Far from the Tree

Supergirl goes with Hank to Mars in response to M'gann's telepathic request for help. Meanwhile, Maggie invites her estranged father Oscar to her and Alex's wedding shower that's sponsored by Eliza.


By Gadfly on Oct 24, 2017

Kara and Alex are looking at Alex's new loft, and discuss Eliza's plans to throw the couple a wedding shower. When Alex wonders if everything is okay, Kara assures her that what she's going through has nothing to do with Alex's wedding. Hank arrives and asks them to manage the DEO while he goes to Mars. He explains that M'gann sent him a message asking for help, and admits that he doesn't know. Kara points out that it would be a suicide mission because the Whites are there, and Kara insists on g…

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Episode Discussion

LeonKennedy posted a year ago

30 seconds to Mars...Just like the band. ;)

HottToddy posted a year ago

my first time commenting about any series, any one episode, I had to on this one. The people involved in this one, writers, directors, actors & all others should be proud of what they made. Not just for Supergirl but all of television history, To me this episode was the very best one I have seen in 56 of my 58 years as a boob tube junkie

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