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The Masked Marvel Recap

The Masked Marvel, Billy Benson, is demonstrating his skill in the ring as Joey sets up the targets. Pete wonders why he hides his mask, but Tim dismisses it as showmanship. Once he's done, Billy tells Corky that the first thing he has to learn if he's going to shoot is when not to shoot. Corky asks why Billy always wears a wristband, and Billy explains that he needs it for his weak wrist. Tim and Pete come over, and Billy thanks them for giving him the chance to show his skill when he was working as a roustabout.

Later, Tim presents the Masked Marvel to the crowd. A man, Matt, is sitting the crowd watching him. Afterward, Matt runs out to his house and tells his leader, Earl Stanton, that the Masked Marvel is faster than he is. Earl says that there's only one other man that can shoot like him because he taught him how. Earl and Matt go back and watch the Masked Marvel's performance, and Earl figures that there's only one man who can shoot like the Masked Marvel does.

Later, Corky visits Billy in his wagon and asks to help clean Billy's gun. Billy agrees and warns him to never put his finger near the trigger. Billy asks Corky to give him a few lessons and in return he'll show him how to shoot. Corky runs to get his guns, and Earl and Matt enter the wagon. Earl introduces Billy to Matt as his kid brother, and says that he has a proposition for him. Billy says that they have nothing to discuss, and Earl says that the circus setup is perfect. His brother tells him to stay far away, and tells him that he walked out of Earl's life because he didn't want any part of it. He says that Earl is a has-been and asks when he's going to grow up. Earl tells him that he has to rely on the only talent he knows, and asks Billy to throw in with them. Billy refuses, and Matt and Earl leave.

The next day, Joey shows Corky a fake butterfly and says that Billy is going to shoot it off of his show for the new act. Bimbo sprays them with water as Corky tries to give him a bath.

Matt rides up to Billy and says that Earl was hurt by what Billy said and took a bullet low before the law caught up to them. He says that Earl wanted to talk to Billy, and Billy goes to go with Matt while Corky overhears them. They ride out to Scotty's Shack, and Earl is waiting inside, unharmed. He says that they want Billy to throw in with them, and figures that they can take $15,000 from the circus. If Billy doesn't do his act then Earl will step in as the Masked Marvel. Matt knocks Billy out and Earl has him tie Billy up.

Later, Earl and Matt go to the circus. Earl goes to Billy's wagon and puts on the costume and mask. Corky knocks at the door and tells him that he's on next, and Earl shoves past him. The boy notices that Billy isn't wearing his wristband. In the ring, Earl performs Billy's tricks. Matt watches from the audience as Joey sets up the targets. Earl shoots early, startling Joey, who plays along. Tim goes over to the sheriff, who is watching and admits that he'd hate to have the Masked Marvel working against him.

As Joey sets up the butterfly trick, Earl walks off and Joey joins Corky and Pete. The clown figures that "Billy" forgot, and he and Corky go to their wagon. Meanwhile, Earl and Matt go to the white wagon where Tim is counting the take. The two men draw guns on Tim and go inside, then knock him out and tie him up.

Pete joins Corky and Joey at their wagon, and Pete says that he always liked Billy but grouses something. Tim calls everyone out and tells the others that Billy and his associate robbed the circus. Corky wants to go along but Tim refuses, and Corky gets an idea. The sheriff comes over and tells Tim that he has no authority to deputize a posse on his own. The local says that he has to sort the evidence and make deductions, and says that they'll do it his way.

Tim points out that they need the bankroll, and the sheriff warns him that if he doesn't cooperate then he'll hold the circus in contempt. Joey runs up with the wristband and sys that Billy never shoots without it. Tim remembers that the man who robbed him wasn't wearing it, and Joey points out that the Masked Marvel didn't do their new trick. Corky points out that Billy left with Earl for Scotty's Shack, and he didn't say anything because the Masked Marvel came back. Tim tells his men to mount up, and the sheriff repeats the order. Corky insists on going and Tim takes him along.

Earl and Matt return to the shack and Matt cuts Billy loose. They give Billy a third of the take, and Billy seemingly agrees to go in with them as he straps on their guns. Matt complains about splitting his share, and demands his share. Earl gives him his share out of his, and when they go outside Billy says that he's taking them back. Earl shoots a nearby branch, and keeps firing at Billy's feet. Tim and the others arrive, and Tim tells the sheriff to stay back or Billy might get killed.

Matt circles around behind Billy, and Earl sees him. When Matt fires, Earl wings him. The posse runs up and Earl tells Matt that he couldn't let someone bushwhack his brother. Earl then tells Billy that he's glad he ran up against someone faster and nervier than him, and that it was Billy. The sheriff takes both men away, and Corky admires Billy for never using his gun.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 30, 2017

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