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Casey Rides Again Recap

At the circus, Corky is working with Bimbo for the upcoming parade. A man, Casey Perkins, comes over and applauds. He asks where Tm is, and Corky takes him over to where Tim is working with joey and Pete. Tim is saying that if they're next job doesn't pay off, they're dead. Corky and Casey arrive and Corky confirms that he's the repairman. He goes to work, saying he can fix anything with a steam boiler. Once Tim leaves, Corky starts to go and Casey tells him that he needs his help.

Once Casey is done, he tests the calliope and it works fine. Casey sys that it sounds almost as good as his Number One, and offers to show it to Casey at his place. They go over to the old railroad company and Casey explains that he lives in the caboose. He shows Corky around and lets him get into the cab. Casey says that when the local silver mine closed down, the whole operation shut down.

That night, a storm comes up and Pete warns Tim that it'll be a small crowd. Tim is worried about the show the next night at Carson City. Corky returns and tells Tim that he was with Casey, and Tim sends him to check in with Joey. The rain comes down and Tim worries that if the bridge goes out, they'll be out of business. He put a performance bond on the next show, and they're finished if they don't get to Carson City. Joey goes to check on the bridge, and the next morning rides back to report that the bridge is out. Carson City is celebrating Territorial Day and the circus has to be there to kick things off. Corky says that Casey can get the entire circus there, and explains that Casey is a railroad engineer with a train. Pete has never heard of it, but Corky takes them to see it.

When they get to the railyard, Casey says that he can't do it. The track hasn't been inspected in years, and Tim tells Casey that he understands. Corky looks at Casey, disappointed, and Casey tells Tim and the others that he'll try. Pete warns that the train isn't big enough to carry all of them, but Tim figures that the cars will handle the performers ad their gear, and they'll bring the rest later.


Casey starts up the engine and the performers get everyone aboard. Number One is still ready to go, and Casey orders everyone off as he runs up the pressure. The engine starts and everyone cheers, Casey invites Corky to ride with him in the cab, and everyone gets aboard. The train heads for Carso City on schedule, but they come to a blocked section of track. They put the elephants to work removing the blockage, and they head out again.

The boiler starts to overheat, and Casey orders Corky to go back with Joey. The engineer brakes when he discovers that ranchers tore up the track for fencing. Pete says that he used to lay rails if they had the rails or the ties they could do it. Joey tells Tim that they have the supplies by taking the track behind them and stringing it out in front. Corky admits that it might work, and Tim has Pete go to work. Once they put the track down in front, Casey tells Tim that if they go too fast, the plugs in the boilers might break if they go to fast. Tim and others agree to gamble on it, but Casey tells them that the brakes are pretty feeble. If they go to fast then the train will jump the tracks, and they may not be able to stop when they reach Carson City. Tim refuses to risk his customers' lives, but suggest that they put some of the workers on the brakes. Casey agrees and they take off.

The train continues on with the men riding the brakes. The plugs give but Casey figures that they'll make it. The train pulls into Carson City and brakes just in time. Everyone congratulates Casey, and Tim introduces him to the onlookers, saying that he'll lead the grand march that night.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 16, 2017

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