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Luck Be a Lady Recap

Thinker begins a voice journal on subject number two, Becky Sharpe.

Three Weeks Ago

Becky goes into Jitters and orders coffee. She goes home and discovers that her boyfriend is cheating on her, and runs off. Becky is a blackjack dealer, and spills a drink on a customer. She's fired and figures that she's jinxed. Becky's car has been clubbed, and she just misses her bus. The bus stops for her, and the people on board glance at her as she gets on. One of them is Ramsey. There's a flash of light outside that envelops the bus.


Cisco yells to Barry that he can take them, and yells at Barry to run. Barry charges out into the laser tag arena... and gets shot. Cisco soon joins him, and Caitlin comes over and is shocked to learn that they're "dead" already. Outside, Joe and Cecile join them, and Cecile complains about the squeaky pipes. Barry and Iris are familiar with the noise. Iris gets a text that a couple broke up and so their wedding venue opened up.

A breach alert goes off and the team heads to S.T.A.R. Labs. Wally is waiting with flowers and a teddy bear for who he assumes is Harry as the others arrive. He tells Wally that Jesse isn't coming, and gives him a hologram projector from Jesse. The machine fritzes out, and Harry explains that it's a breakup cube. He tells Wally what it is, and Wally is shocked to learn that Jesse is breaking up with him. Harry claims that he doesn't remember what Jesse said, and finally repeats it. Wally walks off, A 211 goes off at a bank and Flash speeds off to check it out.

Becky gets out of a Uber car and finds a penny, and goes into the bank. He chokes and knocks a repairman off of a nearby ladder so he hangs onto the security camera, knocking it of-center. As Becky walks through the bank, accidents happen all around her. She casually walks to the vault, grabs some money, and leaves with nobody the wiser. Flash arrives but a repairman drops a barrel of marbles in front of Flash, who goes flying as Becky leaves in her Uber driver's waiting car.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, the team reviews the footage and they identify Beck. In the last three years that she's lived in Central City, she's had a number of accidents and robberies. Harry insists that it's quantum entanglement, not bad luck, and Barry figures that when good things happen to Becky, bad things happen to others. Since she's only been in Central City for three years, she couldn't be a meta. Cisco checks the scanners in the Flash suit, and Joe goes to meet with Cecile while Cisco finds traces of dark matter on Becky. Harry calibrates their satellite to scan for the dark matter, and Iris gets a text that something arrived for her at the loft.

Joe arrives home and discovers that Cecile has called a repairman to fix the pipes. The repairman says that it will cost them $15,000 to redo the piping for the entire house. Once he leaves, Cecile suggests that they take the $15,000 and use it as a down payment for something. Joe realizes that she's suggesting that they sell his house, and says that he'll think about it.

At the apartment, Iris is trying on her wedding dress when Barry speeds in. He admits that he saw the dress, and says that the villa they wanted for the wedding burned down. Another couple booked their backup that morning. Barry assures Iris that it will work out, but Iris isn't convinced.

Becky is eating alone when her boyfriend arrives with his date. A waiter bumps into him and spills suit on him. The Mechanic and Thinker are watching, and Thinker says that Becky is the most powerful of his recruits and requires more observation.

Cisco and Harry are tracking the dark matter when Barry joins them. They come to the street corner where Becky was exposed to dark matter. Barry remembers that three weeks ago he came out of the Speed Force there and then ran to Ivy City. A bus goes by and they figure a busload of passengers were exposed to the dark matter wave.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry and the others tells Joe, Caitlin, Iris, and Wally what happened. Harry says that they ordered the Speed Force without him, and Cisco points out that he used his calculations. They argue and Harry goes off to return to his earth. Cisco figures that they need to focus on capturing Becky, and Barry figures that they can convince Becky to give up.

Joe gets a call from Cecile, and asks Barry to run him to the house. When they arrive, they discover that water is leaking from the roof. Barry turns off the water and Cecile goes to check it out. Joe wonders if they're jinxed, and tells Barry that Cecile thinks that she should sell the house. He says that all of his memories of Barry and Iris are tied to the house, and Barry assures him that he'll have the memories no matter where he lives. Cisco calls to tell Barry that he's find Becky at Jitters.

