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The Exit Recap

In the morning, Margot gets dressed and talks about hooking up with Seth. He asks when their first real date is, and she says that it'll be that night in the real world.

Dylan packs up and prepares to take Lacey with him. She stares off into space, an then breaks into tears.

Julies sits on the floor of the empty room staring off into space.

Dylan shows Lacey a necklace, and she asks him to put it on her. He does so, and Lacey looks down on her dead dream husband. Dylan figures that she remembers, and tells her that it will all come back. she says that she hopes so, and Dylan cuts her free, puts down the knife, and then hugs her. As they hug, Lacey reaches for the knife

Margot finds Jules in the room, and Jules claims that she was sleepwalking. They hear lacey scream and run downstairs, and find him struggling with Lacey. JD and Seth arrive, and Lacey begs for help. Dylan tells them that Lacey doesn't remember anything and holds her down.

Later, the group goes to the field and see the family in the cage. Margot wonders who they are, and Seth says that they should keep going. The group continues on and sees two children staring at them. Margot asks Jules what happened to her that morning, and Dylan says that the children are part of the House. Other "people" start following them, and Dylan tells the others that if they run, the "people" will run. A mother calls the children into breakfast, and the group arrives at the field. Lacey tries to pull away, and the others turn to watch as Dylan reassures her. More people walk up and Lacey tells Dylan that they've come for her and there's nothing for him there. Dylan pulls Lacey into the field with the others, while John arrives with the group of people "watching". He shoves past them and goes into the field after Margot.

Jules sees someone lying in the field gasping and goes to them. The others come back and find a dying memory cannibal. Dylan explains that they can only feed on the person they're made from, and that's what happens when the host runs out of memories or dies. JD stares at the cannibal for a moment, and then goes to Seth and asks why he didn't say anything when he saw his decaying arm. He figures that Seth knows what's happening to him, and asks who he is. Seth says that he's just some guy, and asks JD what he thinks escaping the House will do. Angry, JD tells him that if Seth tries to stop them from leaving then he'll tell the others that Seth isn't who he says he is.

The group continues and night falls, and Seth tells Margot that it's kind of nice. He suggests that if they let their guard down, they could get comfortable. They see a sign announcing the Corn Maze, which John took Margot and Jules through when they were young. JD figures that they have to go through it to get out. People call back and forth to each other, and they figure the cannibal was heading there. A cannibal staggers out of the Maze, and they move back figuring that it'll feed on anyone. They decide to wait until morning to enter the Maze.

After making camp for the night, JD stares at Seth and Dylan makes sure that Lacey is secured. Seth tells Margot that she's not what he thought she was when he first saw her. He says that he didn't know how strong she was, and she puts her head on his shoulder. Seth asks her if she's seen the orchids, and Margot admits that they're hard to miss. He gets up and goes to look at an orchid. Margot goes after him and Seth pints out that it's an orchid mantis, posing as an orchid to lure others in. She wonders how he knew that.

Jules looks out into the darkness and hears whispering in her head. She finally walks off.

Seth tells Margot that he didn't plan on liking her so much. He says that he's not who she thinks that he is, and that he's someone who doesn't belong anywhere until now. Margot doesn't understand what he means, and Seth says that he lives there.

Dylan tells JD to watch Lacey or he'll kill her, and goes after Jules.

Seth tells Margot that the place can be home to the people who need it, and he can show her that it's beautiful. She asks what he is.

Lacey tells JD that they have to go back, and insists that Dylan isn't her husband.

Dylan catches up to Jules as she goes to the Corn Maze.

Seth explains that he came into the House a while ago and stayed. She figures that he lured them into the House, and reuses to listen. Margot returns to the camp and finds JD feeding Lacey. Dylan comes back and falls to his knees, sobbing. As the others return, Dylan draws his knife and advances on JD. He figures that JD is a cannibal, and tells him to lift up his sleeve. JD says that it just started happening to him, and Dylan attacks him. He stabs him and Margot runs to her friend, and Dylan orders her to move away. Seth figures that the fake-JD killed the real one, and JD insists that he's real and feels everything. He begs them to let him live, and Dylan tells him to shut up. Margot says that Seth can't come, and Dylan picks up a burning from the fire and sets the fake JD on fire. As the fake collapses, Dylan tells the others to run to the Corn Maze.

The group runs through the cornfield as voices call out, telling them not to be scared. Other voices echo through the darkness, and Dylan kills one cannibal who gets in their path. Margot discovers that Jules has fallen back and goes back after her friend. She finds a body lying in a puddle of the black liquid and a body growing out of it, and finds Jules nearby touching a white sphere. Margot pulls her away and asks if the figure was one of Jules' memories.

As Margot leads Jules to the Corn Maze, John appears out of the darkness and says that he's just a reflection of the real John. He insists that he doesn't want to hurt either of them, and asks Margot to give him something small to satisfy him until she's gone. He reaches out for her and then stares at his hand, shocked, and tells Margot to run. Margot runs off with Jules, and John sobs to himself. After a moment, he goes after them.

Margot and Jules reach the House with a single glowing window light. Dylan arrives and tells them to go without him, because he's going to burn it all down and finish it. Margot and Jules reluctantly go inside. The door closes behind them sand they come to the first room with the busts. The heads are torn open like before, and the next door opens. Margot grabs Jules and leads her through.

In Room 2, the door to Room 3 is sealed, and the lights go out for a moment. When they come back up, there's a puddle of black liquid on the floor. It moves toward Jules, who backs away. As it spreads along the floor, the liquid separates the two girls, and the door opens. Margot yells to Jules to jump, and she jumps along the narrowing gaps. And they get out just as the liquid covers the floor.

Dylan hears someone approaching and takes out his knife. He walks into the darkness and John attacks him. The two fight and although Dylan stabs John, John breaks Dylan's neck. John then goes into the House.

Margot and Jules enter Room 3 and hear a woman talking in the distance. Jules says that she saw Ms. Carpenter, their first-grade teacher, and she scared the shit out of her. They find Mrs. Carpenter standing on a blackboard, and she turns to face them. As Jules goes on ahead, "Mrs. Carpenter"--the Hiding Man--grabs Margot and drags her into the classroom. Jules comes back and pulls Margot free, and The Hiding Man laughs and holds a lock of Margot's hair.

Margot and Jules enter Room 4 and see a sculpture of Johns' face as wheezing and gasping fill the air as he chokes to death. Jules pulls Margot through the door to the next room, and tells her friend that they got it. They find themselves in a room where the petrified John from before is trailing his hands through a bathtub filled with water. As Margot tries to open the door, the figure advances on her. The door finally opens, and Margot and Jules find themselves in a yard with single dandelion. They figure that they're finally home, and find two teenagers at the door. They say that it's locked and complain, and Margot suggests that it's full as in finished eating. With that, the two girls drive home.

John emerges from the House and looks at the real world for the first time.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 12, 2017

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