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The Little Gypsy Recap

Tula is training Corky in horse riding. She assures him that he's learning fast, Corky reminds Joey that he took him and Bimbo out riding, and Tula tells him that she'll do the sewing while they go. Once Corky runs to change his clothes, Joey says to Tula that he's not sure if the circus is the proper place to bring up Corky. Tula says that Corky would be at the circus even if his parents lived, and it's the first real home that she had. She says that she had love at home but it was smothering love. At the circus she's accepted for what she is, and she's free.

Later, Joey and Corky are fishing. Corky hears a boy in the river, yelling for help, and swims out to rescue him. When they bring the boy, Prado, to shore, he introduces himself and explains that he got a cramp. Corky takes him over to see Bimbo, and Prado tells them that he's never seen a circus. Joey invites him to come, and Prado tells them that first he must ask his father, King Kolya of the Gypsies.

Prado takes them to the Gypsy camp and Prado tells Kolya that Corky saved his life. Kolya says that he owes them a great debt and Joey plays up Corky's rescue. The Gypsy realizes that they're from the circus and says that they are always welcome to their camp. Kolya gives corky a violin as a gift of their gratitude. Another Gypsy, Jano, says that Kolya can't give away his most precious possession. Kolya says that Prado is his most prized possession, and Corky has no choice but to accept. Joey asks to take Prado to the circus, and Kolya agrees.

At the show, Tim presents Tula the bareback rider. After the show, Corky shows Tula the violin and she says that she can teach him once she practices. She goes to her wagon to do so, and Jano comes to get Prado. He hears her playing and recognizes the music, and comes in. He calls her Mariana, saying that her blonde hair might have deceived her but the music doesn't. Jano reminds her that she was promised to her as children, but Tula says that her love must be given not taken. She insists that she's her own woman, and figures that Jano wants a subservient Gypsy girl rather than her. Tula orders him out and Jano goes, but says that they will meet again.

O camp, Jano sends Prado on alone and heads back to the circus. He enters Tula's wagon and says that he's come to take her home. As he drags her away, Corky sees them and tells Tim and Joey. Tim says that Tula is a Gypsy girl and ran away from home. Corky says that Jano abducted her, and Tim wonders if they have a right to bust into a family affair. Joey insists that the circus is Tula's home, and Tim calls out roustabouts to go after Tula.

Prado is telling Kolya about the circus when Jano rides in with Tula. Jano shows them Tula, who says that she does not want to be a Gypsy woman. Kolya insists that she is a Gypsy and can never be a gadja, and Jano tells her that she won't run way once they marry. As Jano carries her into his wagon, Kolya says that they have to leave in case the circus people come after Tula. Tim and the others ride up and Tim asks if Tula is there. Kolya says that she's safe and happy, and Jano refuses to let Tim talk to her. Corky recognizes Jano, and Jano says that he doesn't like strange men talking to his bride.

Jano tosses an apple in the air and nails it with a knife to prove his point. Joey has Tim do the same thing with walnuts and his gun. Jano rides off with his wagon, and Tim and the others chase after him. A lamp overturns inside of Jano's wagon, and he crashes as it bursts into flames. The circus workers get him clear, and Tim gets Tula out. Kolya and the others arrive, and Jano thanks Tim for saving himself and Tula. Kolya comes over and thanks them as well, and Joey points out that they've earned a favor. Jano goes over to Tula and says that she's free to go back to the circus. He admits that she could never be happy with him, and Tula tells Jano that she wants the right to choose the man she love s. Jano never courted her or tried to win her, and Jano admits that he was wrong and now he's lost her. Tula hugs him and Tim asks Kolya that Jano joins the circus so that he can be with his bride. Jano is glad to agree.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 23, 2017

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