Beauty Recap

The Past

Gold and Belle get their son Gideon ready for his first birthday party, and Gold tells his wife to relax. He gives her a travel album for their travels, and tells her that she finally deserves to get to the see the world like she's always wanted.


As children go out for Halloween, Weaver finds Tilly on a bench and sits down with her. He offers her a sandwich and says that they can talk business. Tilly says that she used to have a girlfriend for worked for Victoria, and wonders why Weaver works for her. Weaver insists that he doesn't, and Tilly tells him that things are changing. She says that he's wearing a mask and would rather see the man behind it. Irritated, Weaver says that they're done and walks away.

Jacinda arrives at Victoria's office with a costume and pumpkin for Lucy. Ivy calls for security, and Jacinda says that she just came by to drop off Lucy's things. The receptionist complains that now she has to take Lucy trick-or-treating, and would rather do that then make Victoria unhappy.

Victoria gets into her car and Tilly jumps out of the back, startling Victoria. She wonders how they all got to Hyperion Heights, and reaches for Victoria's mask. Victoria hits her in the face with pepper spray and when Tilly runs off, Victoria takes the backpack that she left behind.

Later, Victoria calls Weaver to her office and asks why Tilly accosted her. She shows Weaver his card that was in Tilly's backpack, along with a bottle of pills. The pills are the only thing keeping Tilly sane, and Victoria tells Weaver to take the pills before she endangers herself. Weaver tells her that locking up one of his best informants doesn't suit him, and Victoria suggests that he's not the man she thought he was. Weaver agrees and says that she'll visit him in prison, and Weaver advises her to be careful. Victoria asks if it will be him or Tilly.

At the bar, Roni serves Henry a Halloween drink and wonders why he's so gloomy. Henry tells her that he saw the cemetery where his wife and daughter are buried, and it was like losing them all over again. Roni says that she understands how it's hard to move on after someone loses the love of their live. She advises Henry to ask Jacinda to go to a Halloween party, and says that he owes it to himself to find happiness for himself.

Weaver tells Rogers what happened, and says that he saw fear in Victoria's eyes. He figures that Tilly knows something that Victoria doesn't want getting out, and they should find it out. When Rogers objects, Weavers tells him that Tilly is his informant and he'll deal with it. When Rogers says that he thought Weaver cared about the girl, Weaver tells him that he doesn't care about anyone.

The Past

Gold and Belle chase after a ten-year-old Gideon, who runs across a bridge across a river that they're visiting. He tells Belle that the last ten years of his life have been the happiest he can imagine. Gold tells her that he wants to live life as a mortal and takes out the Dagger, and now he hopes that the river can grant him his wish to live a singular non-magical life. He drops the Dagger in the river, but discovers it sheathed at his side again. Belle assures him that they'll find a way to grant him mortality, and says that all she wants is a life with him.


Ivy takes Lucy trick-or-treating, and Lucy knows that Ivy didn't get invited to the ball. Lucy goes up to the next house and gives the next girl candy. The girl puts on Lucy's paper bag mask and goes back to Ivy, who soon realizes that Lucy has given her the slip.

Weaver finds Tilly at the troll bridge, and she says that she finally understands now that she's seen the full story. Tilly tells Weaver that his story is a thing of beauty, and Weaver asks her why she assaulted Victoria. She figures that Victoria wants her to take the pills when she's so close to remembering, and Weaver wonders what it is she knows about Victoria. Tilly insists that they're all parts of the big picture, and Victoria made them all wear masks and scattered them so that they couldn't share information. The girl says that soon Weaver will realize that he's a good man behind the beast. Weaver asks what she knows about Victoria, and Tilly tells him that she'd rather show him.

The Past

Eight years later in Gold's castle, Gideon comes in with books and tells his parents that they're for him. He says that he's been accepted into the academy and starts in two weeks. Gideon goes off and Gold says that they've spent years trying to break the curse when they should have raised Gideon. Belle tells him that they have and now it's time for Gideon to find his own adventures, and Gold wonders if he's not ready. She shows him a scroll with the answer to how to get rid of the Dagger. When the Dark One finds eternal love and goes to the place where time stops, a path will appear to the place where darkness will rest. Gold realizes that it's the Edge of Realms, and Belle says that they're going.


Jacinda is serving food when Henry comes in and starts to ask her out. Ivy arrives outside and Jacinda sees her, and Ivy explains that she thought Lucy came there. Henry comes out and Ivy tells Jacinda that her running around with her prospective baby daddy isn't a life. Jacinda says that if she leaves then she'll get fired, and Ivy heads off. Henry tells Jacinda to stay there while he helps Ivy, and gives Jacinda his phone so that they can stay in touch.

