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White Eagle Recap

In the big top, Chief Spotted Horse of the Comanche shows is tomahawk-throwing act as his assistant, Nikita, as the others look on. Joey tells Tim that he thinks that it's a good act, but Pete disagrees. They ask Corky, who thinks that the act was great. Meanwhile, a man Taylor bumps into one of Spotted Horse's warriors. Corky goes over and congratulates Spotted Horse, and Nikita asks Corky if he'd like to learn sign language so they can talk.

Taylor talks to Pete and says that he hates them and would like to string them up. Two of Taylor's brothers were with Custer at Big Horn, but Pete tells Taylor that as long as Tim wants them, he'll have to learn to get along.

Later, Spotted Horse and his tribe come out for their first show. Tim spots Taylor shoving Spotted Horse around, and orders the man to get back to work. Pete comes over and says that Nikita tried to steal one of the butterfly costumes. Spotted Horse questions Nikita, who says that she was just trying it on and it won't happen again. As they go, Corky asks Tim to sell him the costume so he can give it as a present. Tim figures that he owes it to him for taking care of Bimbo.

Later, Corky visits Nikita and gives her the costume. The boy assures Spotted Horse that he didn't steal it, and Nikita speaks English. Spotted Horse explains that they speak English, and speaking native tongue is showmanship. Also, when they pretend not to understand, they hear and learn many things are and discover who their friends and enemies are. Spotted Horse says that if there were more like Corky, a great chief named White Eagle will come to teach the red and white men to live together in understanding. He then has Nikita give Corky a warrior's bow and promises to teach him how to use it. Spotted Horse has Corky promise not tell anyone they speak English, and Corky runs off to show Joey his bow.

Later, Joey admires the bow and shows Corky how to shoot. He misses and hits Pete's hate. Pete runs out and figures that an Indian shot his hat.

Later, a man Danny shows up and tells Taylor that he's selling horses to border guerillas. He figures that the circus' draft horses would bring in money, and suggests that Taylor "lose" several of them. Taylor refuses at first, pointing out that he'd be fired. However, he tells Danny that he has some business to take care of first.

Tim and Pete are checking the attendance records when Corky and Joey come in. Corky signs that they're being invited to an Indian celebration that night, but Pete isn't interested.

Taylor is passing Spotted Horse and shoves him again. A warrior comes to Spotted Horse's aid, and when Taylor goes for a gun, Spotted Horse throws a tomahawk and disarms him. Tim comes over and says that Pete told him about his attitude. Taylor says that it goes further with him, and Tim fires him and takes his gun.

That night, the Indians throw their celebration with the circus workers looking on. Nikita is wearing the butterfly costume and she and corky talk in sign. Meanwhile, Pete is stitching up his hat when Taylor clubs him unconscious. Danny and his men arrive, take the horses, and plant an Indian headband next to Pete.

After the celebration, Corky and Tim are taking a sleeping Corky to his wagon when they hear Pete moaning. They run over and discover the horses gone and the headband on the ground. Tim assumes the thieves dropped it, and Pete figures Spotted Horse threw the party while some of his local people stole the horses. Tim and the local sheriff talk to Spotted Horse and shows him the headband. The sheriff warns that the horses are over the border in Indian territory and he has no authority, and it will take three days for a U.S. Marshal to get there. Tim insists on going after them himself, and Pete and Corky go with him. Spotted Horse offers his help, but Tim refuses and they head out.

Pete follows the trail and confirms that the thieves are taking the horses south across the border.

Spotted Horse approaches Corky, who says that if they don’t find the horses then they won't have a circus. The chief says that his people didn't take the horses, because the thieves rode horses with shoes and the Comanches don’t ride shot horses. Spotted Chief says that he doesn't have to prove his innocence, but Corky convinces him otherwise and the chief says that he'll see what he can do.

Tim and the others see dust from the horse up ahead. Taylor spots them and Danny says that they'll be ready for them. When the group arrives, Danny and his men ambush them and Tim has his people drop their guns. Taylor takes the guns and calls Tim and Indian lover, and Danny fires a warning shot at Pete's feet to keep him back. He tells them to head back into town on foot, and they reluctantly go.

As Danny and the others lead the thieves away, a Comanche raiding party rides up. Spotted Horse and Corky are there, and the group attacks the horse thieves. The Indians take down the thieves, and take everyone back to Tim. Spotted Horse says that the entire thing was Corky's idea, and Corky wanted to show the white man that Indians could be trusted.

That night, Spotted Horse holds another ceremony and says that Corky is the true spirit of the legend of White Eagle. He gives him a war bonnet and makes him Little Chief White Eagle. They smoke the peace pipe together--even Pete--and Pete says that Spotted Horse is all right in his book.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 23, 2017

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