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Jibber-Jibber Chicken Dinner Recap

Bill wakes up to hear the record player playing. He goes to investigate, and finds a trail of blood leading outside. Following it, Bill finds Jerome, Holly, and Allie getting ice cream bars from Brady in his ice cream truck. Ida comes up and kisses Bill, and tells him to go have some fun. Allie goes to the swing and swings, reverting to her younger self. Brady grabs her and carries her inside. When Bill follows him, he finds Jerome, Holly, Ida, and Allie all dead on the floor. Brady jumps him and the two men struggle on the floor as Brady starts to rip Bill’s heart out.

Waking up in the morning, Bill realizes that it was a nightmare. He hears Jerome mowing outside and goes outside to greet his friend. Bill points out that it isn’t Jerome’s day, and Jerome says that he had to mow all of his lawns because he’s speaking at the gala next day. He points out that Bill got Brady, and Bill says that Brady got himself. Jerome insists that they were closing in on him, and they share a toast. He goes back to work and Bill goes over to Ida’s house. Bill asks to borrow Ida’s car, and she tells him that he’ll have to accept his loss eventually. He says that he has to go, and Ida tells him that she’ll be there when he’s ready.

At the station, Bill, Pete, Izzy, and Hockney, watch Brady’s video statement about how he loved Deb, but he didn’t want to talk about what he did. He thought that she’d be proud of him, but she wanted him hung for what he did. Brady talks about how the only thing that matters is making a statement before dying and entering the darkness, and claims that he painted his “masterpiece” a few years ago. He ends the video, and Hockney thanks Bill for helping them find Brady. She complains that Pete and Izzy dropped the case, and Bill figures that Brady wasn’t the type to just kill himself. Hockney says that they’ll sweep Bill’s house and the houses of Brady’s co-workers, as well as any possible targets where he might have left bombs like the upcoming job fair. She asks Bill to stick around because his house is off-limits for the time being.

Bill runs into Lou, who has come in to give a statement. Meanwhile, Peter and Izzy tell Josh to call if anything comes to him about Brady. Lou smirks at Josh, and Peter asks Josh where Robi is. Lou suggests that they see Robi’s dad on his day’s off, and looks up the address.

Josh arrives at the store and finds two employees watching a newscast about Brady. He turns off the TV and tells them to get to work. He notices a speaker with a loose cover and calls Peter. The police soon bring in dogs to sniff for bombs, while Josh calls his superior and says that they had to close. The bomb squad clears the building, and Peter gives Josh his personal cell numbers. He assures Josh that he did the right thing.

That night, the bomb squad sweeps Bill’s house. Once it’s clear, Peter tells Bill that Brady didn’t have any dental records on file to identify the body. They’ve confirmed that Deb’s dentals matched, but Peter confirms that they a tunnel in the basement of the Hartsfield house and Brady could have got out any time.

At his new hideout, Brady rigs a bomb up to a cell phone, and then attaches it to the bottom of a wheelchair. He then puts a sticker on the back of the wheelchair.

The next day, Bill calls Peter. Peter tells him that the ME has confirmed that Deb was longer than the man with her. He hasn’t found any signs of blunt force trauma, and suspects poison. The male body did have blunt-head trauma but a fallen beam could account for it.

At the store, Josh is working the register. He calls Robi and gets his voice mail, and complains that he’s two hours late. When the clerk comes in, Josh goes to Robi’s house and knocks on the door. When there’s no answer, he checks and sees Robi’s car in the parking lot. Josh calls the police, and Izzy picks the lock as Bill and Peter look on. They search the place and find nothing, and Josh notices that a rug is missing. Izzy sprays for blood stains and they find smears on the floor and wall. The detectives figure that it’s a crime scene, and Bill confirms that Brady was shorter than Robi. Peter calls the morgue and gets a height on the male body.

When the police come in, Peter tells Hockney that they figure that Brady is alive. They don’t know if Brady will go for the gala or the job fair, and they figure that he’ll go for the job fair because Brady has the highest chance of success.

