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Girl of Steel Recap

Kara is walking down a road in the country, imagining Mon-El with her. She turns to him and they kiss, and then she sees her mother Alura standing ahead. Kara goes to her and hugs her...

…and Supergirl hovers above the city, thinking and hearing all the sounds of National City below her. She hears a siren and flies to investigate, and finds two police cars pursuing a semi. Maggie is in one of the cars and slams into the back, locking fenders with it. A merc opens fire with a machine gun, and Supergirl arrives and blocks the bullets. The man climbs up to the roof and attacks Supergirl with a cattle prod. She casually catches it and knocks him off, and he runs off.

The truck heads for a family car, and Supergirl flies down in front of the truck and stop sit. She flies off without a word as Maggie and Alex arrive.

Back at the DEO, Winn and Hank congratulate Supergirl. She gives them a DNA sample of the merc who escaped. As Supergirl leaves, Alex asks Supergirl to come with her for the wedding tasting, and Supergirl says that she'll do it if she can. Once she leaves, Winn worries that Supergirl is still grief-stricken over Mon-El's departure.

The next day, Morgan Edge is at a meeting telling the attendees that after six months, he's rebuilding the city after the Daxamite invasion. James and Lena both point out that they couldn't have done it without Supergirl, and the mayor says that he's looking forward to "The Girl of Steel" statue at the waterfront. Morgan figures that they'll need more than a statue to get better there, and says that the mayor should be promoting his renovation plan. James points out that CatCo's editorials against him have grown increasingly biased, and Lena points out that Morgan would demolish the area. He asks if Lena has been donating money to the building out of guilt for her brother, or mother, or her involvement in bringing the Daxamites there. Morgan says that he just wants a fair hearing, and invites them to join him for appetizers.

Cat is on the news as the President's press secretary, taking questions from the press. Kara and James watch and figure that it's going to be congenial there. They go into James' office and he gets an update from the staff. Crime has been down since Supergirl has been active, and James asks Kara about her exclusive with Supergirl. Kara says that she's been too busy but she'll do her best. After the others leave, James asks if Kara is okay to write the article. She abruptly says that she can handle it, just as the news runs a statement from Morgan. He announces that he's buying CatCo.

Later, Kara meets with Lena and tells her that she and James were both blindsided. Cat put her shares in a blind trust when she became press secretary, and Morgan has been quietly buying up shares. Kara suggests that Lena talk to Morgan about it, but she warns that he won't listen. She agrees and asks Kara if she's okay because she's keep ditching her. Lena apologizes for the part she played with Mon-El, and offers to be there for Kara. Kara tells her that it was Supergirl's call, just as a news report comes on about a burglary in Old Town.

That night at the bar, the group meets and figures that Kara won't be there. Hank advises patience, and Alex walks off without responding. Maggie goes after her, and Alex says that she misses her sister. Her fiancé realizes that Alex doesn't want to go to the tasting, and asks why she's down on the wedding. Alex doesn't know, and Maggie tells her to let her know when she figures it out. As she walks off, Winn comes over and says that they got a lead on the merc.

At the DEO, Winn identifies the merc as Robert DuBois, aka Bloodsport. He was responsible for bombing at City Hall a few years ago, and he's ex-military. They figure that he's getting weapons from nearby Fort Harrison, and Winn discovers that someone has hacked the base's computer system. Supergirl flies there and discovers that the weapon depot is shielded with lead. She goes in and Bloodsport targets her with a gun and fires, blasting her back.

Soldiers charge in and Bloodsport easily guns them down. Supergirl dodges the next shot and uses her heat vision to reveal Bloodspot. A soldier calls for help, and Supergirl goes to him and confirms that he's okay while Bloodsport runs off. She hears the signal watch and flies to James' office, and he points out that she didn't get the article in. James says that he's worried about her, and points out that Kara has been off the radar. He reminds her that she still has a job as a reporter, but Kara says that Supergirl is who she is at her core. Kara reminds him that he has a secret identity as well, but James tells her that his job also matters. She tells James that she has important things to do as Supergirl and quits.

The next day at the DEO, Hank is arguing over the phone with General Lane. Once he hangs up, Winn reports that DuBois stole a high-pressure regulator. With it he can use a Daxamite cloaking device and attach it to a fighter. Hank has Winn scan every plane coming in and out of National City, and tells Alex to notify Supergirl. James calls Alex with news.

