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Winter of Our Discontent Recap

Kai's blueshirts are leaving the house as Rudy arrives. Kai comes out and looks at his brother, and Rudy congratulates Kai on his win. They go inside and Kai figures that Rudy didn't visit him because he was ashamed that his patient tried to shoot him. Rudy says that Ally is a sick woman, and tells Kai that he didn't know about any of his plans. His brother says that he's just as bad as their father was, and he looked after himself. Rudy tells him that he doesn't want to be like his father, and assures Kai that what he's doing is awesome. He wants to help him get his message out and turn it into a national movement, and Kai agrees. Kai hugs Rudy and thanks him for his support, and tells him to call him Councilman.

The blueshirts go to the Butchery to eat, and Ivy says that Kai told her to make sure that they eat healthy. They dismiss her concerns and she storms off. Beverly is in the back making rolls, and Ivy complains to her that she's been treating like a slave. Beverly says that Ivy wasn't at the council meeting the night before.

The Night Before

The council votes says to bring in private security, while the blueshirts sit I the audience. One councilman, Perry, wonders if they should spend more money to put armed men on the streets when they already have policemen. Kai points out that Perry leaves in a gated community, and even Perry's daughters have to leave to go to school. After a moment, Perry votes and the motion passes.


Beverly tells ivy that if they kill Kai, then his army will fall. Winter overhears them and warns that it would be suicidal. She warns that they still need Kai, but Beverly tells her that there is no plan and Winter has to decide if she's with them or against them. Beverly tells her that Kai will do whatever he wants to get what he wants, even sacrificing Winter. Winter insists that Kai would never hurt her.

October 2015

Kai and Winter troll social justice warriors and go further than anyone else would go. Pastor Charles contacts them and says that they're worthy of invitation. He invites them to the Judgment House, a farm in Wixom. Kai and Winter go there and Charles greets them. He tells them that they can never speak of what they see inside, and they go in. Charles says that he is the watchman, and leads them into a room. The door locks and the lights come up, revealing a crib with blood on the mattress. A curtain moves aside, revealing a woman on a gurney saying that she killed her child. The woman tells them that it isn't a show, and Charles kidnapped her and is doing it to her. Kai doesn't believe her, but realizes that it's real blood.

Charles electrifies the woman through her collar, and Winter tries to leave. She goes into the next room and Kai follows her. It smells like death, and they find a man barely alive strapped to a chair with IVs going into his veins. The man wakes up and says that Charles is corrupting him with his drugs and he's dying from the inside out.

In the next room, Kai and Winter find a man strapped to a chair, begging them for help. Charles preaches over the intercom against men lying with men, and the siblings realize that there are other men and mannequins in the room. The prisoner says that when Charles is done talking, swords will burst through his chest. Kai works at the man's straps, and they pull him free just as Charles releases the knives. They send the man to get help and free the others. Charles finds Winter and says that he sees a connection between her and the people in the house, and says that she needs to be in the house.

Kai knocks Charles out from behind and straps him to a chair. He says that all of the people that he captured and tortured were innocent of what Charles accused them of. Charles insists that he doesn't answer to them or their laws, and Kai tells Winter that he doesn't deserve anything less than what he was going to put Winter through. Winter agrees that they should kill Charles, and kai activates the knives in the chair.


Winter admits that Kai went deeper into the Dark web after he killed Charles. She says that Kai has lost her way, but will go to him and convince her. Ivy hugs her and Beverly says that they'll try I her week. However, if she's still in the kitchen at the end of the week, she's going after Kai.

Winter goes to the house and tells Kai that the women are restless. He points out that someone killed Harrison, but assures Winter that he's not mad about it. Kai calls Winter over and does the pinky-power. He asks Winter if she loves him and will always be loyal to him. Winter says that he makes it hard, and Kai tells her to understand her place in the bigger picture. She gives her vow of loyalty, and Kai pulls his pinky away and says that he loves the family that they're going to make. They will create a savior to carry on their mission, and Winter will be the mother. Winter tells him that it's incest, and Kai says that Samuels will be the instrument of their union. Kai will enter Samuels as Samuels enters Winter, so Kai will be the father. He asks if Winters will be cool with it.

