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The Little Fugitive Recap

Corky is brushing Bimbo's teeth when Joey comes over and asks if Corky has seen Jo Jo. They hear Jo Jo in the wagon breaking makeup jars as he tries to make himself up as a clown. Tim comes in and points out that Jo Jo could release one of the dangerous animals.

Later, Arthur "Pinky" Pincus arrives and finds his old classmate Joey. He points out that the circus is in his hometown, and says that he's the president of the Springvale Umbrella Company. Arthur explains that he's dating a widow Julie Treadway for the last seven years, but he can't bring himself to propose. Her son Robin doesn't like Arthur, and Joey gives him some free passes. Joey says that Arthur should bring them both to the circus to propose.

Later, Julie and Robin are home and Arthur knocks at the door. Robin reluctantly answers the door and lets Arthur in, and Arthur gives Robin jelly beans. Robin is tired of them and starts to go to his room, but Arthur shows them the passes and invites them to come along. Robin says that he'll pay for him and his mother, but Julie insists on going with Arthur and Robin goes to his room. Once the boy leaves, Arthur asks Julie if Robin would ever accept him as his father. He asks if she thinks of remarrying, and Julie tells Arthur that she likes him and his handwriting is very nice. However, she wars that Robin would never give his consent.

Later, Arthur tells Joey that nothing he could do endear him to Robin. Joey suggests that they stage a fake fight and Arthur knock his opponent out. Arthur warns that he's the physical type, but Joey tells him that the tough guy is in on the act and the whole thing is an illusion. Arthur agrees and Joey says that he'll handle it for he matinee the next day.

The next day, Joey ropes Pete into helping. Joey gives the high sign to Arthur, who takes Julie and Robin to get peanuts. Meanwhile, Tim calls Pete off to repair the bleachers. Arthur sees Tim and assumes that he's in on it, an "accidentally" bumps into him and picks a fight. Tim tells him to quit while he's ahead and punches Arthur unconscious. Robin is impressed with Tim, and Julie assures Tim that Arthur isn't her husband. Joey comes back and realizes that the entire thing went wrong, and Robin figures that Tim is wonderful. Julie is humiliated and leads Robin off, and Robin says that he'd like to have Tim as a father.

Later, Robin finds Corky playing and introduces himself. Robin talks about Tim and confirms that he's single. The boy says that his mother might marry Tim because he likes him, and Corky warns that Tim is too busy to get married. Tim comes over and Robin swears Corky to secrecy. Robin explains that Julie is his mother, and she wanted him to ask if Tim would come to supper the night. Tim agrees and Robin gives them directions to their house.

When Julie discovers that Robin has invited Tim, she asks Arthur for advice. He says that Julie should accept, and Julie talks about how glamorous and attractive Tim is... to Robin. Julie quickly sends Arthur away so that she can get ready,

Later, Tim sits nervously with Julie and Robin. Julie finally sends Robin to bed, and Tim says that he has to go. Robin insists that Tim stay there and keep Julie entertained. Tim agrees and tells Julie that they should have a talk. Once Robin goes, Tim tells Julie that Robin seems determined to make a romance out of their meeting. He warns that he's become a part of the problem, and Robin has made a hero out of him because he wants a family. Tim figures that the boy needs reality, and suggests that she might consider Arthur. Julie admits that she should marry Arthur, but Robin doesn't like him. Tim tells her to live her own life rather than let Robin live it for her, and Julie agrees. Satisfied, Tim says that the circus will be moving on and that it's been a pleasure.

Later, Julie breaks the news to Robin. He refuses to accept it, but she tells him good night and leaves. Once she goes, Robin runs away to join the circus.

The next day, Corky is hunting down Jo Jo. He finds Robin hiding in a trunk, and Robin explains what happened. Corky insists on telling Tim, and tells Robin to stay put. Once Corky leaves, Arthur arrives at the circus and finds Robin. He tells Robin that he has to go home because Julie is worried, and he blames himself. He assures Robin that if the boy goes back, he promises that he'll never marry Julie. Robin apologizes for hurting Arthur's feelings, and Arthur says that they have to think about Julie.

Jo Jo releases a lion, Freddy, and climbs away. Freddy advances on Robin, who yells to Tim for help and runs off. Arthur grabs a chair and holds off Freddy. Tim and the others come out, well aware that Freddy wouldn't hurt anyone. Pete finally helps Arthur, and Tim tells Robin that Arthur stopped the lion. Robin figures that Arthur is a hero, and figures that he should go home with him because Arthur saved his life. Arthur refuses, saying that he's no hero and he's just a dull kind of dad who goes to work and pays the bills. Once Arthur leaves, Tim tells Robin that Arthur is one of the bravest men that he's ever seen because he faced facts. He says that people like Arthur are the real heroes, and Corky suggests that Robin can still catch up with Arthur. After a moment, the boy runs after Arthur.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 16, 2017

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