Brady shaves his head.

Hockney tells the mayor that they figure Brady is going for the job fair, but have no evidence to justify closing it down. The captain says that she’ll send a detachment to both locations but warns that they’ll be spread thin, and gives them photos of Brady--with hair--to pass out.

After he’s bald, Brady applies aftershave and cream.

Peter calls Bill and tells him to go to the job fair at the Roseland. The detective tells him that Hockney is betting on Roseland, and Bill heads out.

At the art center gala, entertainers perform.

As Bill drives to the Roseland, he remembers his nightmare. He figures that Brady won’t go after the job fair and heads for the gala.

Brady goes into the gala posing as a special needs man in the wheelchair.

Bill calls Jerome and gets his voicemail. He tells Jerome to call him and get out of the gala. He then calls Holly and gets her voicemail, and warns her as well.

The security guards don’t recognize Brady from his photo and let him into the gala. The bombs don’t show up on the metal detector because of the metal wheelchair.

Bill calls Ida and tells her to go to her son’s house. She isn’t interested in leaving, and Bill tells her to call a cab since he has her car. When Bill goes in, he tells the guards to keep an eye out for Brady.

Brady wheels himself to a porta potty and goes inside, and takes out the bomb.

The mayor welcomes the donors at the gala.

Bill walks through the crowd.

Brady prepares the bomb.

Lou walks through the gala crowd and goes into one of the porta potties.

Bill finds Holly and tells her that she has to get out because he thinks Brady is there. Holly is happy to hear that she’s someone that Bill cares about. She refuses to leave him, and Bill tells her to get out and take the Robinsons as well.

Brady finishes his work.

The mayor introduces Jerome while his parents watch from the crowd.

As Lou leaves her porta potty, Brady wheels himself out of his. She sees him and finding him familiar, goes after him. Brady stops and puts his cell phone in his jacket pocket, and she realizes that it’s Brady. Brady stabs her repeatedly in the stomach and tosses some tarps over the body.

Jerome takes the stand and gives his speech. He introduces the middle school choir, while Lou wakes up and calls for help. Bill hears her and goes to her location, and has a waitress call a medic. She tells Bill that Brady is there in a wheelchair with a shaved head. Bill goes to find him.

Brady wheels himself toward the stage and takes out his cell phone.

Clutching at his chest, Bill staggers toward the stage.

Holly tells Jerome what Bill told her.

Bill spots Brady, draws his gun, and yells for everyone to get down. Brady holds up the cell phone and smiles. Holly comes up, takes the bulldog paperweight out of her purse, and hits Brady in the forehead with it yelling the name of her high school tormentor. She hits Brady repeatedly while Bill collapses from a heart attack.

A few days later, Bill is in a hospital bed. Jerome is at his side, and watching a newscast about the mayor congratulating him and Holly for stopping Brady. When Bill wakes up, he turns off the TV and they chat. He tells Jerome that his future at Harvard awaits, and they hug before Jerome goes.

Allie checks out of the rehab house

A nurse leads Bill down the hall.

Josh works as manager at the empty store.

Ida waters her bushes.

Peter continues working cases.

Lou’s family and girlfriend visit her in the hospital.

Jerome’s family hugs him and watch as he goes off to Harvard.

Holly signs the legal papers letting her take over the apartment and money that Janey left her in her will.

A nurse tells Bill that he’s leaving the next day. Bill looks at his reflection in the window. The next day, he has the nurse take him to Brady’s room and goes inside. Brady is in a coma, and the neurologist asks if Bill is done staring at him. She says that Brady is gone and never coming back, and Bill suggests that she take a coffee break. Once the neurologist leaves, Bill tells the comatose Brady that he knows he’s in there because hate hangs on and hate’s all Brady had. He promises that he’ll be waiting to finish it when Brady eventually comes back. With that, Bill leaves.

Back in Brady’s room, Brady lies comatose as the machines keep him breathing. A song from the radio starts playing from the fracture on his skull.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 12, 2017

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