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Mr. and Mrs. Mazikeen Smith Recap

At Lux, Linda and Maze are drinking. Maze says that she likes pushing herself because it's fun, and Linda asks what she said earlier bout how she doesn't have a soul. Lucifer comes over and confirms that demons don't have souls, and Maze assures Linda that she has no regrets. She figures that her next bounty should be there any minute, luring them in with a drink coupon. The man comes up to the bar and Maze knocks him unconscious. She says that the job is losing its thrill and figures that she needs more. Linda suggests that she appreciate what she has, and Linda passes out on the bar. Lucifer tells Maze to always follow her greatest desire, and hunt the most challenging human she can find. Maze considers Lucifer's advice and agrees.

The next day, Maze is in Lt. Herrera's office watching video of a security talking about a killer that he saw shoot two teenagers. Herrera comes in and asks why she's looking at old interviews of the Ben Rivers case. Maze says that she wants to find him, and Herrera has heard of her. Ben was in a small town in Canada a few years ago, and Maze assures Herrera that she'll track him down. Herrera warns her that Ben is dangerous and she shouldn't underestimate him. Maze figures that it's the perfect challenge.

As Maze prepares to leave, Chloe wonders if she knows what's she's getting into. Chloe warns her that Canada is different than the U.S., and notices that Maze's duffle bag is moving. Maze opens it and finds Trixie inside. Trixie says that someone needs to cover Maze's back, and Maze assures her that she's going to be okay. She needs Trixie to stay there and watch Chloe, and Trixie gives her a stuffed alien doll to keep her company. Chloe wishes Maze luck, and Maze tells her to get some while she's gone. Once Maze leaves, Chloe tells Trixie that she's worried about Canada.

Maze arrives at a ski lodge in Canada and is less than thrilled with the snow. A teenager laughs at her and quickly reconsiders, but not before Maze takes his coat..

In LA, Chloe gets a report on Maze. Dan comes in and gives Chloe his intermarry for his vacation. She tells him to enjoy it, and Lucifer comes in. once Dan leaves, Lucifer notices Chloe tracking Maze through Canada. He says that it was his idea and that Maze needs a change of pace, but Chloe figures that Maze needs their help. Lucifer figures that Chloe is just being an overprotective mother and assures her that

Maze asks the lodge clerk Norm if he recognizes Ben from a photo. He refuses to tell her anything, claiming discretion, Maze says that she knows how to torture people and asks what Norm's weakness is. When Norm talks about his wife, Maze crawls over the desk, kicks him back into his chair, figures that he's a faithful husband, and threatens for anything to get in the way of his mother. A guest takes a photo and walks off, and Maze asks her for a copy of it. Norm quickly says that Ben is in a cabin, Whistler, with a rich lady named Muffy Beauregard. Satisfied, Maze leaves.

Later, Maze goes in posing as a masseur and massages Muffy. The demon gets Maze to start talking about how Ben has a secret: he's a prince but doesn't want anyone to know. She says that she's seeing Ben that night, and Maze massages her breasts.

Chloe and Lucifer meet with Ben's former attorney, Athena Burns. Athena says that she hasn't seen Ben since he disappeared two years ago, and Chloe says that they know Athena has been talking to him over the phone. She explains that they've been tracking Ben through a friend, and says that she wants to bring Ben in safely. Athena refuses to discuss it, and Lucifer says that the longer it takes, the angrier Maze will get. They explain that Maze is a bounty hunter looking for Ben and will rip him apart. Athena clearly cares about him, and Lucifer asks why she desires his safety. She finally admits that she loved Ben, helped him elude the police, and has been sending him money ever since. Athena insist that Ben is handsome and charming.

At the lodge bar, Ben approaches a woman with hair like Muffy's. When he gets close enough, a wig-wearing Maze handcuffs him to the bar. Ben orders drinks and Maze is disappointed that he didn't put up a fight or run. He claims that he knows when he's been beat, and he knew he'd get captured eventually. Ben says that she's a runner just like him, and Maze figures that he's trying to get into head. She warns him that it's not working, and Ben figures that the best way to run from something is to run towards it. Maze invites Ben to fight, and he says that it's time to go. He then reveals that he freed himself and cuffed Maze to the bar. Once Ben leaves, Maze easily breaks free.

Chloe calls Maze and asks if she's okay. Maze says that she's great and admits that Ben got away. Chloe warns that Ben is emotionally dangerous, and Lucifer hangs up the phone on her. He reminds her that she isn't Maze's mother, and texts Maze with Ben's location. Lucifer insists that Maze can handle it.

Ben is packing when classical music plays over the speakers. He investigates and finds Maze by the fire drinking. When he tries to run, Maze easily cuts him off and handcuffs him. She breaks the key off in the lock and punches him, and he draws a gun. Maze disarms him and they wrestle and verbally sparring. He manages to grab the gun and says that he doesn't want to shoot Maze, and says that he was claimed for the two murders. Maze says that she doesn't care, and Ben warns her that Herrera will betray her next.