That night, Tilly takes Weaver across town and he gives her some food. She realizes that Weaver ground up her pills and put them in the sandwich. Tilly says that the pills make her foggy and that's what Victoria wants, and admits that she never thought Weaver would take away her memories. She insists that he has someone who loves him and is waiting for him, and Weaver wishes that he was that good man. Tilly tells him that they still have time before the pills make her sober, hits the brakes, jumps out of the car, and runs off.

The Past

Gold and Belle reach the Edge of Realms, and Gold warns that an eternity there could be like the blink of an eye back home. Belle says that they'll build their home there with their own hands and wait, and Gold agrees. They kiss and then go to work. Once the house is complete, Gold puts the dagger away and they spend their days waiting. Gideon visits them occasionally, and he and Belle grow older while Gold doesn't. One day Belle collapses and Gold catches her. He holds her in his arms as she dies.


Henry tries to find Lucy, and comes to Ivy sitting alone crying. He wonders why she didn't let Jacinda take Lucy out and make everyone happy, and Ivy says that it wouldn't make Victoria happy. Ivy admits that without Victoria she's alone, and Henry says that until a week ago he spent all of his time alone with unwritten manuscripts representing his baggage. She wonders how they get rid of it, and Henry says that they do the scary thing and take a chance. Ivy agrees to help find Lucy, and they go to the haunted house that Lucy talked about earlier.

Waver catches up to Tilly and she leads him into the cargo container that he uses home. She forgets that she's Tilly, but tells Weaver that he's close to being himself. Tilly takes out a chipped teacup.

The Past

Gold sets belle down and she assures him that he'll never lose her. He prepares to use the Dagger, but Belle tells him that years ago, she realized that the sun that needed to set was her life. Gold has to believe that their love is powerful enough to outlast her death, and then he'll find the path that leads him back to her. She knew that Gold wouldn't have accepted it, and she wanted to live their lives. Belle tells her husband that it's time to let her go. When Gold says that he's afraid, Belle tells him the story of how the Beast fell in love with Belle and let her go, and that's when she realized that she loved him. She points out that he let her go before and they found their way back to each other, and assures him that he's a good man. Belle promises that he'll find his way back to her and dies. Sobbing, Gold begs Belle not to leave him.


Tilly tells Weaver that he gave her the cup and that it would remind him how to get back to hr. Weaver says that it's just a cup, and Tilly says that they knew each other before. She can't remember his real name, grabs his gun, and aims it at him. When Weaver wonders why she's doing it, Tilly says that it's because he told her to. She calls him "Rumplestiltskin" and shoots him in the chest. Shocked, she drops the cup.

The Past

Gold and Gideon bury Belle, and Gold says that he doesn't want to remember what happened. Gideon asks for the Dagger, and Gold says that there is only one who is destined to hold such darkness: the Guardian. When he passes the Dagger onto the Guardian, the Darkness will finally rest and Gold will be reunited with Belle. Now he has to go to the moment where the Guardian is waiting for him, even if he doesn't know it yet.

As Gold travels to another realm, Alice bumps into him while chasing a white rabbit. Henry drives by on a motorcycle, and Alice figures that he's there for the ball. Weaver says that he's looking for someone more important, and Alice introduces herself.


Weaver dreams of Belle and wakes up in a hospital bed. Rogers is there holding the bullet, and explains that it went right through Weaver and he should be dead. Tilly is out in the waiting room, and Weaver tells Rogers to file a report that a masked robber shot him and fled on foot. As for Tilly, she's ready to go. When Rogers suggests that Weaver is fond of Tilly, Weaver irritably says that he doesn't want his opinion.

Rogers goes out to the waiting room and Tilly asks if Weaver will be all right. She wonders if she's in trouble, and Rogers says that Weaver doesn't blame her. Tilly promises that she'll keep taking her pills, and Rogers sits down to join her at a game of chess that she's studying.

Henry brings Lucy to the fast-food place and says that Ivy was the one who found her. Ivy comes in and says that she's had enough of Lucy, but tells them that the three of them should go trick-or-treating while she handles Victoria. She insists that she's not doing it for Jacinda and leaves. Henry says that he doesn't want to get in the way of Jacinda and Lucy when they go out, and she assures him that he'll fit right in. He asks her to take a look at his blog post about the garden. Jacinda wishes him a happy Halloween and goes.

Victoria visits Weaver and he tells her that Tilly is back on her pills. He admits that he let her go, and tells Victoria that he found something much bigger than what's on the tapes Victoria is using to blame him. Weaver calls her "Dearie" and advises her to choose her next step carefully because there's nothing she can do to hurt him.

At the bar, Ivy joins Henry and gives him a bottle of liquor as a gift for listening to her side of the story. She pours them both drinks and asks if he went out with Jacinda and Lucy. Henry admits that he couldn't and it's complicated, and Ivy offers him a toast to keeping things uncomplicated.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 28, 2017

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