Lena visits Morgan at his office and says that she's invested in his portfolio. She wants him to focus on rebuilding the city, but Morgan tells her that people aren't going to trust a Luthor. He says that he'll use CatCo to promote that viewpoint, and that it's good business. Once Lena leaves, DuBois comes in and says that they're ready. He assures him that they'll never see it coming.

Kara is working at home and listening to Cat on the new. Alex comes in and is furious that Kara quit. Kara says that CatCo isn't the point anymore, and all of her work was a waste of time. Her sister says that they've given Kara time to grieve, and now she's having a pity party. Alex insists that CatCo is important, but Kara tells her that she sucks but Supergirl saved the world. She says that she doesn't want to be the girl who lost her boyfriend, and reminds Alex that she sent Mon-El away. Alex warns that she's bottling everything up and made bad decisions, and Kara figures that Alex would be broken if Maggie was gone. When her sister says that it's okay if she's broken, Kara tells her that's for humans and she would always make the decision that she made. She tried to be human but she's not, and Kara Danvers was a mistake. Alex tells her that Bloodsport can cloak a nuke and will hit the statue unveiling, and Kara tells her that she'll be there. As Alex goes, she says that Kara Danvers is her favorite person and saved her more than Supergirl ever did.

Later at the waterfront, Supergirl and Hank stand guard on a building overlooking the unveiling. Hank talks about how he flew for pleasure when he came to earth. He tells Supergirl that she's courting emptiness, and Supergirl tells him that she's not human anymore. Hank tells her that she still has a human heart, and assures her that she's not broken. He reminds her that it was Kara that taught him that his loss made him stronger, and Supergirl asks if he dreams about his family. She says that she sees Mon-El with her mom in her dreams, but then tells Hank that they should keep watch.

Below, Maggie and Alex patrol the crowd. Maggie asks if Alex wants to marry her. Alex says that she does, but she doesn't want a big wedding. She explains that her father can't come, and Maggie tells her to take a deep breath and she'll find her way out of it. Alex agrees, and Winn listens in.

A girl—Ruby--runs by Alex and bumps into her. Her mother Samantha Arias makes Rubes apologizes and then goes off. The mayor welcomes Lena, who unveils the statue and says that Supergirl has always been a mentor and a friend to her. Hank tells Supergirl that it would be a good time to join the crowd.

A missile hits the waterfront, and Winn is unable to trace it. Maggie and Alex get the people out, and Hank tries to locate Bloodsport telepathically. Supergirl realizes that the press regulator was meant for low attitudes... and Bloodsport is underwater.

Bloodsport and his men fire a torpedo from their cloaked submarine. Winn is unable to pick up the source, and Supergirl concentrates and hears Bloodsport's heartbeat. She flies into the water even though she can't breathe underwater. Supergirl finds the sub and pushes it, taking down the cloaking device. Bloodsport fires another torpedo, and then detonates it before Supergirl can reach it.

Ruby is trapped beneath a collapsing girder, and Samantha runs to her. She manages to lift the girder off, crushing the bars in her hands. As she hugs her daughter, Samantha stares at what she did in shock.

Alex sees Supergirl floating unconscious in the water. Bloodsport tells his men to finish off the people on shore, and Supergirl imagines Mon-El telling her to wake up. She snaps awake and grabs the torpedo, shoving it back into the submarine. She then pushes the submarine into the air

Later, Kara visits Lena and Lena says that she talked to Morgan. She explains that she bought CatCo to be more like Supergirl, and hopes that Kara could break the story. Kara says that she quit, and Lena tells her that she can't do it without her. Morgan comes in and says that he could ruin Lena. Kara excuses herself to let Lena handle it, and Morgan tells Lena that she'll regret screwing him.

Supergirl flies in and Lena tells her that Morgan is all his. She takes him to the waterfront and says that she knows he staged the waterfront attack to clear the area. Supergirl tells him that National City is her town and he has his attention, and he flies off.

In the harbor, a spaceship rests on the bottom.

Alex visits Hank in his office and she asks him to give her away in place of her father. She chooses Hank to be her family, and Hank gladly accepts.

At her apartment, Kara looks at photos of her and Mon-El together and remembers hearing Mon-El telling her to wake up. She then texts her friends and smiles. Kara then joins them at the bar as they celebrate Alex and Maggie's coming wedding and they share a toast.

Samantha wakes up from a dream of a woman in blue, screaming at her as her face transforms into an alien visage.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 10, 2017

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