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Make Way for... Medusa Recap

Evan flies in the helicopter with Black Bolt and Sammy, and introduces himself as a privately-funded geneticist. He wants to take them to a makeshift lab on the north side of the island. Sammy refuges, but Evan insists that it's safe and they're free to anytime they want. He knows about Black Bolt's power, and offers to help them understand their gifts. Evan asks to do a DNA test on them, but Black Bolt grabs his hand and taps Evan's wedding ring. He signs that he also has a wife, and Evan offers both of them sanctuary.

Medusa tells Louise to continue flying the helicopter. Louise notices that Medusa is wearing a ring like Black Bolt's, and asks if they're married. Medusa tells her to drive faster and steps on the accelerator. A police car comes after them, and Medusa orders Louise at gunpoint to keep going.

In Attilan, Tibor congratulates Maximus on handling Crystal's escape so well. Maximus asks him if the Genetic Council found it acceptable to abandon him because he became human after Terragenesis, and chokes Tibor for a moment before walking away.

Louise takes evasive action and Medusa shoots back at the police car, driving it off the road. They lose the helicopter, and Medusa prepares to shoot Louise for failing.

Crystal complains that the buggy driver, Dave, hit Lockjaw. When he goes over to her, she blasts him back with her powers. Dave introduces himself and apologizes for hitting Lockjaw, and Crystal figures that they should go to a doctor. He offers to take Lockjaw down the road.

Louise pulls over and asks Medusa to put down the gun. She does so and looks up at the moon, and Louise asks if she's from there. She explains how she traced the energy pulses to Hawaii, and Medusa says that there's a whole city of Inhumans on the moon. Medusa says that her husband's cousin Gorgon destroyed the moon probe, and that he's there somewhere with Karnak. She tells Louise that they have to go home, but they have to go to the hotel and ditch her car.

Evan takes Black Bolt and Sammy to his lab and after running tests, he tells them that Black Bolt's DNA isn't human. The geneticist says that Black Bolt's vocal chords are super-charged, and points out that he has the power to kill everyone he loves. Black Bolt demands to know where Medusa is, and Evan promises to find her. He goes outside and calls Maximus to say that he's found Black Bolt. Maximus insists that innocent lives are at work, and tells Evan to put Black Bolt down. Evan refuses, saying that Black Bolt's DNA could be the key to his genetic research. Maximus points out that Evan doesn't need Black Bolt alive to replicate his DNA, but Evan notes that he does because DNA will change the cellular structure.

Karnak prepares an irrigation system for the ganja fields and shows it to Www. He explains that Attilan's farming system is based on efficiency, and Jen shows him how to harvest ganja. Reno watches them and tells Ted that he doesn't trust Karnak. He says that he needs Ted and Jen to pull it off.

Gorgon complains to the surfers that he shouldn't have let them help, and now one of them is dead. The Inhuman explains that he never cared about a human before, and warns that it won't be a fair fighter. Holo says that doesn't mean that they can't win.

Locus leads Auran and the others through the jungle via her echolocation, and Mordis complains.

At the hotel, Louise uses her laptop to track the helicopter via satellites. Medusa goes through Louise's things and paces impatiently, and picks up Louise's rocket ship jewelry. Louise tells her to put down, and asks what Medusa's name is. Louise points out that the mythological Medusa has snakes for hair, and Medusa refuses to discuss what happened to her hair. The scientist says that she never found someone to marry.

A young Medusa leads her sister Crystal through Attilan. The people look at Crystal suspiciously, but Medusa tells her that they'll be fine because they're all that they need.

Medusa tells Louise that she's never been alone. Police cars pull up outside, and Louise admits that they traced her through her credit card.

Maximus asks the Council what would happen if he went through Terragenesis again. Tibor says that nothing would happen, but Maximus says that if he found the genetic key then he could insert it into his own genetic code and unlock it, and go through Terragenesis as if for the first time. He asks the Council's consent to go through Terragenesis again, and Tibor refuses to allow any genetic experiments on Maximus because the results could be fatal. Maximus asks if Tibor is speaking for himself or the Council, and Tibor says that he's speaking for Maximus' well-being. The new king asks if Tibor has his loyalty, and when Tibor says that he does, Maximus tells him to prove it.

Evan shows Black Bolt photos of other transformed humans, but none of them are Medusa. Black Bolt notices an assistant preparing an injection, and continues going through the photos.

Medusa and Louise slip away as the police search the rooms. Louise realizes that she left her necklace behind, and Medusa goes back to get it. The manager takes the police to Louise's room, and Medusa jumps off the second-store balcony. By the time the police arrive there, she's gone. She finds Louise, who demands the spaceship.