Rudy visits Ally, who points out that he had her locked up in a psych ward for three weeks. She figures that he never believed what she said, and Rudy says that he does now. He warns that Kai is more dangerous than she knows, and admits that Kai is his brother. Rudy shows her a family photo of them, and Ally realizes that Winter is Rudy and Kai's sister. She figures that Rudy fed Kai information about her phobias, and Rudy says that Kai broke into his office and accessed his case files. He asks Ally to trust him and he'll put her together with her son.

Samuels and winter sit in the basement, and Samuels insists that it's the most important work that they'll ever do. Kai joins them and turns on music, and leads them to a bed. He says that the music will be played whenever a messiah is conceived, and has them remove their garments to perform the sacred copulation. Kai anoints Winter and has lie on the bed, and then kisses Samuels. He tells Samuels to mount Winter, and Samuels says that he can't get it up with girls anymore. Kai tells him that it isn't sex but a spiritual journey, and Winter tells Kai that it's too screwed up even for him. She says that the entire ritual is bullshit.

Ally holds Oz's hat and strokes his toys as she lies in bed. She goes to the kitchen and when someone knocks at the door, she hides a knife in her belt. It's Kai, and Ally invites him and his blueshirts in. She says that she asked him there to offer him information, and asks to speak to Kai privately. Kai agrees rather than look weak, and Ally tells him that he has something that she wants: Oz. Kai denies having any control over her family, but Ally demands his word. He gives it, and Ally says that Rudy is trying to get Kai committed. Rudy has to prove that he tried to stop Kai if Kai fails,. Kai wonders what's different about Ally, and she dishes up Sloppy Joes and tells Kai that he did the one thing that nobody else could do: cure her. Ally says that she's not afraid of anything anymore, and Kai eats the Sloppy Joe. Unconcerned, Kai eats it with no fear that it's poisoned and savors the taste.

Winter is out wearing a dunce cap and dropping pop cans by the side of the road. Samuels drives up and Winter gets in. and Samuel tells her that it's her penance. He calls her servant, and says that he's just following orders. Samuels gives her gruel and says that when he first met Kai, Kai was his bitch.

The Past

Samuels finds Kai selling drugs using Rudy's prescription pad. The detective threatens to arrest him, but says that he could be his partner. Later Kai sneaks into Samuels house where he's trying and failing to have sex with a woman. The woman says that there's something wrong with Samuels and storms out, and kai turns off the music and enters the bedroom. Samuels insists that he can date any girl he wants but he hasn't found the right one yet. Kai tells him that he hates women, and they make him weak. He says that Samuels knows it and subconsciously tries to stop them, and he has to take power. Kai tells him that he needs a man, and there's no such things as gay or straight. With a man, there's no energy drain.


Winter tells Samuels that he's gay. Samuels insists that it's more complex like that, and she throws the gruel in his lap. He prepares to impregnate her, and chokes her so that he can get hard. Winter grabs his gun and knocks him back, and says that Samuels is a turd like every man. She orders Samuels to say it, but he refuses. Winters admits that it's too late for her, and it's too late for Samuels as well and shoots him in the head.

Later, the cult gathers in the basement. They bring the "betrayers" to Kai: Beverly and Rudy. Kai removes his clown mask and says that his flesh and blood will die first. He tells Rudy that he was supposed to help him, and Rudy insists that Kai can always trust him. Kai insists that he's been chosen and people are looking to him for leadership. His brother says that he wants him to succeed, and loves him. Kai reminds Rudy that he taught him pinky-power, takes Rudy's pinky with his own, and Winter removes her mask and cuts Rudy's pinky off. Kai then stabs Rudy in the throat.

Kai turns to Beverly and says that he had plans for her but she pissed it all away. He asks why, and says that Winter told him that Beverly killed Samuels. When Beverly says that winter is full of shit, Kai slaps her and she says that he betrayed her. Beverly tells him that he's a fake, and Kai rants that he stands for a greater purpose. She tells him to kill her and put her out of his misery, and Kai says that he wants her to suffer. Ki has his men take Beverly to the isolation chamber.

Turning to the cult, Kai says that they must have loyalty and now they can move forward. Ivy and the others remove their masks except one. Kai welcomes their newest member and she removes her mask... revealing that she's Ally.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 25, 2017

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