Becky is scratching lottery tickets at Jitters when Barry approaches her. He asks if he can sit and she agrees, and Barry explains that he investigates metas and she's one. Becky tells her that she was exposed to dark matter, and that she's had a lot of luck lately and took some money. He says that getting powers is overwhelming, and Becky says that she has an idea of how to use them. She warns that bad luck happens to people that get I he way, and Barry sees potential accidents all around her. Becky tells him that her luck has been jinxed, but she knew one day the universe would see its mistake and her luck would turn good. Barry warns that her powers are making everyone feel as awful as she used to. Becky figures that it's their turn and tells Barry that there's nothing he can do to stop her. She walks out as all of the accidents start to happen.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry tells the others what happened. Cisco nicknames her Hazard, and Barry says that her bad luck only falls apart in Hazard's vicinity. The others figure that they're jinxed, but Barry insists that they make their own luck. Iris calls Barry to a church and when he arrives, she says that they're getting married there right away. She figures that with all of the bad luck that they've had, they'd better marry while they can. The funeral leaves and iris takes Barry up to the altar. They ask the priest to marry them, and the priest asks for a moment to reset the altar. Iris flips the deceased painting around and the priest begins. He breaks into a coughing fit due to his cinnamon allergy and the incense, and another priest leads him off. Disgusted, Iris leaves.

Harry is studying calculations in desperation and Cisco comes in to apologize. He's surprised to see Harry there, and Harry explains that things are complicated on Earth-2. He explains that he spent the summer assembling a support team for her, but Jesse kicked him off the team because he pushes her too hard. Now Harry doesn't have a home to go back to, and says that they'll handle Hazard and then he'll be out of their hair.

An alarm goes off and they discover that low-probability events are going off all over town.

At the house, Joe is stuck. When Cecile goes to open it, she slips and falls.

As the quantum field gets higher, a goose fires into a jet's engine. It explodes and Harry figures that the more good luck she has, the more bad luck she causes.

At the casino, Hazard rolls snake eyes for the 37th time, winning over a million dollars.

The particle accelerator at S.T.A.R. Labs turns back on and goes into overload. They have four minutes until it accelerates. Harry tries to shut it down, while the pilots try to make a water landing.

Joe tries to get out of the bathroom.

Flash goes to the casino where a woman is dropping coins. Hazard picks them up and takes them to a one-armed bandit. As Flash arrives, he slips on the coins and ends up with his pair of power-dampening handcuffs on his hands.

A short knocks Harry back.

Flash tells Iris what happened, and she tries to work out a way to get the handcuffs off.

Harry and Cisco work to stop the accelerator.

Someone in the casino accidentally sets off the fire alarm and everyone runs.

Joe gets to Cecile but the door accidentally locks behind them.

Flash tries to calm people down, and a sign falls on him. Meanwhile, Hazard tries to get three cherries on the machine.

Wiring explodes all around Joe and Cecile.

Iris can't get the cuffs off of Flash.

Harry tells Cisco to let the accelerator trust on. When Cisco questions him, Harry asks him to trust him. The accelerator explodes and as third wheel comes up cherry... it rolls over to a star. Hazard loses, and the plane recovers and pulls up just in time. Cisco says that the exploding accelerator released a charge that temporarily negated Hazard's quantum field. He tells Harry that he did it, and Harry says that it was a lucky guess.

Flash puts the handcuffs on Hazard and takes her away.

Later, Harry visits Cisco in his workshop. He apologizes very briefly, and Cisco suggests that he expand on it a bit. Harry doesn't and starts to go, and Cisco tells him that he can stay. He says that Harry is family and he'll always have a home there, and Harry says that it's not his world. Harry says that he has work colleagues, but Cisco points out that he's never made a life for himself. However, he can make one with them with their help.

Joe tells the team that Becky is locked up at Iron heights. Harry does heat scans of the bus three weeks ago and determines that there were twelve people onboard at the time. They've identified two and they can go after the other ten. Wally points out that he went to Earth-2 during the crisis, and she said that she has to focus on herself. He figures that he's doing the same and is going to stay with a friend in Blue Valley. Barry wishes him well and Wally hugs him and then the others. Joe tells him that he doesn't want to lose him, and Wally assures him that he never will. If they need him then he'll come running. Iris says that Central City will always be his home.

Once Wally goes, Harry suggests that someone is manipulating them, and the individual who created Samurai set it up so that Barry's return would create metas.

The Mechanic tells Thinker that the team has identified the targets sooner than planned. Thinker concedes that they might be smarter than planned, but he's smarter.

When Joe returns home, he finds Cecile replastering the holes. She says that it's their home, and Joe tells her that she was right and it's time for him to let the place go. as they hug, Cecile tells Joe that she's had a change of heart and wants to stay. She then tells him that she's pregnant, and Joe stares at her in shock.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 25, 2017

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