Chloe meets with Herrera and he tells her that he wants to finish the case because it means a lot to him.

Ben explains that Herrera sent him to track people, but then he quit. The room service waitress, Joan, knocks on the door and brings in a cart. Maze recognizes her, and Joan takes out a semi-automatic and opens fire on them. The demon and Ben take cover.

Back at the station, Chloe tries to call Maze. Maze answers and says that it's not a good time, and Chloe tells her that there's something strange about the case. When Maze says that she's busy, Chloe tells her to call back and then calls someone and asks for a favor.

Joan draws a knife and tells Ben that she's not waiting. She throws it over the table and into Joan's shoulder, and Maze realizes that Ben has been shot in the stomach.

Lucifer meets with Lina and tells him that he's not concerned about Maze. Linda suggests that Maze is trying to prove that her life has meaning with or without a soul,. Maze calls Linda and shows her video of Ben's wound. She asks how she stops Ben from dying, and Linda tells her to go to a hospital. Maze refuses and reaches into bullet wound to confirm that the bullet is there. Linda tells her to remove the bullet and stitch up the wound, and Maze follows her instructions after punching Ben unconscious so he won't feel the pain. She fluffs his bullet, realizes that Lucifer and Linda are watching, and quickly turns off the videocam. Lucifer figures that Ben broke his Maze.

The next morning, Ben wakes up holding Trixie's doll. Maze tells him that nothing weird happened, and says that she got the bullet out. Ben warns that if she takes him back then they'll kill him, and Herrera paid the security guard to lie. The two targets were teenagers, and that's why he refused to kill them. Ben says that he's trying to hold onto a piece of his soul and figures that Maze understands. When Maze says that she doesn't have a soul, Ben tells her that isn't what he's seeing.

Dan comes in and Maze just misses him with a knife. He explains that Chloe wanted him to check on her, and he was on layover in Vancouver. Dan says that Chloe thinks something weird is going on with Herrera, and Maze turns back to Ben... and discovers that he's gone. Dan calls Chloe and fills her in, and figures that Maze got played. Maze isn't convinced, and figures Ben ran because no one would believe him. Dan warns that he doesn't have a gun because he's on vacation, and says that they should turn the case over to the Canadians because they don't have jurisdiction. Maze tells Dan to have it his own way, and turns around to call the Mounties. When he turns back, he discovers that Maze is gone.

Lucifer finds Chloe and admits that Ben hoodwinked Maze. Chloe says that she might have been wrong, and Ben claimed that the security guard lied. Lucifer says that they need to go to Canada, but Chloe says that Maze needs them to trust her. She figures that Maze can handle it herself, and wonders if Lucifer is being the overprotective mother. Lucifer agrees to talk to the security officer, prove that Ben is lying, and then punch him in the face.

Maze follows Ben's blood trail.

Chloe calls the security guard Peter in, and he testifies to what he saw. Lucifer gets him to say that he shoot the teenagers in the back, and Chloe points out that he said the opposite in his original testimony. Peter assumes that Chloe is working with Herrera, and Chloe tells Lucifer that Ben is innocent and Maze is in more trouble than she knows.

Maze finds Ben... with Joan and her men pointing a gun at his head. The demon loudly yells that Ben is her bounty and walks forward. Ben says that he has the killers exactly where he wants them, and tells Maze to go before she gets in the way. Maze says that she isn't going anywhere, and Joan tells her that she saved them a trip to find and kill her. She tells her men to kill Maze... and Dan throws a snowball at Maze. He jumps the killers, and Maze attacks them as well. They take down the men, and when Joan prepares to shoot Maze, Ben clubs her with a limb and then clutches at his side in pain. Maze figures that he opened his stitch, and they hear sirens in the distance. Dan tells them to go while he handles it, and Maze leaves with Ben.

Lucifer and Chloe go to Herrera and tell him that they know the entire thing. Chloe says that they have testimony from Peter and the hit men in Canada testified against Herrera. The officers take Herrera away, and Chloe calls Maze to tell her that they cleared Ben's name. Maze isn't happy that she lost her bounty. She tells him that he can come home now, but Ben warns that the people Herrera working for will keep chasing her. They know about Maze now, and Ben warns that he can never stop running. He asks Maze to come with him, saying that they're the same. Maze kisses him.


Later, Maze has a drink with her friends. They welcome her back and Maze gives Trixie her doll back. There are bloodstains on it, and Trixie thinks that it's awesome. Once Chloe leads Trixie off, Lucifer asks if Maze is all right. Maze tells him that she's exactly where she wants to be.


Maze tells Ben that she has roots and might even miss them, and Ben advises her to be careful because they know more than they think. With that, he turns and goes.

In an office, Sinnerman puts photos of Maze and Ben in a folder.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 17, 2017

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