Dave calls the vet, his former girlfriend Audrey, to his farm. Crystal says that she's from Attilan on the moon, and Audrey says that she's a vet once she passes nine more exams. Dave takes them to the barn where Lockjaw is, and Audrey wonders what kind of dog that he is. Audrey checks his wound and says that it seems simple, and Dave assures Audrey that they can trust her. Audrey tells Crystal that Lockjaw will need some time to heal, and explains that she and Dave broke up a year ago.

Medusa and Louise get some food and Louise keeps tracking satellite surveillance. The queen explains that Attilan is surrounded by reflective shields, and that her husband is King Black Bolt. Louise finds the helicopter's location and tells Medusa to stay there while she dumps their garbage. When Louise turns around, she discovers that Medusa has gone.

Auran and her team continue through the jungle, and Auran tells Maximus that they're closing in on Gorgon. He tells her that no one else seems to consider him king, and tells Auran that he knows where Black Bolt is. Auran notes that Black Bolt's death is essential to "their" plan, and Maximus says that they can't kill him just yet but they can keep him under surveillance.

Jen leads Karnak to the beach and he examines the sand. Jen strips down to her underwear and invites Karnak to join her. After a moment he removes his clothing as well and they go into the ocean. Karnak explains that all the water where he's from is subterranean, and Jen leads him out. She then kisses him as Reno watches from hiding. Meanwhile, Jen says that she kissed Karnak because she wanted to.

Louise finds Medusa watching with the laptop, and Medusa says that she has what she needs. She vows to find the rest of her family and then go home, and Louise tells her that her father's ashes are in the toy spaceship. He wanted to go to the moon but NASA never chose him. Medusa tells Louise that her mother and father died for their ideals, and agrees with Louise that it's stupid. She would rather have had patients than ideals.

Agon and Rynda tell Medusa and Crystal that their parents were banished after trying to lead a revolution. Medusa doesn't believe them.

Medusa tells Louise that she has sent her life trying to be the opposite of her parents. Louise suggests that her company might be able to get Medusa and her family to the moon. Medusa tells her that she can't lose Black Bolt, and Louise offers to drive her there via the car that she stole. When Louise admits that she's broken a lot of laws to help Medusa, Medusa smiles and says that she likes her, and they drive off.

Gorgon warns the surfers that they won't be able to escape Locus, and says that Karnak would know how to do but he doesn't know how to find him. The Inhuman says that Lockjaw brought him there and brought the others to the same spot, but when he gets tired he gets sloppy. He tells the surfers that he won't lose them because they feel like family, and insists that he must protect his family. With that, Gorgon walks off.

Once Audrey leaves, Crystal thanks Dave for his help. He shows her how to high-five, and Crystal stares at her hand in shock. She admits that no human has ever touched her before and smiles.

Jen and Karnak go back to the farm and Riley tells them that Ted went back into town. She invites Karnak to stay in her tent and he accepts as Riley watches.

At the lab, Black Bolt suggests that the nu-Inhumans that Evan showed him might be captives. Sammy agrees, and Black Bolt takes out the vial that the assistant was filling. They realize that it's poison.

Maximus meets with Tibor and tells him that the Council wants to maintain the status quo. The Council arrives on Tibor's orders, and the guards drag them away. Meanwhile, Maximus tells Tibor that the Council must be banished so that their society can evolve, and Tibor agrees with him. He asks if Maximus can forgive him for betraying him when they were younger, and Maximus says that he always thought forgiveness was overrated.

The new king goes to the Terragenesis chamber with one of the crystals.

Black Bolt and Sammy sneak out of the lab, and Auran and her people arrive. Auran claims that she has Medusa and if Black Bolt does anything, she dies. When he hesitates, Mordis steps out and asks if Black Bolt wants to find out which of them are more powerful. Black Bolt breaks open a propane tank and Sammy runs off, and Auran realizes that Mordis' energy blasts could set off the gas. She tells him to fire anyway. As Mordis reaches for his mask, Louise and Medusa pull up. Medusa slams the car door into Mordis, and his blasts goes off, setting the propane on fire and stunning the hunting team. Black Bolt picks up Locus, and then goes to his wife. The two of them embrace, and Medusa explains that Maximus shaved her head but she's okay. They then put Locus in the car so that she can help them find their family. Mordis starts to wake up, and Louise, Medusa, and Black Bolt quickly drive away.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 14, 2017

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