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Far from the Tree Recap

Kara and Alex are looking at Alex's new loft, and discuss Eliza's plans to throw the couple a wedding shower. When Alex wonders if everything is okay, Kara assures her that what she's going through has nothing to do with Alex's wedding. Hank arrives and asks them to manage the DEO while he goes to Mars. He explains that M'gann sent him a message asking for help, and admits that he doesn't know. Kara points out that it would be a suicide mission because the Whites are there, and Kara insists on going with him. Alex assures him that it's okay, and Kara is sure that if their positions were reversed then Hank would go.

Supergirl and Hank prepare to go, and Hank takes her to a garage with a 1950s car. They get in and he says that it's his ship and they drive out. It transforms into a spaceship and they head for Mars.

Alex, Maggie, and Eliza are having dinner and Alex assures Eliza that Kara is working through her personal problems. Eliza asks Maggie how long it's been since she's talked about her parents, and Maggie tells her that it's been since 14. She explains how when she first discovered that she was a lesbian, her father told her that she shamed him and left her at her aunt's house. Maggie hasn't see her father since then, and Eliza tells her that the only thing shameful is how her father treated her.

Hank and Supergirl arrive on Mars and enter the remains of the Green Martian city. Megan is waiting for them, and several other White Martians step out. Megan introduces them, including N'keyy and Till'al. Till'al is less than thrilled that Hank is there, and Megan explains that they recently stormed a White Martian base where they kept Greens confined. Hank points out that he's the only Green left, but M'gann says that there's one more, and shows him a picture of the prisoner: M'yrnn, Hank's father.

Supergirl wonders why they kept M'yrnn alive for hundreds of years, and Megan explains that not even the Whites would kill the last servant of their god, H'ronmeer. Till'al warns that they're running out of time, and Megan says that they believe M'yrnn knows how to find the Staff of Kolar. Hank insists that it's a myth, but Megan says that the Whites have found out where it's buried. It's a psychic weapon, and if the White gets it then they can strike down every resistance fighter. They left M'yrnn behind but he closed their mind to them because he doesn't believe they're on his side. The fighters want Hank to convince M'yrnn to tell them where the weapon is buried.

Once they're alone, Alex says that Maggie never told her what happened between her and her father. Maggie tells her that before that day, her father Oscar was the best father and he didn't have it easy. Her aunt told her that her parents erased her from her life. Alex says that parents can sometimes do stupid things, and suggests that Maggie invite them to the shower. Maggie hates the idea and tells Alex to drop it, and Alex agrees.

J'onn goes to M'yrnn's chamber and says that he's his son. He understands that M'yrnn is angry at him for abandoning him, thinking their entire family had been destroyed, and M'yrnn dismisses him as a White trick. He refuses to say where the Staff of Kotar is, insisting that his son would never have fled Mars. Disappointed, J'onn leaves.

Once Alex dozes off, Maggie calls Oscar and leaves a message telling him that she's living in National City and working as a cop. She explains that she's getting married to a woman and invites her parents to the shower. When she hangs up, she realizes that Alex is awake and wonders why she did that.

Hank tells the others what happened. Till'al says that he'll invoke the Right of Tyagar and take the information by psychic force. Megan warns that it could kill M'yrnn, but Till'al says that he won't die doing nothing. Hank warns that he'll never break his father mental defenses, and that he'll get through to his father before it's too late.

Hank talks to Kara and asks if she wonders what her parents would think of the person that she's come. Supergirl thinks that they would be proud of her, and Hank says that he used to think the same thing until he got the chance to ask him. She tells him that he's no coward, and to show his father who he really is.

The next day, Maggie goes to the bus station and finds Oscar. They awkwardly hug and Oscar says that Maggie's mother isn't coming. As they go to his hotel, they discuss Maggie's career and Oscar says that he's followed all of Maggie's cases. She explains that she solved most of her cases the way that he taught her.

Hank enters M'yrnn's cell and insists that he is who he says. M'yrnn' tells him that he's not even a Green, and takes on human form as a courtesy to Hank in his human form. He says that H'ronmeer tested his children by giving them two gifts, and the Staff can only be wielded by one. Deimos chose the symbols while Phobos chose the staff and became the first White. H'ronmeer banished Phobos to the underworld, but his descendants slaughtered the Greens. M'yrnn' serves his god by refusing to let the Whites use the Staff to slaughter.

