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Skull + Electromagnet Recap

In a plane over the Bermuda Triangle, Commander Byron Wheeler calls in that he has the package and three agents KIA. Wheeler checks the package--a woman--and says that she's refusing to talk. The radio static increases, and the woman secretly pulls a lock pick out of her skin and starts working on the handcuffs. She then gets free and attacks the remaining soldiers and shoots the control console. The plane goes down as the woman kills the men.

At MacGyver's home, Wilt arrives with a giant spider and gives them to the others as they decorate. They scare him with a fake skeleton wearing Wilt's mask that Murdoc used. Mac does it again and Sam says that back in DC she was known for her haunted houses so she's keeping the tradition alive in LA. Jack complains that the decorations are lame, and Sam assures him that the house will be scary. He says that he and his brother stole a real dead body from a morgue to scare kids, and the others point out that it's a felony.

Matty calls them in and tells them that a CIA tactical team returning from Senegal with a prisoner is lost near Bermuda. Wheeler is the Vice President's son, and the CIA wants to keep it quiet. Mac points out that the prisoner's info has been redacted, and Matty says that the CIA considers it need-to-know. She tells them that the plane flew into an electrical storm strong enough to knock out is radio beacon. The Navy and Coast Guard have been unable to locate the plane, and Mac figures that they're searching in the wrong place. He figures the pilot built up a speed for a controlled descent, and Jack points out that they went down in the Bermuda Triangle. He figures that they're as good as gone, but Matty tells Riley to task a satellite and the team heads there.

As the team flies there, Mac tries to figure out what Sam is afraid of. She says that she won't talk, and Riley brings the sat images up. She finds the plane where Mac predicted, on Goat Island. Goat Island was the training base for the Navy Raiders during World War II, and was never officially decommissioned. All transmissions from the base ended when the war ended.

The team land on the island and Riley is unable to maintain radio contact with Phoenix due to electrical interference. They find the crashed plane and Mac and Sam check the interior. The plane is deserted, and the others outside fid no one.

Inside, Sam finds the opened manacles and Mac figures the prisoner caused the crash. Outside, Wilt finds blood and He, Riley, and Jack discover the trail leads to the old base. Meanwhile, Mac smells jet fuel and as he clears away the wreckage, a wire sets off a fire. He and Sam get out just in time as the plane explodes, and when the others arrive Mac says that someone rigged the explosion. They figure that the prisoner did it and wonder who they are, and Wilt proposes that he and Riley set up a base camp nearby so the exfil team has a beacon to home in on. As they go, Jack insists on giving a gun to Riley.

Mac, Jack, and Sam head to the base and Jack says that they shouldn't split up. The trail leads toward the radio tower and the trio goes inside. Sam figures that a survivor was trying to send out a distress signal, and one radio sparks when Jack touches it. The dust has been disturbed on a radio, and Mac figures that someone cranked it up.

The trio checks with Riley and Wilt, who are setting up a satellite uplink dish to communicate with Phoenix. Static cuts off the radio, and in the tower he trio hear Wheeler on the radio. He says that he's lost the rest of his team, he was knocked out, and woke up in a dark room. Wheeler describes where he is, and Mac tells Jack to keep him talking. Jack chats with Wheeler about UFOs at Wheeler's base, while Mac improvises a tracer out of a signal and wires.

As night falls, Mac and the others continue to follow Wheeler's signal. He says that the prisoner was a woman and dropped three of his men, and they weren't given a name. Wheeler figures that she survived the crash, and she took out the entire team. He suggests that she was former Special Forces. The team finds two walkies tied together and realize that's what they've been tracking. Jack suddenly falls through the floor to a basement room 20' below, and he finds old combat training dummies. The stone floor is cold, and Mac figures that wheeler is stuck behind the wall. Mac's antenna fell as well and broke, and he heads to the radio tower to get supplies He suggests that Jack poke around while he's stuck there.

At the base camp, Wilt looks around nervously and admits to Riley that he's scared of serial killers coming after them. Riley makes contact with Matty and tell her what happened. Matty doesn't know who they're dealing with but says that she's going to find out.

Bill Kearns returns home and hears his siren going off. Matty is waiting for him and tells him that no one at the CIA will tell her about the prisoner. Bill tells her that the mission is above her clearance and the VPs, and Matty says that Bill will tell her everything about the prisoner or she'll tell the deputy director about Mexico City.

Sam checks on Jack, who hasn't found anything. She insists that there's no such thing as ghosts, but Jack isn't convinced. He finds a door and goes inside, and finds air coming out of a tear in an old map on the wall. Jack peers in and confirms that there's a passageway, and he reluctantly checks it out.

At the tower, Mac is gathering supplies when a phone rings. He answers it and discovers that it's Wilt. Wilt and Riley explain that they tied into the original undersea phone lines. Mac brings them up and Riley tells them that the prisoner is Harper Hayes, former top operative for the CA Special activities division. She turned traitor and has been working for organizations across the globe. Harper has a history of patching herself up with black market strategies. Mac's light flickers and he hears someone moving in the darkness.

Sam looks around and finds a photo from the 1940s. She also finds a postcard, and her flashlight goes out. Harper comes up behind her.

Mac runs back with his supplies and discovers that Sam and Jack. He finds Jack and tells her about Harper, and figures that she'll kill them all if they don't stop her. Mac takes out a can of corn and uses it and the 1940s TV components to make a device to see heat signatures.

Riley gets a satellite connection but is unable to get a response.

Mac puts the thermal detector on a wheelchair and they find a heat signature behind a door. There's a hyperbaric chamber inside, and Mac figures the Navy Raiders were using it to deal with decompression sickness. Sam is inside and they keyhole has been plastered over, and Harper has spot-welded a water pipe to the chamber so it's filling up. Jack figures that Harper set the whole thing up as a distraction, and she's going to grab Wheeler and their plan and escape. Mac tells Jack to find her while he saves Sam.

Jack heads back and calls Riley, who tells him where she's picking up Harper on the satellite tracking. After giving him directions, Riley picks up a massive heat signature.

As Mac rigs up a makeshift bolt gun, Sam says that she's been afraid of water since she was a child. He tells her to move back and places the bolt gun up against the glass, and shatters the glass.

Riley directs Jack to Harper. It's Wheeler, who warns that Harper is using him to draw Jack out, just as Harper opens fire on him. Jack is hit and falls off a nearby cliff, and takes cover. Harper tells him to come out, knocks out Wheeler, and starts searching for Jack.

Riley and Wilt track the heat source and find the rest of the crew, left for dead.

Jack makes his way back to the base and Harper follows him. She yells that she needs Wheeler so she can put him up for auction, and finds Jack. As she prepares to shoot, first her gun and then her body are pulled against the metal wall. Jack figures that it's a spirit, but Mac steps out laughing and says that he created an electromagnetic. Since Harper had metal parts in her body, the electromagnet worked on her.

The next day, the soldiers take Harper into custody. Sam tells Harper that Mac got her out of the tank and she looks forward to settling things up with her later. Wheeler thanks them, and Sam thanks Mac for saving her life. She asks him not to share what she told him about her fear, and Mac readily agrees. Jack says that he feels pretty good and admits that he might have overreacted. He says that he's immune to fear, just as the scream ring-tone goes off on Mac's phone and Jack jumps.

Back in LA, children come to Mac's house for Halloween. Jack and the others terrorize them and give them candy. Matty comes in with candy, and isn't scared, Mac arrives and sends Matty to the garage where Jill is passing out candy, and they get ready to scare the next group of kids.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 28, 2017

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