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The Damage Recap

Margot and Jules drive to Jules' home, and Jules bursts into laughter. When Margot asks her what it is, Jules apologizes and wonders if what they went through it happened. Margot tells her that it did and she just wants to go home. Jules says that she's not ready to do that, and the House took her memories of her family.

The next morning, John watches girls playing in their backyard. When one of them sees him, he waves and one girl waves back. Their father comes out and sends his girls in, and demands to know who John is. John quickly walks away.

In Margot's bedroom, Jules tries to remember hast but can't see her mother's ace. Margot calls Corinne, who complains that Margot was out of touch. She says that she wants to know Margot better, and Margot is unable to remember her ace. Meanwhile, Jules hallucinates JD in the bedroom wither.

Corinne tells Margot that the business was failing and they were going to lose everything. John thought that he was failing them, and when he died of the "accident", they got the insurance payoff. Corinne asks if Margot understands, and Margot realizes that her mother knew that John killed himself and made it look like a suicide. She says that she's sure John did it for them, and Margot stares in shock and remembers swimming with John when she was a child.

Margot goes out by the pool and hears something moving in the shed. She goes over to check it out, but finds nothing inside. She closes and locks the door, unaware that the cannibal John is around the corner, clutching at himself and shivering.

Back inside, Margot tells Jules what Corinne said. She wonders how much longer she can carry it all, and Jules says that after John died, Margot radiated pain and it scared her. She backed away and left Margot behind, afraid that she would need too much. Jules tells Margot that she's there and wants to help her, and Margot pus her head on her friend's shoulder before laughing.

John looks at his decaying hand and then at the house.

Once Margot dozes off, Jules tells her that she loves her. She goes to get a blanket for Margot, and notices that the front door is open. Julies goes out on the step but sees no one. Seth grabs her and muffles her, and tells Jules to calm down. Once she does, Seth tells her that John is in the house.

John approaches the sleeping Margot and looks at her for a moment. He then kneels down and touches her head, taking her memories of her childhood pet dog. A puddle of black goo forms on the floor and the dog rises out of it.

Jules and Seth go back inside and see John crouched on the floor feeding on the dog memory. Seth grabs a candlestick and approaches John from behind and hits him over the head. As John tries to crawl away, Margot wakes up. Seth says that John isn't supposed to be there, and John insists that he's okay and won't do it again. He begs them to just talk, and says that he can control his hunger. John reminds Margot that he did in the cornfield, and asks if she still wants a way that they can still be a family.

Jules tells Seth that John can't stay there, and Seth warns that sending John into the backyard isn't a solution. Margot tells him to go to the basement so she can think, and John refuses. She grabs a pair of scissors and puts it to her arm, and tells John to go to the basement. When he doesn't, she starts to cut herself. John gasps and begs her to stop, and asks Jules to make her stop. He finally agrees and goes to the basement, and they lock the door behind him. Margot tells Jules that it's okay if she goes, and her family is waiting. Jules insists on staying, and Seth wipes the blood from Margot's arm.

John pounds on the basement door and calls to Margot, yelling that she can't keep him down there forever. Meanwhile, Seth tells Margot and Jules that John will only go back into the House if Margot leads him in. She refuses to go back inside, and Seth warns that if the House goes away for another year then John is stuck there. Margot finally says that she doesn't know how but she's going to get rid of John. She figures that she needs help, and Jules warns that it's harder than she thinks.

Margot gets a bottle of pills from the kitchen drawer.

Seth admits to Jules that he doesn't know if he could kill someone. He says that there's a way to make a life inside of the House, and it doesn't want them to kill the things it uses to prey on them. Seth explains that the House made the family in the cage, and he locked them up to protect himself. Jules' phone rings and an image from the House appears on it. Shocked, Jules walks out to the front step.

John looks around the basement and finds photos of his real self and Margot.

Jules breaks into tears and walks back into the house.

John sits down at the real John's old desk and looks at the photos he put up of Margot.

Jules walks down the street.

Margot looks out the front door and realizes that Jules is gone. Seth tells her that Jules left, and Margot explains are the pills that her father used to kill himself. She doesn't know if she can do it, and Seth reminds her that the cannibal isn't her father. Margot doesn't know if she can do it if her father disappears for good, and Seth offers to do it for her.

John sees a door.

Seth enters the basement and asks John if he's still hungry. John walks toward him and they go to the kitchen. He thanks them for reconsidering, and eats some of the memory-dog so he can think clearly. Margot asks to hold it so she can know what her memories feel like, and John hands her part of the dog. She asks Jon about it, and John describes the memory of them finding the dog when they were on a camping trip, and nursed it back to health. When it turned out that Margot was allergic to it, they found a good family for the dog, Moose. John starts coughing, and Margot apologizes. Seth tells her to leave, and then says that he crushed up the pills and put them in the dog. John chokes and collapses, and finally dies. Margot breaks into tears and Seth hugs her, saying that it's over.

Jules watches her mother from across the street, and tries to remember her face in her memories.

Seth and Margot pick up John's body and Seth says that they have to get him back to the House before it disappears. As they rag it out on a chair, Corinne comes in and Margot suggests that they go outside and talk. Corinne pulls away from her and sees "John"'s body. John comes back to lie and vomits up the pills. He shoves Corinne out of the way, and then knocks Seth unconscious. Blinded, he searches for Margot in the kitchen and walks past her. Margot crawls to the back door and John hears the handle click. He manages to grab Margot by the head and drags her inside.

Seth wakes up and looks for Margot. He finds a puddle forming on the floor as John feeds on Margot's memories. Seth breaks John's grips and struggles with him, while Margot lies unconscious on the floor. She wakes up in time to see John digging his fingers into Seth's skull. She yells at John to stop, saying that she'll go back with him.

Corinne wakes up and discovers that she's alone.

John, Margot, and Seth reach the House.

Jules returns home and hears two officers taking Corinne's statement. She quickly leaves and runs down the street, discovers that the House is gone.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 19, 2017

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