Till'al tells Megan that he's doing it for them and knocks her out. Supergirl attacks him and goes to the cell, and says that they have to go. M'yrnn' refuses to go with them, but Hank says that home is safe, grabs his father, and they go.

Hank takes M'yrnn' and Supergirl to M'yrnn's former home. M'yrnn' asks how Hank dare bring him there and slaps him, and Hank says that he brought him there to prove he is who he claims. His father tells him that he's broken him at last, and he will spend his last minutes praying for the ruins of his slaughtered family.

At the shower, Eliza begins the trivia contest. Winn questions Maggie about Alex's favorite things, while Oscar arrives with a bottle of Merlot as a shower gift. Alex gets him a drink and he realizes that she's Maggie's fiancé. Maggie comes over and Oscar hugs her, and Maggie introduces Alex. When he realizes that there's no photo of Maggie on Eliza's board, Oscar takes a photo of her out of his wallet, kisses it, and puts it on the board. Eliza leads Maggie and Alex off to open presents, and Maggie tells Alex that she's the greatest gift she could have. As they kiss, Oscar watches them and then walks out, and Maggie goes after him.

When Maggie catches up to Oscar, he says that he can't do it anymore and she's spit in his face. He explains about how he was beaten when he first immigrated to the U.S., and the same people who beat him elected him sheriff. Oscar endured so that Maggie would belong, and Maggie says that she's accepted. Her father warns that the only thing that they hate more than a Mexicano is a homosexual. Oscar tells her that she can live any way that she pleases but he won't watch.

Supergirl interrupts M'yrnn's prayers and has him confirm that she's a Kryptonian. She explains that she also comes from a dead people, and M'yrnn' says that for the last 200 years he's been forced to remember what happened to his people. Supergirl says that it's about M'yrnn's faith now, and H'ronmeer is testing him. M'yrnn' now has a chance to save the Whites, who want to do better. She insists that Hank wants to save Mars, and begs M'yrnn's to give him a chance. M'yrnn' turns to Hank and lets him mentally link with him. They see the home as it once was, and Hank says that it is his favorite memory. Hank's children are there, and they know that M'yrnn' left worship early to surprise J'onn.

M'yrnn comes I to greet his grandchildren, and J'onn comes in. He's surprised and happy to see his father on his birthday. M'yrnn realizes that J'onn is who he claims, and breaks into tears. He apologizes for not believing him, and Hank explains that they need the Staff. Till'al and the others come in with a captive Megan, and M'yrnn' says that the Whites are taking the Staff to a nearby crater.

The Whites approach the Staff. Supergirl drives in with Hank's car, interrupts their ceremony, and claims that she's lost. They prepare to attack her, and J'onn, M'yrnn, and the resistance fighters drop in behind them and attack. Supergirl joins in They defeat the Whites but the resistance fighters grab at their heads as the Staff emits a psychic wave. Supergirl tries to destroy it, but a White grabs her and holds her off. J'onn opens fire with the weaponry in his car, and Supergirl grabs the Staff and destroys the Whites. She then gives the Staff to Till'al, and says that it belongs to the Resistance now, and the resistance fighters cheer.

The fighters give the Staff to Hank, who shows it to M'yrnn. Till'al says that it's too powerful a weapon to have, and tells Hank and Supergirl to take it back to Earth and bury it. Hank admits that he underestimated Till'al, and asks M'gann if she could come back to Earth. She says that her fighter is there and they're closer to winning than ever before, and they hug. Supergirl asks Hank about his father.

Maggie is at the bus station and Oscar approaches her. She gives him the photo back and says that he left her as a little girl at the side of the road. Maggie has been hoping that one day her father would see her and love her for who she is, and thanks him for coming to the shower. Oscar showed her that she's not that girl anymore, and Maggie tells him that she' happy in her own skin and doesn't need anything from him.

Back at the apartment, Maggie tells Alex that she's all the family that she needs. Alex is glad that Maggie is getting closure, and it might make her feel differently about kids. Maggie tells her that her not wanting kids has nothing to do with her childhood. She can picture a life together with Alex, but there aren't kids in the picture. Maggie asks if Alex feels the same way, and Alex says that she does.

Hank and Supergirl return to Earth, with M'yrnn in the back seat. While M'yrnn looks around, Hank tells Supergirl that he couldn’t' have done it without her. She assures him that he could have, and says that she'll see hank at work the next day. Supergirl flies off and Hank tells M'yrnn that Supergirl is special... and it's time to go home.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 24, 2017

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