The Enemy of the World, Part Five Recap

Donald and his security guard enter the caravan and tells the Doctor that he's been looking forward to meeting him again. He explains that Benik attached a radio tracking device to Giles' trailer, and then congratulates the Doctor on his resemblance to Salamander. The security chief asks how much Giles is paying him to impersonate Salamander, assuming that he's the assassin, and the Doctor insists that he's no killer. He says that he was just going to free his friends, and Giles and Astrid insist that he'll also find the evidence they need to prove that Salamander is a criminal. Donald points out that Giles was dismissed from his post for embezzling, and Astrid loyally defends her superior, reminding the security chief that Salamander framed Giles.

The Doctor speaks up, saying that they have evidence that Salamander framed Fedorin. He blurts out that Fariah has it, and Donald tells him that Fariah was shot by one of Benik's guards. When Giles and Astrid insist that the evidence is at Kanowa Research Center, Donald admits that he's not satisfied with Salamander's story, but tells them that he'll handle it himself while they stay under house arrest. Astrid knocks out Donald's guard and takes his gun.

At the research center, Benik tells Salamander's guard to let him know as soon as their leader emerges from the records room. The guard captain has his men bringing Jamie and Victoria, drugged and unconscious on stretchers, and Benik tells his man to inform him when they wake up so he can handle the interrogation personally.

An unruffled Donald tells his captors that they're only making trouble for themselves and they're surrounded. Giles and Astrid are willing to die as long as they take Donald with them, but the Doctor refuses to have anything to do with violence. He asks Astrid for the gun and she reluctantly hands it over. The Doctor then gives it to Donald as a gesture of trust to gain his confidence, and points out that the security chief has nothing to lose by trusting him. Donald agrees as long as he can keep Giles and Astrid as hostages. Giles objects but Donald points out that he has no choice and leaves with the Doctor.

In the shelter, Salamander returns to his office and tells Swann over the radio that he's put the new food cases on the conveyer. As the shelter crew unload the food, Colin asks Swann what happens if Salamander doesn't come back. Well aware that Colin is angling to go with Salamander to the surface, Swann warns him not to undermine morale with such talk. Mary apologizes for Colin's actions but wonders if they'll ever leave. Once Swann walks away, Colin continues his complaints to Mary, insisting that he wants to see the surface just once. Meanwhile, Swann examines the food cartons and finds a bit of newspaper stuck on the bottom of one of them.

Shocked, Swann brushes past the shelter crew and demands to see Salamander. He shows Salamander the newspaper with last year's date and a reference to a holiday liner, which would be impossible if there was the global war that Salamander has claimed. Thinking quickly, Salamander tells Swann that he had to lie. The war is over, but the survivors are deformed in mind and body. They have formed a corrupt society, which spreads propaganda like the newspaper. Swann realizes that Salamander is using the natural disasters they create to wipe out the survivors, and Salamander insists that it's an act of mercy. Realizing that Salamander can't be trusted, Swann demands to see for himself despite the supposed risks from radiation. Salamander agrees but makes Swann promise he won't tell the others until Salamander has a chance to prove him wrong.

Swann agrees to Salamander's terms and gets on the PA, telling the shelter crew that he is going to the surface with Salamander to help him move supplies. Colin is shocked that they're not taking him along and screams at Salamander to take him, but gets no response.

Victoria wakes up and goes to Jamie. Benik and an armed guard come in and tells them that they're there for interrogation. Jamie knocks out the guard but Benik grabs Victoria and holds a gun to her head. Jamie surrenders and Benik shoves Victoria away, and tells them that they'll answer his questions first before he takes them to Salamander. The administrator threatens to shoot one of them in the leg if Victoria doesn't come over to him, and she reluctantly goes over. Benik twists her hair and demands answers.

As Jamie starts to answer, Salamander and Donald arrive. Benik is surprised that the guard didn't notify him that Salamander has emerged from the records room. Salamander dismisses him and then tells Jamie and Victoria that they know all about Giles' plan. Victoria and Jamie insist that they were sent there to get evidence against Salamander, and that the security men deliberately killed Denes. Once Donald is satisfied, the Doctor drops his impersonation and greets his companions, demonstrating his musical talents to prove who he is. Donald concedes that the Doctor is telling the truth, but points out that there is still no proof.

Benik goes to the record room and the guard confirms that Salamander hasn't emerged.

Salamander leads Swann to a cave on the surface and advises him to stay there where it's safe from the radiation. Swann refuses and Salamander leads him on.

At the caravan, Giles is angry that they're trapped there. Astrid points out that they've convinced Donald to investigate their charges, but Giles wants to escape and makes sure that the security chief understands the evidence. She agrees to distract the guard so that Giles can escape.

Swann insists on going on, and Salamander makes a show of the danger. As Swann brushes past him, Salamander picks up a pipe from a crate.

Astrid breaks a window and the guard charges in. She points out Giles, apparently shot in the head, and tells the guard that someone shot through the window. Astrid runs out and the guard chase after her, and the "dead" Giles wipes the ketchup off of his head and leaves. Meanwhile, Astrid gives the guard the slips, only to hear someone calling for help. She follows the cries and finds a dying Swann, his skull bashed in. With his dying breath he tells Astrid that Salamander attacked him.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 25, 2015

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